VIRAL VIDEO: Beautiful Small Machines cover MIA's "Paper Planes"

MIA's Paper Planes brought to life on the Banjo.

Viral Video is a periodic series we run celebrating music and moving images. We find today's subject clip from the stylish New York roots and rock duo of Bree Sharp and Rocket del Fuego, otherwise known as Beautiful Small Machines. The pair are making some noise on the web this week with their new video for "Paper Planes" (MIA) by NY filmmaker Tyson Kaup

REINVENTING THE WHEEL with BANJO - One of the things I like so very much about great covers like this one, is they let you realize at the root, what appeals to people musically. This cover is about as different from the original musically while retaining much of the same structure and pacing. Not the easiest thing to do... Here, banjo issues us an invitation to the story and by the time you make it through the clip you forgot there was no sampling from The Clash and that the original is anything more than a enviable early recipe, a start if you will, from your Grandmother's kitchen. Therein lies an opportunity to make things all your own! This version of the song is beautiful and I suspect this could just the beginning of much more to come from BSM...

Beautiful Small Machines
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