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The Death of the Good Game Show Host

My music and artistic heroes are now coming of that age where they are dropping like flies. Illness, cancer, car accidents, COVID-19, drug overdoses, and even old age. Nothing about knowing the cause really makes any of it any easier. So many of those creators have met their end this year. And because of a month's-long creative block and the demands of my career - I have not made time to celebrate them all. (Editor's note: this could quickly turn into an obituary blog, which would be the worst thing ever, I feel.) So why in the world am I taking the time to celebrate a lost game show host? Real questions get real answers. The short of it is that Alex Trebek was a culture king and he made us better.     Jeopardy's Concentration Music The slightly longer answer involves his caring human spirit and his fostering of intelligence and reason. And ultimately it's because he represented, as an individual, both promise and challenge. I remember sitting as a

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