Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Rosebuds - Blue Eyes

One of the very first times I fell for a new band I was writing for as a music blogger (and not just an objective indie listener) was The Rosebuds. It was late in 2006 and I remember being excited I had found this "new sound" before the rest of the world. Well, I was right in that they are extraordinary, but by the time they had met my ears, Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp had already been playing music together for five years. That was nearly eight years ago.

After spending the better part of two years apart, working on their own projects, Ivan and Kelly have reunited to record a new album. That unison of sound and energy has never been made more clear. Let's stir up some appreciation for this one... "Blue Eyes" is the first single off of Sand + Silence. The video was directed by Tighe Boudreaux Kellner. For those who already appreciate the band, the fresh element in the sound could come from the Justin Vernon-influence. Ivan and Kelly spent a week with Vernon, who the world at large knows as Bon Iver, at his Wisconsin studio April Base. This is your first dip. Catch them at Austin City Limits on October 4 and 11.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Foreign Fields - Little Lover

Making magical, delicate folk and electronic haze - FOREIGN FIELDS hail from the wintry plains of Wisconsin and have since relocated to Tennessee which is where they toil on their music these days. We've actually worked with them closely the last few years: the band were out on the Outlaw Roadshow National tour opening up for Counting Crows - exposing tens of thousands of people in those audiences to the prowess of their vision. We've been treated to private concerts and the band have played our festival showcases each of the last two years. It's been a great run, and things are looking even before moving forward. 

There's new material in the works, a follow-up to their masterful debut full length LP "Anywhere But Where I Am". The strength of this band is how powerfully their music can lift you away. Surrender to the music.

Foreign Fields
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Let's Go To The Vamp by AUDREY RYAN

AUDREY RYAN is every bit what local art is all about. Whether attending the show of a musical friend, sponsoring a night of live entertainment through her Loft Series concerts or by collaborating on a stage, she is a shining example of art surviving, even thriving, in the absence of a corporate-heavy industrial machine. The EP Lets Go to the Vamp is a collection of five songs, most of which are loops she performs live with multiple instruments such as vibraphone, omnichord, banjo, kazoo, and xylophone.

Lets Go to the Vamp - These songs sound so good! Audrey Ryan is at the top of her game and clearly one of the best songwriters in New England music today. Audrey admits “Oh, the Ego" captures the thoughts running through her head as she decided she wanted to give up the musician lifestyle while still needing to make music. And she certainly has.

Engineered and produced by Will Dailey and released on Wheelkick Records, Audrey was able to collaborate with a seasoned pro and friend to create a fresh collection of her music while not loosing sight of what makes this indie darling’s live show dynamic and wild. 

Since releasing her debut record Passing Thru almost ten years ago, Audrey has been performing regionally and on the road touring in the US and Europe. She has released her last four albums Dishes & Pills (2007), I Know, I Know (2009), Thick Skin (2011), and Sirens (2012) on Folkwit Records in the UK. Overall this music blends together early influences of Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, John Fahy, and Dylan with contemporaries such as Sufjan Stevens, Robert Wyatt, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Feist, and Sharron Van Etten

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Monday, September 15, 2014

For Those Who Stay - new by PS I LOVE YOU

Hailing from Kingston, Ontario, PS I LOVE YOU have a wild, experimental sound that's all their own. This duo's take on experimental presentation allows them to stand out from both their Canadian peers and on the international stage. Now touring behind their third full-length, For Those Who Stay, this is the music video for the title track. Shot and Edited by Christopher Mills (Number FourFilms Incorporated), the short film is an exhibit of the soaring sound the band have becomes known for. PS I Love You are Paul Saulnier and Benjamin Nelson.

Announced Upcoming Dates
11-21-14 Birmingham, UK @ The Hare and Hounds*
11-22-14 Glasgow, UK @ Broadcast*
11-24-14 Leeds, UK @ Brudenell Social Club*
11-25-14 Manchester, UK @ Soup Kitchen*
11-26-14 London, UK @ Islington Assembly*
11-29-14 Munster, GE @ Gleiss22*
12-1-14 Cologne, GE @ Luxor*
12-2-14 Hamburg, GE @ Knust*
12-3-14 Berlin, GE @ Lido*
12-4-14 Munich, GE @ Atomic Café*
12-5-14 Frankfurt, GE @ Zoom*
12-11-14 Paris, FR @ Flèche d'Or ^
12-12-15 Lyon, FR @ Marché Gare ^
12-13-15 Nîmes, FR @ Paloma ^

* with The Rural Alberta Advantage
^ with The Wytches

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