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2023 is the Perfect Time for Bang Camaro to return with new music!

In the days before the pandemic end times, back through the seemingly never-ending, greed-fueled US political decay, we travel back mentally to a time of light filled with hope and entertainment most wild. It is now 2023 and we find ourselves mugged by our own fears, crippled by virus and weakened by wars. We travel back to the mid-2000s when Boston was a place where rock music was made and exported throughout the world. And in these brighter times, there were nights that never seemed to end and glorious, rock-filled epiphanies which ran through our ears like blood rushing off to some distant limb. We were going to live forever! The knights of this shining realm were a band of far-flung brothers who sought to create and spread joy. This is the story of Bang Camaro and - praise be, they have returned to us - today, in our greatest hour of need... It is 2023 and they have returned.    III, the new album from gang vocal rockers Bang Camaro will see the light of day in 2

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