New Songs signal a triumphant 625 Days for Bird Language

The sun rises on First Date, the new single from Bird Language. The second recent drop from the Boston five-some's upcoming full length debut, 625 Days, this song is particularly strong; offering standout atmospheric rock and space between the notes. This from a band which has become as well known for their diverse styles as their (sometimes) raucous live performances. The new track concerns the observations of a spectator to a new couple's first date - something of a sociological study amid song.   

 “It's the story of a first date at my favorite Somerville bar, Highland Kitchen,” says Bird Language vocalist, keyboardist, and lyricist Jeff Nicolai. "I was there one night and it seemed like every couple at the bar was on a first date. One looked like they were having trouble staying focused on each other, but trying really hard. The other seemed to have one person who was clearly talking way too much.”

Taking chances may be the theme of the song but it isn't the story of this band. After some chance jam sessions a few years ago, things really started to emerge. And just then COVID landed and disrupted the whole world. In this case it may have presented the group with real opportunity. Constructing a full album from the ground up, periodically meeting when safe to record in pockets as allowed by disparate lives. The new full length album, 625 Days, will be out later this Spring.

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“For me what makes a song good is the emotions you feel hearing different chords and notes,” says Simmons. “Those choices can transport the listener to a new place. I want the listener to feel what I felt writing it,” says Simmons. "“It’s not always easy to leave empty space sonically with a five-piece band; everyone wants to be heard, but I think we do a decent job holding back our play for the betterment of the song.”

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