Albums of the Year 2022

As the world crawls out and back under the burdens of Covid and War, how will you choose to recall 2022? Living and working largely alone in 2022, Song was my constant companion. I delved more deeply into the worlds of Indie Rock, Japanese Jazz and Brazilian Soul. And, of course, all those new records which keep calendar-turning worthwhile. This was a year shaped by incredible loss and moments of white hot triumph. Here is a music playlist to enjoy. These new albums helped fill the void and helped me shape my world in 2022.  

Record of the Year 2022 - A

Austin's Spoon walked into the world early this year - a strong Best of candidate out of the gates. Riding high tailwinds from 2017's remarkable scorcher "Hot Thoughts" and 2014's near-perfect "They Want My Soul" this was Spoon's crown to lose - and they never did. Britt Daniels was the plaintive 22nd Century voice of my 2022 spirit guide. And the jangly guitar and irregular song structures of these pop rock juggernauts never saw defeat. There's something to be said for the team viewed as the best and defy every other squad's best shots all year. If you are long-term Spoon fan then you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you're not and you have an open mind "Lucifer On The Sofa" is an excellent entry point into a tremendous band's career. I recommend the last three records to start. Give yourself that compass and locate your way out of your forest.  {albums available + Streaming}

Record of the Year 2022 - B

2022 was the year in which Kevin Morby ceased to be be just a poet and playful storyteller and crossed over into greatness. Anyone who has enjoyed Kevin's songs will tell you they have all enjoyed getting lost in his landscapes but the pieces of those worlds were never brought together so completely and sharply as they were with "This is A Photograph." Kevin Morby plays with words and is a hell of song constructer but on this effort he has sown Beck-level word imagery throughout his expansive audio backdrop. This is the perfect record to hit repeat and walk through the woods with. The record unfolds upon itself more and more with each listen and despite a ridiculous set of creative challenges from it's peers - Kevin Morby's This Is A Photograph found it's way at the very top of the pile for me in 2022. An excellent, well-earned Best of 2022 Selection! {albums available + Streaming}

New England Album of the Year

There is a before-you-have-discovered Ali McGuirk status you need to rid yourselves of and I want to help some of our global readers with. Ali and I have some mutual friends and I recall a time a few years back when I was able to get a good seat at her show. From that point on I was mesmerized by her live performance. Her voice has an impossible richness and texture and she is so casually graceful when performing she sort of glows on stage. (I kid you not.) With her new Must-Have album, "Til It's Gone," McGuirk has stood up and seized her worthy place amongst the best creators of this young decade - as her song writing and the characters living in her songs now match or exceed that magical voice. I have spent a lot of quality time with this record and it's the best thing I heard from New England all year. {albums available + Streaming}

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These 22 Albums made My Year 

Spoon - Lucifer on the Sofa - 
Kevin Morby - This Is A Photograph
*Records of the Year* 

Ali McGuirk - Til It's Gone - 
*New England Album of the Year*

First Aid Kit - Palomino

Murder By Death - Spell/Bound
{available Vinyl, CD + Streaming}

  Filligar - Future Self  {spotlight link}

Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio - Cold As Weiss
 Paul Cauthen - Country Coming Down
{available here and here + Streaming}

Dehd - Blue Skies
{available here and here + Streaming}

  Izaak Opatz - Extra Medium
{available here and here + Streaming}

Bastards of Soul - Corners

  Alvvays - Blue Rev
{available here and here + Streaming}

Widowspeak - The Jacket

  Jack White - Fear The Dawn

 American Aquarium - Chicamacomico
{available here and here + Streaming}


  Eddie Vedder - Earthling


Wet Leg - Wet Leg


Leo Nocentelli - Another Side
{availability: Vinyl, CD and Streaming}

Zola Simone - Flower (EP)
{available CD or Streaming}

  Tall Heights - Juniors
{availability - Vinyl, CD and Streaming}


Ottawa's Hannah Judge is fanclubwallet
fanclubwallet - You Have To Be Kidding
{availability: CD or Streaming}

More Best of 2022 Selections! Significant Love for:
Sharon Van Etten - We've Been Going About This All Wrong
King Princess - Hold On Baby
Guided By Voices - Crystal Nuns Cathedral
Bird Language -  625 Days {artist spotlight}  
Rayland Baxter - If I Were a Butterfly
Daphne Parker Powell - The Starter Wife
Matt York - Gently Used
Lola Marsh - Shot Shot Cherry
Band of Horses - Things Are Great
Big Thief - Dragon New Mountain I Believe In You
Erica Mantone - I May Have Asked For This
Larkin Poe - Blood Harmony
Weyes Blood - And In the Darkness, Hearts Aglow
Last Chance - Last Chance {interview link}  
Senseless Optimism - It Gets Better (EP)
Lake Street Dive - Fun Machine: The Sequel
GA-20 - Crackdown
Hush Club - Fingerprints & Stains
Totem - The Power To Forgive
Fantastic Cat - Fantastic Cat
Cordelia - How it Began


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