Joey Quits!

This is the Coolest Thing EvAH!

Viral Video is a periodic series we run celebrating music and moving images. Today we re-introduce you to our favorite activist brass band, What Cheer? Brigade who have been kicking ass here in New England for years - the last two of which has seen them play before thousands at the Newport Folk Festival. Who hasn't wanted to tell their boss to kiss off and start over? Seriously?! Maybe some of you have even done it - but none of you have brought your own band to the show... Totally Viral Video material!

What Cheer? Brigade at Newport Folk 51

What Cheer? Brigade
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Ryan Spaulding said…
I love the look of pure unadulterated joy on his face after freeing himself from that job! What a beautiful, beautiful thing. Joy!

"Joey Quits, Joey Quits!"

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