Path of Blood

Samurai Cut-Up meets Music!


Viral Video is a periodic series we run celebrating music and moving images. Today we introduce you to Path of Blood. An entirely gruesome but paper world where one man's deadly blade is all that separates him from meeting his maker. This is the work of Eric Power, the man behind ericpowerup, and the creator of the new music video for Black and White Years, Cold. We like what this guy is doing, both creatively, stylistically and (of course) how he is incorporating music into his work...

THE SONG OF THE SWORD - The soundtrack for Path of Blood, for instance, is original work from another Austin band, Many Birthdays. What's next for ericpowerup? The director waxes online that he would like to do a full-length Path of Blood piece that would develop characters and plot. That is something we would very much like to see...

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