VIRAL VIDEO: Miles Fisher does Talking Heads + American Psycho

RED HOT! - BRAND NEW: This is musician, actor and comedian Miles Fisher - a gifted soul with, it seems, a hundred talents.

If you don't know Fisher, who has been on national television before [here he is doing an amazing Tom Cruise impersonation], already - you may soon. Fisher has done something remarkably artistic and a little uncanny in it's accuracy. He's done a stirring cover of the Talking Heads track "This Must Be the Place" and played that track over a scene by scene remake he did of the American Pyscho movie (2000) featuring Bret Easton Ellis' Patrick Bateman character - originally played masterfully by Christian Bale.

Christian Bale as the anti-hero Patrick Bateman in American Pycho.
Character & film are based on a satirical novel by Bret Easton Ellis.

TALKING HEADS & AMERICAN PSYCHO - The melding of these two 80's Era masterpieces is almost as jarring as the twisted American Pycho plot. (Released in 2000, the movie casts Bale as successful investment banker in the 1980s with serious detachment issues. He ends up becoming a serial killer. The satire comes in that no one seems to notice. Bateman is popular and successful despite himself. The level of greed, animosity and jealousy amongst his peers blinds them to Bateman's monstrosity.) The combination of the Heads' songs with the brutal simulated crimes during which Fisher sings is probably just the kind of social statement the heavy-handed Bret Easton Ellis would crave.

If you enjoy the Talking Heads cover, you can download it for free over at Miles Fisher's website. A great find and brand new... This is Viral Video!

You can't help but be over-powered by the cinematic imagery...
We recommend a second viewing to take in Fisher's Talking Heads cover.

"This Must Be the Place"
from Talking Heads

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