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Welcome to another episode of Viral Video, the much beloved result when a curious mind searches the video websites looking for the freshest, most unbelievable entertainment clips. This semi-regular series allows us to come into contact with some of the best new video from all over the world, one piece at a time. Feed your mind - and support the arts!

Today's bright line shines on France's Wax Tailor, a group that has become known for their sensational, inventive and unconventional music videos as they have for their thought-provoking, tracks. Wax Tailor is a one-man band bringing in sound influences from the four corners.

We like the Wax Tailor use of truly amazing sound clips and select vocals that lend themselves to to lend a human touch to what would otherwise by overwhelming, powerful percussion (whether it be beats, drum, horns or city streets cut to resemble something else altogether.) Tailor is much bigger in France than he is here in the states. He was just on the cover of French electrobeat magazine Trax.

The signature output has earned Wax Tailor the musical hash tag of a hip-hop artist, but the act could be just easily be R&B or even straight pop - depending what track you might happen to be listening to at the moment.

This is good stuff; Give it a go. Global dates through 2010.

Wax Tailor

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