Howlin' For You

With a Tip of the Hat to
'Sir' Todd Bridges

The best movie yet from the BLACK KEYS

Viral Video is a periodic series we run celebrating music and moving images. This is the best new idea we have seen in music video in a long time. The music video for Howlin' For You is really a movie trailer for a fake film. With a spattering of T&A and recognizable Grade B stars and one olympic gold medalist, this was one well thought out campaign. The coolness and comedy doesn't end there. The Black Keys team has decided to get the fake film setup with its own IMDB page giving a level of complexity to an already clever attention getter. The thing I like best is the band doesn't need to do stuff like this to be great. They already put out the best album of the Year and they just keep getting better. Here's to whatever comes next. Maybe a sequel?

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