VIRAL VIDEO: the Human Drama

This clip will change your day!

Viral Video is a periodic series we run celebrating music and moving images. Today is Thanksgiving in the United States - it's time set aside to explore our thanks for what we have and to reflect, ultimately, on our relationships. We all know that's not the full picture. Interpersonal relationships, family dynamics and cultural expectations & norms for the holidays (regardless of calendar date and country of origin) -- these are just as much a part of the picture. Leave it to a talented German to help clean things up... Well, sort of...

Introductions - This clip is a newish video from Tim Neuhaus - a German songwriter at work since the age of 16, he has become well known for his stories and songs rather than albums. Recently his videos -especially this one from filmmaker Dietrich Brüggemann- have been truly amazing. And this one doesn't use language (save Tim's voice) to tell the tale. Actors perform roles. There are no props... It's an arresting video. If you start to watch, you'll finish it all. The human drama played out here today is going on everywhere all the time. Bravo. And Thanks.

Tim Neuhaus + The Cabinet
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