VIRAL VIDEO - I Am (If You Are)

Do Robots dream of Love?

Viral Video is a periodic series we run celebrating music and moving images. Today we take a stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge and share a new video from our indie friends in ironic rock outfit Murder Mystery. If the name rings a bell with you regulars you might remember some of the previous stuff we did with them a couple of years back (click the tags below for the 411) and it was just last week that we featured a new holiday classic from Murder Mystery's Jeremy Coleman, who is going by the solo moniker Jmo these days. Check out the video for, "Santa, if You Do Exist" right here.

Robot Heart by Dion Fischer

What's on the Viral Video menu today - Murder Mystery gives us a new take on a classic theme of man v nature and man v creator (my literature professor would be so proud.) Of course we see shadows here - light cast down the same dark hallways Mary Shelley strolled during the penning of Frankenstein. (Ok, mix in a healthy nerdy dose of creative fan ala Weird Science and I think we've nailed it.)

Undercutting this tale of technology and self-inflicted madness, is the plight of the newly created - a robot girl who becomes self aware... This kind of deep, deep storytelling through music and video is what Viral Video is all about.

What's Ahead For The Band - On January 16th, Murder Mystery are digitally releasing a 6 song EP of indie pop gems called "Problems."

"The new stuff is less guitar-driven. It's heading more in the synth-pop direction," Coleman wrote to us this week. "Its really great and fun and catchy." So it looks like we'll be looking for more from this band real, real soon...

Murder Mystery

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