Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday Night with Ted Leo - The Angel's Share

I usually find some clever way to incorporate some element of current events, or social commentary, or Boston happening into my posts. Sorry, not tonight. I just wanted to listen to Ted Leo. You see, there isn't much better than a Ted Leo live show. If you haven't managed to see him play before - do it for me and send me a thank-you note later. He is one hell of a talent.

Find out about "Living with the Living" - the new album - here

Friday, June 29, 2007

I Like to Score - Track of the Week

I have made two recent trips to the local independent record store. These were required visits. (If you had not noticed there have been a multitude of "must have" albums released the last two - three weeks. I will dish my dirt on these over the course of the next few days when my media service returns -- see previous posts -- but what I do have for you now is very special.) In my travels up and down the aisles of this independent record store, I found my way to the discount bin. Gold can be found here but not as often as I would like. This time, however I scored in a very big way. Emphasis - on Score. I was quickly, surgically able to locate Moby's "I like to Score" album - a collection of songs inspired by and made for movie scores and soundtracks. One listen and these will win you over. You see, as much as some would like to discredit Moby as a vegan pop freak or a misunderstood, iconic music genius.... he might be the best music score man going. Sure there are others - but it certainly doesn't hurt when such an album is found in the discount bin. $5.99 - Yes, that's right. I Like to Score!

I Like to Score:
My copy wasn't autographed - but it was a steal!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

June Heat Wave Day Three - So Hot!

Damn, it's hot out. Welcome to June in Boston - Day Three of a Smokin' Hot Heat Wave. 100% Humidity and Lots of Stress. No air conditioner yet. As for the blog - my primary media host service is still down with not so much as a "gee, we're awful sorry." or a "oh, your annual fee - we spent that. but it's nice to hear from you..." You get the drift. Please be patient. I have a live show and a bunch of new artist material on the way. Until then - it's time for the heat.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Feeling Good - Jiving with John Lennon

I will be the first to admit I am already dreadfully bored with the Green Day rendition of the John Lennon song, "Working Class Hero." (Shhhhh - not a big Green Day fan and I also think Sublime's time has come and gone..... Big secrets...) But let me digress - I do love Lennon's version of the song and while not entirely impressed with the Green Day version - that track was selected to be the first released from the double-disc Amnesty International benefit album INSTANT KARMA - Save Darfur. The album is riddled with gold (as one might expect - they are John Lennon songs, after all....) and it should be in your collection. And why not? The music is wonderful and the proceeds benefit the peaceful activities of Amnesty International in the Sudan. Feel good twice!

From the new benefit album - Here is Lenny Kravitz covering John Lennon's Cold Turkey and the Beatle's own original version. Both are very highly recommend:

Lenny Kravitz - Cold Turkey

John Lennon - Cold Turkey

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Bastards stole my liberty! (Server Upgrade)

Site Maintenance. My favorite words.

My media host is down for the count while they upgrade their servers. (So that explains why you can't download any of the countless examples of why you and I see eye-to-eye.) I may be a cynic - but I have observed that rarely ever does "site maintenance" or server "upgrade" mean improvement - generally it spells out their struggles to maintain what is already more problematic than it should be... But I digress. Today's post will come tomorrow - when the flood gates of mp3-dom are thrown wide anew! Yippeee Skippy. Alright, why don't you check out the videos on my YouTube account while I count my toes?.! "One... Two... "

RSL YouTube page.

accept no substitutes.

See You Tomorrow.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Rock and Roll Cowboys the Supersuckers cover Outcast

The Supersuckers are one of my most enigmatic rock and roll money machines I have ever seen. What? you ask - Well it doesn't make a bit of difference what you are looking for, what you want or what you need; there is a Supersuckers version of it and the band wants to sell it to you. Why then would I write about the band then. Two reasons: First of all, they are really good (and they know it.) And secondly, they seem to have a lot of fun doing it. Business or not, watching people do something that they like doing is a joy. When it's music - and good stuff, to boot, well that's just about perfect. Here is a 2005 recording from the Supersuckers performing an unlikely, but quality cover of the Outkast hit, "Hey Ya." It's the Song of the Day!

The Neverending Tour - The Supersuckers.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Your Sunday with the Delta Spirit - Motivation!

Southern California's Delta Spirit are part of the new breed of bands taking up the righteous banner of indie rock and running amok. Without waxing poetic on their virtues, I will say that they put on a hell of a live show. Having toured with Cold War Kids and hit stages across the US, they probably should belong in your music collection.

The Linkage: web / myspace

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Weekend Spotlight: Meet David Vandervelde

I left off yesterday naming Wilco the band of the week. These must be "Chicago Days" - cos' the Weekend Spotlight is a new favorite artist from the Windy City....

Vandervelde is Weekend Spotlight material

David Vandervelde just released "Nothin' No" - "a personal throw back celebration and pop homage to decadence and the ghost of old-fashioned rock and roll"* just days ago. (* I wrote this...) Good luck trying to find it. I went to two New England independent record stores and couldn't find a copy. The tracks are available on his myspace page. Let's get down to the music. This weekend's spotlight is Chicago's own David Vandervelde with "Nothin' No" - the title track to his fresh album. I am already a fan. Let me know what you think!

New Hotness! Cutting Edge!

Celebrating the Spirit of Pop Rock

Boston Appearance: David Vandervelde will play Great Scott in Alston on July 24 (appearing with Blitzen Trapper and Christians & Lions!!) Additional tour dates on his webpage.

The Hook-Up:
David Vandervelde Web / Myspace

Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Night Mp3: Stellar Watson's West Virginia Rock

Before I go too far, I want to mention I am a guest blogger today on The Plugg. Stop by and check it out! You may want to bookmark them too.

"Stellar Watson, you rock!" Now these words may not mean a lot to you - but I hope they will, perhaps soon, after reading this blog entry and you take a minute to check out Stellar. Every Friday night I try to come up with a "Come On and Kick Loose" track for you to jam out to. Tonight it's this kick ass trio's take on "Streets Shoot Fire!" One listen and I've got ya! You see, that is what Friday Night Mp3s are all about.

show is done but, hey, cool poster.

More Stellar Watson: Myspace page

Artist of the Week: Chicago's Wilco

I am currently wrapping my arms around Wilco's new album, "Sky Blue Sky" and thought it made sense to revisit some earlier brilliance. The band continues to amaze me and nothing about their earlier material shocks and impresses as much as live performance and demo material. I always find it interesting what bands (or movie directors for that matter) leave on the cutting room floor. Did they cut it for time, or art, or feel - or something else all together?

And when it comes to live performances, truly great live shows are rare. Sure - the experience can transcend the actual musical experience on stage... Generally one or two songs shine. Well as is the case with today's song - the track of the week.... the band had one shot at glory: It's Wilco live on the Late Show with Conan O'Brien!

Chicago's Wilco

I have included two additional tracks - "Kamera" and "Magazine Called Sunset" - demo versions (unreleased tracks!) that never saw the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album. I think these are better. Funny how that works out. Wilco is the Artist of the Week.

web / myspace

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Breathe it In, Boston's SCUBA releases a tight, fun record

The latest quality album publication here in Boston comes from Scuba, a tight four-man band signed to Midriff Records. The band's self-titled debut offers up nine songs and a live video showcasing their sound. If you like the National, Letters and Colours (UK) or Boston's own The Beatings (also on Midriff), you will find this band in welcome territory. While clearly descendant, it takes just one listen to realize that Scuba is a band of talented musicians of their own making as well. The genre-crossing sound is refreshing example of how good modern music can be when the artists have numerous influences under their belt but strive to be more than their parts.... Recommended!

Boston's Scuba are (from left): Tom Becker - bass, Steve Calnan - guitar, David Grabowski - vocals and guitar, and Jason Keish - drums.

Scuba has an upcoming gig at PA's Lounge, Somerville on July 17 - Be there!

The Linkage:
Web / Myspace

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Song of the Day: Dresden Dolls do Radiohead - Karma Police!

Boston's Dresden Dolls have been dishing up their own brand of musical theatre - call it "Brechtian Punk Cabaret," for years now. Thanks to the True Colors tour, many thousands of fans from outside the Bay State are getting a look at the painted duo these days. Today's song of the day is a most-impressive cover of Radiohead's Karma Police. Enjoy!

Dresden Dolls

The Daily Bread:
Dresden Dolls: Web / Myspace / Amanda Peeler (solo): Myspace

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Echo is Back - French DJ is producing Hot Beats, New Album

It has been months since we last checked in with my French DJ friend Echo - he's a reader of this page, so I am sure he will be ecstatic to see his name here again. I'm not showcasing the music because we get along - it's because his stuff is really, really good. How good? Check it out - He has released a new album (available now on itunes). The album is an attempt to unify through music. It's called, "We Dance the Same." That we do; that we do.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Acoustically Speaking: Songs You Live For

Acoustically Speaking
A new music series celebrating artistry in pubs, studios and practice rooms.
I bring you the best acoustic music in the world - both past and present!

Lemonheads frontman Evan Dando made quite a statement when he recently went on tour with new bandmates under the LH name. He is the Lemonheads. While I have mixed feelings about this as I know songs can belong to people - but bands are made up of musicians... there is no doubting Dando's emotive genius. "Shots is Fired" is one of my favorite songs Dando recorded as a solo artist. Listen to the play on words in this one. Brilliant!

One of my favorite pub conversations about music related to this quip.... who are the last rock bands in the world. Very fun! One can kind of wax poetically on the existential end (in a world where everyone puts a very different spin on their music, exactly what is rock?) Well, it comes down to a very short list... the Black Crowes are certainly there. There is something very "Americana" about the band. This very cool acoustic recording of "Hard to Handle" won't change that opinion! It's taken from the VH1 Storyteller's sessions. Highly Recommended.

Thinking about Warren Zevon, to me, is a lot like thinking of an old friend who has passed away. Terribly talented but a stranger, he left a strong mark on my musical tastes. One of the things about Zevon - he put on a hell of a show. Head over to the Internet Archives and check out some of the recordings. Think about the past and performers - who, like Warren, leave strong impressions. This is a hugely underrated classic called "Seminole Bingo" recorded live in Colorado Springs, CO way back in January 1996. Great stuff!

The Violent Femmes are the very spirit of live acoustic romp rock. What a long shadow they have cast! Not bad for a bunch of people hanging out... This is the ever somber, but intentionally fun live recording of "Country Death Song" which didn't appear for some time because it was thought to be too serious for their image. One listen and you will see how brilliant the song is and how fun the band continues to be. An acoustic classic.

Arcade Fire have certainly left a mark far greater than the traditional indie band. They have clearly entered the popular music territory. While that has dismayed many, there is no doubt of their indie roots. Here they perform "Born on a Train" - a Magnetic Fields song with reverberating howl. This one is clean but rough around the edges and is exactly the sort of song I wanted to share with this music series. Enjoy.

Previous Posts in this series:
Volume I
Volume II

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hot Concert: Handsome Furs - Live in Toronto!

Artist of the Year candidate Handsome Furs are a marvel to listen to. If you have not yet purchased the Plague Park album... 1) Thump self righteously hard in thine head - 2) Buy record, post haste. Seriously! In July I will be running my top ten albums of the year so far list. I can absolutely guarantee you that this record will be on it. For those who are perhaps more familiar with the band and just need a little more encouragement to match my own enthusiasm - I have tracked down a great live show record the Furs played Toronto's Massey Hall just last month. This one has been making the rounds, so perhaps some already have it - if you don't, grab it now... Highly Recommended!

And a note to the Handsome Furs themselves: Dan, Alexei - come to Boston! Their last show was called off at the last minute when there became issues crossing the border into the US. Thanks to the Bush Administration for keeping 120-lb. evil-doers and mal-contents like Dan Boeckner out of the country- you continue to make us all soooo much safer.

The Handsome Furs - One of the Best of 2007

Live! Toronto - Massey Hall
May 16, 2007

Friday, June 15, 2007

Boston's TONS OF CHILL opens the Weekend right!

I really needed something to get me going tonight.... So I popped in the Tons of Chill album the band sent me a couple weeks back. What amazing fun. Tons is a Boston funk institution - a five piece group specializing in funk, soul, rap, and good times. Right now the troupe is recording a new album. What I am listening to is their last release; "It's On" - and if this is any indication, things are only going to get better from here. The band shows promise and their sound is an agitator. It's got me moving.

Opening the Weekend Gate with funk and rap fusion!

Table of Rap, Rock, Roots, Funk and Soul -
It's Tons of Chill!

Two Tracks from the Streets of Boston:

Appearing July 14th - Bill's Bar on Landsdowne Street - Boston!

More Tons of Chill - Buy their CD:

Web / Myspace

Burning Down the House (alternative version) is Song of the Week!

The days race by, but the weeks seem so long... Just how does that work? My general mood has been good but my energy level has been low - so I sought out a feel good song for this week's top song selection. I had to dig deep but I think I found a great one. The Talking Heads are easily one of the most enigmatic bands of the last twenty years. With a look as unique as their trademark sound, they have left a lasting impression on popular music and help drag elements of their style into the mainstream.

The Talking Heads
formed at Rhode Island's School of Design (Providence) 1974

I chose to share with you today an alternate version of the song, "Burning Down the House," which showcases the band's brilliance. This rare version of the track is a bit longer and certainly more instrumental - and it feels just a bit better. In some ways, it's a grander version of the original! *But you can decide for yourself!


Fan Site - Talking Heads.Net
Fan Site - This Must Be the Place

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Song of the Day: Butch Walker blazes through "Since U Been Gone"

Butch Walker rocks. Today RSL hosts a live performance of the native Georgian demonstrating his full range to a live audience. His offering of Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" proves Walker's sense of humor and his meddle. He has never sounded so loud, so fast, so rocking or distorted! It's a fun cover and Song of the Day.


Butch Walker: web / myspace

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

RSL Interview: The Archie Bronson Outfit!

This is the second appearance of a fun, light-hearted interview I did back in January with drummer Arp Cleveland of the sensational Archie Bronson Outfit. I was listening to a mix tape I threw together in the fall and came across an ABO song. I knew immediately it was time to share this piece and resurrect it from the bottom of the pile....

Welcome to London
- It's home to the Queen and Big Ben. The world's first fish and chips were served here and it's the birthplace of modern history. It also is also happens to be ground zero for one of the hottest independent rock explosions in the world.

Meet the Archie Bronson Outfit.

Archie Bronson - Center Stage:
Drummer "Arp" Cleveland backs up singer/guitarist Sam Windett. With Dorian "Dor" Hobday on bass, the three have proven to be one of the most talented new groups in the world.

My interview with ABO drummer Mark "Arp" Cleveland.
These pages may never be the same again

Ryan - RSL: What is a day in the studio or practice room like with the Archie Bronson Outfit? Are there are any characters we should be aware of? Who loses concentration first? What do you do to get in the mood for recording? Does this band have any pre-show rituals?

"Arp" Cleveland: We have known each other for the best part of 20 years and even shared the same apartment until recently for about 7 years. It was here that we wrote Derdang Derdang. We recorded in a studio in a little industrial part of Nashville. The 3 of us were staying there alone and so it was pretty much a home from home. Dor is our chef. He would typically have driven off on the sole bicycle for breakfast materials and would be cooking by the time Sam & I were awake. Then we'd chew the fat until our producer Jacquire and his assistant would arrive. Music wise - recording was pretty much like we'd rehearsed, i.e. we had the 3 of us set up in a room and smashed around (sonically) until we were happy. To get in the mood for recording we smoke too much, listen to records, drink coffee or wine (depending on the hour), sacrifice kangaroo hearts, jam around until our ears bleed and then we're off..


A 2006 must have: Archie Bronson Outfit's Derdang Derdang

RSL: Can you let us in on two songs I absolutely adore right now: Dart for My Sweetheart and Dead Funny… What are these about and what was your inspiration for these?

AC: Dart for My Sweetheart is pretty self explanatory, it's a kind of paean to an ex love in which I reminisce and obsess a little. Dead Funny is about the highs & lows of the search for love(rs).


RSL: What musicians (from the past or your youth) made you stand up and take notice? Are these influences specific to where you grew up?

AC: The Happy Mondays, Buddy Holly, Stevie Wonder, Captain Beefheart, Son House, The Monks, Faust.... All have impacted upon me at different stages in my life; the personal & the professional are inseparable and they are not in any way specific to where I grew up.


RSL: Those are some pretty crazy influences. So, now that we know a little about what makes you up musically, what is the Archie Bronson mystique?

AC: It can be summarized thus: A veil of fur masks our faces and breathes across us a shadow of darkness...

RSL: Thank you very much Arp. Good luck on tour in '07

Special Thank You:
Kris at Domino!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Record Breaker: The Band that was the 22-20s

It was sadly One & Done for what was looking to be the one of the top ten bands of the last five years. The songs of the now-defunct 22-20s are drenched in blues-influenced riffs and crafty, yet simple lyrics. The drums slam! The guitars wail! The bass is smooth and the key danced. Before there were the Raconteurs (and before them, the Greenhornes) - there were the 22-20s. This is the story of the band that produced one amazing record. It's a celebration of the music and a funeral for a band whose members just couldn't get along.

Released in Sept. 2004, the 10-track 22-20s debut

The 22-20s were a heavily blues-influenced rock band with alternative leanings. Starting as a three-piece band, they emerged from Sleafold, UK only to be joined soon thereafter by a keyboardist - rounding out their classic sound. They were getting the right people's attention within a year they would be appearing on larger stages opening up gigs for Oasis and guitarist and solo artist Graham Coxon (formerly of Blur.)The band's unusual name is a tribute to 1960s Mississippi bluesman Skip James. James performed a song called the "22-20 Blues."

The 22-20s had four songs on the UK charts at the same time, were drawing new fans by the day by playing on two successful tours and were writing songs for their next album when they decided to call it off suddenly on January 25, 2005 ... with only one album under their belt! According to statements made by frontman Martin Trimble - he no longer listened to the blues. Other versions of the story put the band members at odds with each other. Either way, the music was over.

This is an amazing record that is increasingly difficult to find. You can sometimes pick one up in a discount bin at your local independent record store. Some companies (especially those in the UK) may have some limited inventory, but once these are gone - don't expect any more to be printed. I buy this one and give it away to friends whenever I find a copy.

* Editor's note: The Record Breaker Series is a focus on criminally overlooked, forgotten and maltreated albums. There are additions postings in this series in the right tool bar of this blog. The first thing you will notice is that the selections are pretty far flung - matching my musical tastes. How do I choose? Sometimes I just get to missing an older record and write about it. Other times, I elect to break-down a record because I pick up a music rag or read something foolish in the press badmouthing a perfectly good album. Like you, I really dig music. Don't know if you could tell or not... Be guilty of one thing - Good taste! ~ Ryan

Monday, June 11, 2007

Building a Better Future / New York's Bridges and Powerlines


A New York band brought together for their collective "love of the 3 minute pop song..."

The songs here are best categorized as power pop with underlying eccentric (indie!) music stylings. Andrew Woods' vocals are punctuated by strong performances by Keith Sigel (bass), Pete Mucek (drums) and Jon Crockett (guitar). The result seems to be a single vision - a classic likable pop sound with somewhat independent approach to each song's instrumentation.

The band has released an EP and is finishing up their first full length album. They will be in Boston area this Friday at P.A.'s Lounge (link) in Somerville. This is their first ever Bay State appearance. Check 'em out!

from the Bridges and Powerlines EP
Bridges and Powerlines - A Slight Right

from the new album (demo copy)

B+P Linkage

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday Session with Devendra Banhart

- Devendra Banhart -
Prince of Psych Folk

What do you know about Devendra Banhart? A peaceful heart but fiercely talented... He is a singer and songwriter, trained in multiple instruments and disciplines... He's a prolific performer and producer. Devendra is the crown prince of this new breed of "psych folk." Where does such a sound come from? Born in Texas but raised in Venezuela*, the man is a world class talent!

What follows is the Devendra Banhart "White Sessions" - a live recording from Paris in September 2004. It's a pretty good indicator of the things to come. The power of these sessions is wonderful while the voice and guitar keep everything very easy on the ears. It's a perfect listen for a Sunday. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

* Devendra's songs are often biographical in nature. The theme about leaving one's place for Venezuela (a home he had never been to as a boy) appears repeatedly. Most songs are supremely human in that emotion seeps into the songs - empowering the lyrics.

The Suitcase - Banhart lyrics, tabs, videos and images
The XL label page - Devendra's label. New info. Buy the records
Devendra Banhart - myspace

Saturday, June 09, 2007

A Moving Experience - Beck: Powered Up


Is there anything worse than picking up and moving? Yes... It's called moving in the rain. The latest development is that I have run out of packing boxes and need to unload in the new house before I can reload. My energy level is low. It's time for Beck and a beer. Everything is just a little more palatable after a Newcastle - Hell yes! My beat is correct. Here is Beck over the years across music styles and different performance types!

the cool Beck interactive webpage

Songs to Listen to In the Rain

I am supposed to be moving today. Most of my things are packed and ready to load - but then there is the rain here in Boston... I stare today out the window at a downpour, the sky is a virtual sea that has opened and drenched everything. So, I will continue packing and try to get my final move in tomorrow. This is a re-post of a rainy day blog I wrote last fall in Boston, when it rained for almost two weeks straight. You won't find any Barry Manilow, but there are plenty of songs with feeling about listening to the rain in your window and feeling it on your face. Enjoy this list and stay tuned... More to come.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Las Vegas Rock - The Best of The Killers isn't a Pop Song

I will be the first to admit that I am not a loyal fan of Nevada-natives The Killers. (Today is the first ever mention here on this page!) Without sounding like too much of a snob - I find their sound too mainstream for my tastes. (not hard or indie enough!) Oh, but there are hooks in some of the songs, however.

Today, I give you the very best song the band has released to date - "Uncle Johnny" from their Sam's Town album. It's one of my favorite songs released in the last year!... (funny how that works out, eh?) The song rocks - but is not, as they say, "radio friendly." Because of this - there are a lot of people who haven't actually heard the Las Vegas band's best song... Shame.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Song of the Day: The Swayback cover the Velvet Underground

RSL Artist Of The Day

The Swayback - Waiting for The Man
(Velvet Underground cover)

The Swayback: myspace

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Editors live at South by SouthWest - New Album is close!


March 15, 2006 - Austin, Texas

On June 25th, "An End Has A Start" - the Editors new album will be released in Europe (no US release date announced yet!), and the world will know what kind of prognosticator I am. You see, My review of their "Back Room" album pretty much went like this - Wow, these guys are great! But, it's too bad I have heard recent live material - because it seems like they have already surpassed the songs and talent recorded on this album. (True.) It was an honest review, if not mixed in its praise. You see, the Editors are better than their last album (which was very good to be fair and worth owning.) But as someone who practically breathes music like a fish would in water (-no gills yet,) I had been given the promise of something better prior to hearing it. There was a promise made. That day comes now. The Editors have a legacy to grow into. The new album is at the gates and I couldn't be happier to open the door to the new material. If their new single: "Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors," is any indicator - this will be one of the best albums of the year. That would suit me just fine.

The Editors: web /myspace

the RSL Music Weblog: Ryan's myspace

Monday, June 04, 2007

Acoustically Speaking - More Favorites with a Bite

Acoustically Speaking

A brand new music series celebrating artistry in pubs, studios and practice rooms.
I bring you the best acoustic music in the world - both past and present!

There are FIVE SONGS On today's menu:

Two firsts here. I have yet to post any of the new Arctic Monkeys tracks. I am still chewing on the new album - and don't get me wrong, it's good. I just can't see the need to plug it. There really isn't any need for any more hype. Now this song, "Bakery" is an as-of-yet unreleased track - yep, SUPER rare. Here is what I do know about the song. It is exceptionally good and scheduled to be released as a "B-Side" for a forthcoming single off the new album. Here are the Arctic Monkeys playing "Bakery" live in the WFNX (Boston) studio.

Doug Marstsh is the vocal stylings behind Built to Spill - the best thing to emerge from Idaho since the potato. Here is a track that demonstrates that his guitar is as memorable as his voice. As with all tracks in this series - Highly Recommended. Go Doug.

A permanent favorite from Adams' Heartbreaker album. It's been raining hard here in Boston for the last couple of days. That's all it takes to put this one back in my mind. My favorite lyric: (obvious in my mind) - Ryan's protagonist in this song loses his hat to a mean-spirited gust of wind which he has personified for our benefit... Listen for it!

Bob Dylan - Spanish Harlem Incident

Oh Bob - you coy dog! You've been doing this for four decades now. This is one of my all-time favorite Dylan tracks from a super-underrated album. It's 1964 and Dylan released this track on "Another Side of" album. The song is about a woman, or is it about a place in the city, or about a point in time? He never really makes it clear, but my money is on the girl. The winner lyrically comes in the third stanza at the end of the song....

"On the cliffs of your wildcat charms I'm riding,
I know I'm 'round you but I don't know where.
You have slayed me, you have made me,
I got to know, babe, will I be touching you
So I can tell if I am really real."

Drive By Truckers - Panties in Your Purse

This was a most untraditional selection - but ultimately; surprises are what this acoustic series is all about. Drive By Truckers are an exceptionally good and criminally underrated group from Athens, GA. This is a song about emotion and doubt. A bit of country twang, some rock spirit and a little acoustic might is just perfect.

May 2007 - First Session

Friday, June 01, 2007

Feeling the Heat - Friday Night mp3s

Feel The Heat!

Play with Volume - Tonight - Feel the Heat

The SnowLeopards - Boston Band is Artist of the Week

I finally got around to ordering my copy of the SnowLeopards "Debut" album. In-between kicking myself for not doing it sooner, I have been REALLY enjoying the songs. The record is a 2007 release and a must have.


the SnowLeopards

At the core of the band is Heidi Lee (vocals and guitars) and Mike Oor (lead guitars). Jimmy Jax (bass) and Jeff Harrington (drums) were added in this latest incarnation of the band and rock out hard on the album. I suppose what I like best about the SnowLeopards (besides that they are from Boston and that they technically very good) is that there's grittiness to their songs that I suppose I did not expect. This album is a celebration in guitar and in the fuzz sound. The album was produced and mixed in part by Bleu, who also lent a hand with guitars, keyboards and percussion. This one is a winner and I am a fan.

the SnowLeopards: myspace

*you can pick-up their album for a low-low rate through PayPal