Feeling Good - Jiving with John Lennon

I will be the first to admit I am already dreadfully bored with the Green Day rendition of the John Lennon song, "Working Class Hero." (Shhhhh - not a big Green Day fan and I also think Sublime's time has come and gone..... Big secrets...) But let me digress - I do love Lennon's version of the song and while not entirely impressed with the Green Day version - that track was selected to be the first released from the double-disc Amnesty International benefit album INSTANT KARMA - Save Darfur. The album is riddled with gold (as one might expect - they are John Lennon songs, after all....) and it should be in your collection. And why not? The music is wonderful and the proceeds benefit the peaceful activities of Amnesty International in the Sudan. Feel good twice!

From the new benefit album - Here is Lenny Kravitz covering John Lennon's Cold Turkey and the Beatle's own original version. Both are very highly recommend:

Lenny Kravitz - Cold Turkey

John Lennon - Cold Turkey


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