Hot Concert: Handsome Furs - Live in Toronto!

Artist of the Year candidate Handsome Furs are a marvel to listen to. If you have not yet purchased the Plague Park album... 1) Thump self righteously hard in thine head - 2) Buy record, post haste. Seriously! In July I will be running my top ten albums of the year so far list. I can absolutely guarantee you that this record will be on it. For those who are perhaps more familiar with the band and just need a little more encouragement to match my own enthusiasm - I have tracked down a great live show record the Furs played Toronto's Massey Hall just last month. This one has been making the rounds, so perhaps some already have it - if you don't, grab it now... Highly Recommended!

And a note to the Handsome Furs themselves: Dan, Alexei - come to Boston! Their last show was called off at the last minute when there became issues crossing the border into the US. Thanks to the Bush Administration for keeping 120-lb. evil-doers and mal-contents like Dan Boeckner out of the country- you continue to make us all soooo much safer.

The Handsome Furs - One of the Best of 2007

Live! Toronto - Massey Hall
May 16, 2007


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