Weekend Spotlight: Meet David Vandervelde

I left off yesterday naming Wilco the band of the week. These must be "Chicago Days" - cos' the Weekend Spotlight is a new favorite artist from the Windy City....

Vandervelde is Weekend Spotlight material

David Vandervelde just released "Nothin' No" - "a personal throw back celebration and pop homage to decadence and the ghost of old-fashioned rock and roll"* just days ago. (* I wrote this...) Good luck trying to find it. I went to two New England independent record stores and couldn't find a copy. The tracks are available on his myspace page. Let's get down to the music. This weekend's spotlight is Chicago's own David Vandervelde with "Nothin' No" - the title track to his fresh album. I am already a fan. Let me know what you think!

New Hotness! Cutting Edge!

Celebrating the Spirit of Pop Rock

Boston Appearance: David Vandervelde will play Great Scott in Alston on July 24 (appearing with Blitzen Trapper and Christians & Lions!!) Additional tour dates on his webpage.

The Hook-Up:
David Vandervelde Web / Myspace


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