Burning Down the House (alternative version) is Song of the Week!

The days race by, but the weeks seem so long... Just how does that work? My general mood has been good but my energy level has been low - so I sought out a feel good song for this week's top song selection. I had to dig deep but I think I found a great one. The Talking Heads are easily one of the most enigmatic bands of the last twenty years. With a look as unique as their trademark sound, they have left a lasting impression on popular music and help drag elements of their style into the mainstream.

The Talking Heads
formed at Rhode Island's School of Design (Providence) 1974

I chose to share with you today an alternate version of the song, "Burning Down the House," which showcases the band's brilliance. This rare version of the track is a bit longer and certainly more instrumental - and it feels just a bit better. In some ways, it's a grander version of the original! *But you can decide for yourself!


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