RSL Interview: The Archie Bronson Outfit!

This is the second appearance of a fun, light-hearted interview I did back in January with drummer Arp Cleveland of the sensational Archie Bronson Outfit. I was listening to a mix tape I threw together in the fall and came across an ABO song. I knew immediately it was time to share this piece and resurrect it from the bottom of the pile....

Welcome to London
- It's home to the Queen and Big Ben. The world's first fish and chips were served here and it's the birthplace of modern history. It also is also happens to be ground zero for one of the hottest independent rock explosions in the world.

Meet the Archie Bronson Outfit.

Archie Bronson - Center Stage:
Drummer "Arp" Cleveland backs up singer/guitarist Sam Windett. With Dorian "Dor" Hobday on bass, the three have proven to be one of the most talented new groups in the world.

My interview with ABO drummer Mark "Arp" Cleveland.
These pages may never be the same again

Ryan - RSL: What is a day in the studio or practice room like with the Archie Bronson Outfit? Are there are any characters we should be aware of? Who loses concentration first? What do you do to get in the mood for recording? Does this band have any pre-show rituals?

"Arp" Cleveland: We have known each other for the best part of 20 years and even shared the same apartment until recently for about 7 years. It was here that we wrote Derdang Derdang. We recorded in a studio in a little industrial part of Nashville. The 3 of us were staying there alone and so it was pretty much a home from home. Dor is our chef. He would typically have driven off on the sole bicycle for breakfast materials and would be cooking by the time Sam & I were awake. Then we'd chew the fat until our producer Jacquire and his assistant would arrive. Music wise - recording was pretty much like we'd rehearsed, i.e. we had the 3 of us set up in a room and smashed around (sonically) until we were happy. To get in the mood for recording we smoke too much, listen to records, drink coffee or wine (depending on the hour), sacrifice kangaroo hearts, jam around until our ears bleed and then we're off..


A 2006 must have: Archie Bronson Outfit's Derdang Derdang

RSL: Can you let us in on two songs I absolutely adore right now: Dart for My Sweetheart and Dead Funny… What are these about and what was your inspiration for these?

AC: Dart for My Sweetheart is pretty self explanatory, it's a kind of paean to an ex love in which I reminisce and obsess a little. Dead Funny is about the highs & lows of the search for love(rs).


RSL: What musicians (from the past or your youth) made you stand up and take notice? Are these influences specific to where you grew up?

AC: The Happy Mondays, Buddy Holly, Stevie Wonder, Captain Beefheart, Son House, The Monks, Faust.... All have impacted upon me at different stages in my life; the personal & the professional are inseparable and they are not in any way specific to where I grew up.


RSL: Those are some pretty crazy influences. So, now that we know a little about what makes you up musically, what is the Archie Bronson mystique?

AC: It can be summarized thus: A veil of fur masks our faces and breathes across us a shadow of darkness...

RSL: Thank you very much Arp. Good luck on tour in '07

Special Thank You:
Kris at Domino!


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