Friday Night Mp3: Stellar Watson's West Virginia Rock

Before I go too far, I want to mention I am a guest blogger today on The Plugg. Stop by and check it out! You may want to bookmark them too.

"Stellar Watson, you rock!" Now these words may not mean a lot to you - but I hope they will, perhaps soon, after reading this blog entry and you take a minute to check out Stellar. Every Friday night I try to come up with a "Come On and Kick Loose" track for you to jam out to. Tonight it's this kick ass trio's take on "Streets Shoot Fire!" One listen and I've got ya! You see, that is what Friday Night Mp3s are all about.

show is done but, hey, cool poster.

More Stellar Watson: Myspace page


Anonymous said…
this band is awesome and i cant find anything on it :( my friend gifted me a whole album and i know nothing about them.

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