Acoustically Speaking: Songs You Live For

Acoustically Speaking
A new music series celebrating artistry in pubs, studios and practice rooms.
I bring you the best acoustic music in the world - both past and present!

Lemonheads frontman Evan Dando made quite a statement when he recently went on tour with new bandmates under the LH name. He is the Lemonheads. While I have mixed feelings about this as I know songs can belong to people - but bands are made up of musicians... there is no doubting Dando's emotive genius. "Shots is Fired" is one of my favorite songs Dando recorded as a solo artist. Listen to the play on words in this one. Brilliant!

One of my favorite pub conversations about music related to this quip.... who are the last rock bands in the world. Very fun! One can kind of wax poetically on the existential end (in a world where everyone puts a very different spin on their music, exactly what is rock?) Well, it comes down to a very short list... the Black Crowes are certainly there. There is something very "Americana" about the band. This very cool acoustic recording of "Hard to Handle" won't change that opinion! It's taken from the VH1 Storyteller's sessions. Highly Recommended.

Thinking about Warren Zevon, to me, is a lot like thinking of an old friend who has passed away. Terribly talented but a stranger, he left a strong mark on my musical tastes. One of the things about Zevon - he put on a hell of a show. Head over to the Internet Archives and check out some of the recordings. Think about the past and performers - who, like Warren, leave strong impressions. This is a hugely underrated classic called "Seminole Bingo" recorded live in Colorado Springs, CO way back in January 1996. Great stuff!

The Violent Femmes are the very spirit of live acoustic romp rock. What a long shadow they have cast! Not bad for a bunch of people hanging out... This is the ever somber, but intentionally fun live recording of "Country Death Song" which didn't appear for some time because it was thought to be too serious for their image. One listen and you will see how brilliant the song is and how fun the band continues to be. An acoustic classic.

Arcade Fire have certainly left a mark far greater than the traditional indie band. They have clearly entered the popular music territory. While that has dismayed many, there is no doubt of their indie roots. Here they perform "Born on a Train" - a Magnetic Fields song with reverberating howl. This one is clean but rough around the edges and is exactly the sort of song I wanted to share with this music series. Enjoy.

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