Rock and Roll Cowboys the Supersuckers cover Outcast

The Supersuckers are one of my most enigmatic rock and roll money machines I have ever seen. What? you ask - Well it doesn't make a bit of difference what you are looking for, what you want or what you need; there is a Supersuckers version of it and the band wants to sell it to you. Why then would I write about the band then. Two reasons: First of all, they are really good (and they know it.) And secondly, they seem to have a lot of fun doing it. Business or not, watching people do something that they like doing is a joy. When it's music - and good stuff, to boot, well that's just about perfect. Here is a 2005 recording from the Supersuckers performing an unlikely, but quality cover of the Outkast hit, "Hey Ya." It's the Song of the Day!

The Neverending Tour - The Supersuckers.


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