I Like to Score - Track of the Week

I have made two recent trips to the local independent record store. These were required visits. (If you had not noticed there have been a multitude of "must have" albums released the last two - three weeks. I will dish my dirt on these over the course of the next few days when my media service returns -- see previous posts -- but what I do have for you now is very special.) In my travels up and down the aisles of this independent record store, I found my way to the discount bin. Gold can be found here but not as often as I would like. This time, however I scored in a very big way. Emphasis - on Score. I was quickly, surgically able to locate Moby's "I like to Score" album - a collection of songs inspired by and made for movie scores and soundtracks. One listen and these will win you over. You see, as much as some would like to discredit Moby as a vegan pop freak or a misunderstood, iconic music genius.... he might be the best music score man going. Sure there are others - but it certainly doesn't hurt when such an album is found in the discount bin. $5.99 - Yes, that's right. I Like to Score!

I Like to Score:
My copy wasn't autographed - but it was a steal!


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