Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blog Radio 23 - Another Place, Another Time

Welcome to Blog Radio volume 23

"If you don't know where you are going,
any road will get you there." - Lewis Carroll

the castle by artist Alexander Jansson

Songs for the traveling mind...

Aaron English - Thin Ice
Aaron English is a tremendous west coast artist who has released an incredible 2007 album called the Marriage of the Sun and the Moon. Highly recommended!

Air are a French duo touring on both sides of the Atlantic in support of their new album titled Pocket Symphony. Great stuff.

Andrew Bird - Way Out West (live)
I am still a relative newbie to the world of Andrew Bird, but I am quite taken by his remarkable style. Definitely run out and pick up his 2007 LP titled Armchair Apocrypha. It's a winner.

Indie hipsters are still rockin' out to Beck's 2006 Information release. This prolific artist continues to challenge his listeners and the notion of what constitutes pop. Gotta love Beck!

I have been really challenged as a listener by CYHSY's Some Loud Thunder album (2007) - and I recently came to really like it. I loved their fist album so much, the fact that this one was different was troubling at first. I actually like this new record very much and recommend it.

If the last year belonged to Wolf Parade's Spencer Krug (WP, Swan Lake, Sunset Rubdown) then perhaps it's time for his Montreal bandmates to take the reins. The Handsome Furs is a Sub Pop! side project of Wolf Parade's Dan Boeckner. It's new and highly recommended!

Nurse and Soldier - Green Tea
Sharing Boston music with you guys is just about my favorite thing. One of the most popular new songs in my ipod is this dreamy track from Nurse & Soldier. The duo have a new album out this year called Marginalia on the joint Brah-Jagjaguwar record labels. Pick this one up.

Sparrow House - Blindfold Waltz
One of the best and most criminally unknown projects from the last year is Sparrow House from Austin, TX. It's the solo project from Jared Van Fleet from indie rock outfit Voxtrot. You should definitely own The Falls EP release.

The National - Lit It Up (remix version)
The National is a NYC indie band with a new album called Boxer on Beggar's Banquet Records. I have been a fan now for about two years. The song included here is a rare remix version of their Lit It Up track. Check out their record catalog and you'll know what you've been missing!

Wintersleep - Lipstick
Wintersleep is one of my favorite bands in North America! Native to Halifax, Nova Scotia - they were largely unknown until last year. They deserve every bit of praise. The band's tremendous last album was released in 2005 (recently re-released) - but their new record will be released later this year. I was lucky enough to have met the band and captured a great interview.

- And thus ends Blog Radio Volume 23!

What is Blog Radio? This collection celebrates my musical tastes, gives me a chance to dust off some old classics and slip in some new artists who might otherwise not get proper exposure. A new installment is released once each week to ten days. Today's post is a commemoration of sorts to daydreaming. Close your eyes and let your mind run wild. There are all kinds of songs for your soundtrack and an endless number of dreams to have! - Ryan

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Weekend Gate - Song of the Week

I wrote about Pop Levi earlier this week. Man! What an unbelievably talented dude. I listened intently to his "Return to Form Black Magick Party" record for my write-up. Little did I know that I would end up falling for the album in a major way. Right now Pop Levi's release is in my top 3 of 2007 with Modest Mouse and Jesse Malin. Top that Arcade Fire!

Song of the Week goes to LA's Jonathan "Pop" Levi

At any rate - the song of the week (and maybe the best song of the year so far -- "so good when it touchs your lips") is Pop Levi with "Hades Lady" from his brand new LP - his debut record. It's Led Zeppelin's "Bron-Ya-Aur Stomp" with the spirit of the White Stripes (think "My Doorbell" or the "Denial Twist!") Run out and buy this record today. If you liked me before - you'll love me now.

Planning the Future with Martin Sexton. He releases his Seeds album.

Premium New England Artist releases a new album

I have been a fan of Martin Sexton since the mid-Nineties thanks to a well-received tip from an old friend. His debut album "Black Sheep" (1996) is one of the most underrated indie records of all time. (Hint, hint) Since then I have attended sixteen of his shows throughout New England. To put things in perspective, I am not easily impressed and have met literally hundreds of musicians. I was speechless, however, when I ran into Martin Sexton in a Northhampton, Massachusetts coffee shop two days after a particular scalding show in which I saw people crying in the crowd (no joke!)

the talented Martin Sexton

Martin has released his seventh album, "Seeds" on store shelves now- and without question it should be in your collection. The album marks a turning point, of sorts, as Sexton seems to have made a conscious decision to dabble in different music styles. Examples include "How Far I've Come" and the conversely titled "Failure" show the expanse of the album.

There are still traces of his guitar-centric and gospel-driven past "Happy" and "Wild Angels." With the sole exception of the "Marry Me" track, which I feel does not belong on the album - this is a great release. Two of the best songs on the record have an easy-going flow to some of the songs "Keep It Simple" and "Thought I Knew Ya" which was refreshing to hear. I will share my favorite track, "There Go I" - a solo performance by Sexton. It's a fun track about religious difference (how often do you hear someone say that?) and am the relative smallness of man in relation to the world and the divine. It's classic Martin Sexton and it's why he is today's Artist of the Day.

From the Seeds album:

Bonus track:

Martin Sexton - Can't Stop Thinking Bout You (live)

Martin Sexton - the Seeds tour:

4/27/07 Council Bluffs, IA Whiskey Roadhouse
4/28/07 Saint Louis, MO The Pageant
5/15/07 Location TBA Mountain Stage
5/16/07 Asheville, NC Orange Peel
5/17/07 Nashville, TN Exit-Inn
5/18/07 Louisville, KY Brown Theatre
5/19/07 Atlanta, GA Variety Playhouse
5/20/07 New Orleans, LA House Of Blues
5/22/07 Dallas, TX House Of Blues
5/23/07 Austin, TX Antone's
5/25/07 Carrboro, NC Cat's Cradle
5/26/07 Washington, DC 9:30 Club
5/27/07 Amagansett, NY Stephen Talkhouse
6/10/07 Lawrence, KS Wakarusa Festival

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Review - Boston's Eldridge Rodriguez releases a Must Own Album.

Perhaps one of the most important album releases of 2007 has been in my CD player all week. It's "This Conspiracy Against Us" from Eldridge Rodriguez (the Beatings) and its now available on Midriff Records. It's with great satisfaction that I share a fine Boston release with my daily international readership.

E.R. - This Conspiracy Against Us
available on Midriff Recods

There is a profound intensity to Rodriguez's songs that is rarely seen these days. The instruments and the sound of E.R.'s voice seem to stir rainclouds and we realize that thunder cannot be far behind. These songs are not for everyone - but great records rarely are. The songs here are soft toned and yet frantic (think sticky sweet metronome-metered heart beats) with Rodriguez's deep, chilling voice. The pacing is perfect for his lyrics - a feat he has mastered as a solo artist and with The Beatings with whom he released a second album just last year; "Holding On to Hand Grenades." This solo effort is an out-growth of those sessions it appears - but such organic artistry tends to time-date a prolific mind. If this is the case, the 14-track "Conspiracy" album is a road marker worth owning.

E.R. with Kamiko Darro (violin)

I last wrote about Rodriguez in December when I named him - along with Austin performers Bill Baird (Sound Team) and Jared Van Fleet (Voxtrot, Sparrowhouse) as the best indie rock artists in the country to try their hand at releasing solo material. Both Baird and Van Fleet (as Sparrowhouse) have come to draw attention from an adoring indie nation. Perhaps this is because of their music-centric Austin locale; but with a serious listen to the "Conspiracy" album - I can now say Rodriguez is ready and worthy of such serious attention.

The lyrical gems abound in the "Conspiracy" tracks and come at quite unexpected intervals. Rodriguez is his own man, but echoes of Ian Curtis live in songs like "The Deal Breaker" and "Lexington, KY"

From "The Deal Breaker"
You and I can’t ignore them.
And give ‘em what’s best for them.
When we rob them of the gossip that they need.
Don’t Speak. Don’t Speak.
Don’t Speak. Don’t Speak.
Don’t let Our secrets be released.

The record is available at local record stores.
If you are outside the Boston area, get over to E.R.'s myspace
or contact the good folks at Midriff Records and they can help you out.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

LA's Pop Levi is One Hell of a Rocker - and the Artist of the Day

2007 is the time of
Pop Levi's life

Artist of the Day

Meet Jonathan "Pop" Levi. He is the artist everyone is whispering about these days and a former bassist for the indie-act Ladytron. He could be the hottest indie glam rocker in the world at the moment as he enters the best year of his professional life.

Levi with Ladytron
Here's the story of the extremely talented singer who can play drums, guitar, bass and piano. He's got a new album produced by none other than Devendra Banhart. Pop Levi is a former London native with an ever-evolving sound (whispers from his influences, elements of his time with Ladytron, and his recent explosion as the indie glam rock star in LA!)

a red-framed Pop Levi
by photog Domino.

It seems like just yesterday I first heard of Pop Levi and now he's a hot stage commodity! The man released the "Blue Honey" EP album just last fall. It was received with open arms by greedy indie-rock fans (some of whom followed Levi from Ladytron, which he left after a stint in 2004.) With the release of his new full-length album, "The Return to Form Black Magick Party," Levi is making even more people happy. The sound is a fusion of just about every music type that Levi has been exposed to on both sides of the Atlantic.

Pop Levi's web page is currently redirecting to his myspace page.
Word to the wise - shut off one of the two players - they both start at the same time.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Gods Heroes and Myth Part Two - Death, Angels, Mother Earth and Thieves

Gods, Heroes and Myth ~ Part Two
A glance into the world of story and legend through the eyes of songs…

Songs celebrating the common realm of myth and icons: History tells us about the importance of myth and the power of story. The telling is done through song. I had published these all at once but I ate through more download bandwidth in an hour than most blogs burn in a day or more. That kind of thing can get very, very expensive. So - here is today's grim look at Death, our celebration of life with Mother Earth, the mystery and majesty of Angels and the (shhhh!) slinking off into the night by thieves at work.

There is an End -
Songs for Death and Destiny

Image: jack-o-lantern carving – Anon.

Bella Linda and Gaea -
Songs for Mother Earth

Songs for Angels – Gabriel and Michael

The Archangel Leaving the Family of Tobias- Rembrandt

An ode to a dark profession -
Songs for Thieves

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Gods, Heroes and Myth mp3 Mix - Another Story by the Fire

Gods, Heroes and Myth ~ Part One
A glance into the world of story and legend through the eyes of songs…

Songs celebrating the common realm of myth and icons: History tells us about the importance of myth and the power of story. The language used to tell each has changed - but song and music are the common denominator in story telling. Originally appearing here on this blog last year when this page was still in its infancy - what follows is my showcase of songs from the world of legend and myth. Sit around the warm fire I have built. Sit with a friend and enjoy the telling!

Songs for Mercury & Hermes -
Gods fleet of foot

Celebrating Aphrodite and Isis –
Goddesses of Passion

Beautiful and True - Huck (Boston)

Remembering Ghosts of the Battlefield –
Songs for Warriors

Image: Sioux Warriors – Anon.

Confronting Lucifer -
Challenging our Concepts of Evil

Thanks for reading and listening.
Please support the arts. Happy Earth Day! - Ryan

More tomorrow!

Where I End And You Begin - Radiohead

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Spend the Weekend with The Grass Roots

Ahhhhh, the great and unappreciated The Grass Roots. It's an outfit that has produced (at last count) 12 albums spanning parts of five decades. Survival hasn't been the band's main claim to fame - producing songs with great hooks and cool instrumentation (ala the great Herb Alpert and today's DeVotchka and Beirut....) They also had some pretty cool album art!

Nice Bass - Rob Grill of the Grass Roots

At any rate, here are two of my favorite tracks from the Grass Roots. (Bella Linda could be a top twenty all-time track.... Yeah, they're that good.) Have a great Saturday!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Margot and the Nuclear So & Sos - Skeleton Key

Margot and the Nuclear So & Sos - Skeleton Key
This is the song that was stuck in my head all day long. And actually, this isn't the first time this song has done this to me. It's got lots of elements that great indie rock songs have - it's just a little more poppy. Of course, this only makes it stick to the inside wall of your brain ever more - Download at will; listen to your satisfaction; and memorize at your peril.

MANSAS has an album out now called, "The Dust of Retreat."
Visit the band page here for more sweetness.

I am meeting my Dad (he's visiting) for dinner and then I am off to see the Tragically Hip and the Constantines at Avalon tonight! See ya.

The Weekend Gate: Ryan Adams live in Germany

Ryan Adams live
Das Haus - Ludwigshafen, Germany

October 17, 2006

unexpected extra:
(Did you know that it's the world headquarters for BASF Corp?)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Austin exports some brilliance to Boston - Ghostland Observatory tonight!

Yet another vote cast for the Austin music scene. Tonight at Great Scott in Allston, Ghostland Observatory will make you pick up your feet and clap your hands. The Austin duo of Aaron Behrens and Thomas Turner bring the energy and the love. The sound is David Bowie meets Daft Punk cooked over a hot grill. Get it while it's sizzling!

Appearing Tonight - Austin's Ghostland Observatory

Just $10 - 9 pm with DJ Carbo opening.

Great Scott

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Jesse Malin delivers a Knockout Blow at Great Scott 4/16/07


Jesse Malin delivered the goods Monday, appearing before a small Patriot's Day crowd at Great Scott in Allston, where he showcased tracks from his praise-worthy new album.

Jesse Malin was always talented, but his newfound belief in positive mental attitude (he has the letters: P.M.A. emblazoned on his guitar,) has shined through on the songs written for "Glitter in the Gutter" - his latest record (2007) and the result on stage is solid musicianship and lots of good vibes. If you haven't seen Jesse Malin perform live - you really should - and soon. He is playing sold out shows in NYC and across Europe, and will not likely return until late summer. Monday's gig in Boston in support of the new record was a treasured experience.

It was a little more than half way through the show when the house lights were low and Malin quietly walked out into the crowd and asked if he could sit down. He did so, on the floor. Sitting cross-legged on the tile floor, Malin invited the crowd to join him - and they did! There on the floor of Great Scott, Malin sang "Solitare". One of my favorite songs by any performer. Like all of Malin's songs, the words came off as heartfelt and the song seemed to impact the audience strongly. The highpoint of the gig was probably "Little Star" from Malin's incredibly good new album.

Jesse Malin - Solitare (live - 11.24.2004)
Jesse Malin - Little Star

My Review of the new album: here

Jesse Malin on the web

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Look at the Patriot's Day Red Sox Pizza Massacre!

With all of the horribly wrong news on the front page today and the miserable dreary weather, let's have a little laugh at the break-down on this Red Sox video of the 4/16/07 day game coverage by NESN's Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo. The shocking video! The Close-up! The Slow-Mo. The Stills. Soooo Funny!...


Songs inspired by the Pizza Massacre
Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash - I Threw It All Away
Voxtrot (Austin rocks) - Missing Pieces
Nirvana - Big Cheese
Drive By Truckers - Bulldozers and Dirt
(from the Pizza Deliverance album)
Frenemies (Baltimore goodness) - Everybody Wants a Piece of You

To celebrate the incident, ESPN is running a "Top Pizza Moments in Baseball History" clip. Awesome.

Blog Radio Volume 22 - Run!

BLOG RADIO Volume 22.0
Runner-themed Songs

The latest blog radio session commemorates yesterday's running of the 111th Boston Marathon. What better time to enjoy some "Runner-themed" songs? (Just in case you were wondering, I purposely skipped U2's "Running to Stand Still", Dion's "Runaround Sue", Pink Floyd's "Run Like Hell" & the Bosses' "Born to Run" amongst others...)

A runners creed:
"I will win; if I cannot win, I shall be second; if I cannot be second, I shall be third; if I cannot place at all, I shall still do my best."
Ken Doherty

What is Blog Radio? This collection celebrates my musical tastes, gives me a chance to dust off some old classics and slip in some new artists who might otherwise not get proper exposure. A new installment is released once each week to ten days (this episode is overdue). Today's post is a commemoration to running for what we want - and not running away from anything. - Ryan

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Time Out - Site Maintenance, Bandwidth Issues

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Some sound files will be unavailable for a limited time due to my bandwidth running out on my hosting service. This will be restored shortly - This is just temporary. If you came to check something out, please come on back soon. All will be well with the world again.

This one works for right now at least!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Artist of the Week: Austin's enigmatic SOUND TEAM - 2 new songs and my interview!

Guilty as Charged. I am an unrepentant Sound Team fanatic.

And for good reason... The 2006 Movie Monster album was one of the year's best. Bassist Bill Baird (recently on a solo tour) is one of the finest (and criminally overlooked) solo indie artists in the land. The band, as a whole, make their instruments explode on stage - like few bands I have seen. And they are working on releasing new material right now. It all adds up to a pretty fine picture - and my pick for this weekend's Artist pick!

Here now is one of the band's new tracks and a re-run of my interview with the talented Mr. Baird and Sound Team drummer Jordan Johns from last fall. Listen to the music - just know you probably will be hooked!


"Something tells me, something tells me
This is just beginning..."
Movie Monster lyrics

There is a certain stage during every Soundteam show when the music reaches the first-timers and they get it. Scanning the crowd, it's something I look for. The attendees go from being stand-offish to mildly amused and suddenly, inexplicably – to being completely rapt. On stage, when the band gets rolling, a crackling energy is formed and it's hard not to get caught up in it.

The band closed their Oct 12 show in Boston at the Axis club with the best version of Handful of Billions I have ever heard. The show ended, but my conversation with the band was still yet to come. Here now is the remarkable interview I conducted that night with the band – a candid Q&A with one of most talented young independent rock groups in America.

I exchange pleasantries with bassist Bill Baird as the band packs up its gear. We soon meet in the patron-free front room upstairs in Axis for this interview. There are bean bags and benches with cushions setup for the musicians to lounge on before their sets begin. As we get comfortable over some Amstels, I can hear Sound Team tour mates Sparta take the stage downstairs.

Ryan - RSL: Thanks for meeting with me. You guys sounded really great tonight. I think the band sounds tighter now than when I saw you last just a few months ago (an amazing Tuesday night bill at the Middle East with Cold War Kids and Figurines). That version of Handful of Billions at the end was really wonderful.

Bill Baird: Thanks man!

RSL: You guys have had a wild run as of late. Movie Monster was released and you have toured extensively. You were one of this year's hottest bands at the South-by-Southwest Festival, which has become the indie rock showcase each year. Everyone is talking about you in the blogs. What's different about Sound Team?

BB: We're not a fancy band. We're not in it for the money. We love making music and this is what we want to be doing. Well, I will speak for myself. This is what I want to do until the day I die.

Bill Baird

Return here next week for a look at Bill Baird's two new incredible albums.

RSL: Ok. I want to get this over with. I have to bring up the really negative review you got from Pitchfork and was widely read by independent music fans. I don't want to focus on it too much, but I feel I need to touch upon it. Help me out here. What what was the rating they gave "Movie Monster?" It was like a four or a five, right?

BB:It was a three-point-seven. They gave us a rating of 3.7 - out of ten.

RSL: Wow. That's just silly. An average release would get a five or a six... A 3.7 is just insulting.

Pitchfork Review (June 30, 2006)

To be sure, Movie Monster has plenty to offer Next Big Thing-spotters. Like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah last year, Sound Team open things with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it song fragment, though their "Get Out" is more U2 anthem-- particularly "With or Without You"-- than CYHSY carny busk. Just as Tapes 'n Tapes endearingly name-checked Harvard Square on this year's The Loon, Sound Team drop in another real-life locale, Portland's Burnside Ave., amid the Wilco-esque Americana of organ-driven single "Back in Town".

Review (in all of its glory): link

BB: Yeah. They weren't reviewing our music, it was more like they were commenting on our social status. Like we didn't belong. We felt like (Pitchfork) weren't reviewing our album at all, they were reviewing us.

There's really no point in getting caught up in negative reviews. We believe in what we are doing in this band. I guess you shouldn't listen to what people tell you they want to hear or what they don't like about you. The creative well could run dry.

RSL: Ironically, you guys just got more popular following that review. It was almost like there was a lot of people out there saying, 'this is who Pitchfork is seriously panning today. You know they must be good.'

BB: They had their agenda set with that review. It seemed that the (Pitchfork) reviewer (Marc Hogan) was more concerned with what his name was attached to than what our music sounded like.

RSL: Now in retrospect, you can look back and laugh at that review. Do you want to talk about the video you made poking fun at the review online? What has the reaction been so far?

note: Referring to the YouTube video Bill posted online of a stuffed dummy clad in a red-suit labeled Sound TEAM being savagely tormented by a pitchfork, thrown off a cliff then set on fire. (Only to be tormented again by the pitchfork!) Baird seemed a little surprised that I knew about it. There are no links to the page on the band's website. Here it is!

BB: It was all meant in fun. It's kind of me showing that we didn't take the review too seriously.

RSL: It's hilarious. I love it. It shows you have a great sense of humor.

Sound Team are (from left): Bill Baird, Michael Baird, Jordan Johns, Gabe Pearlman, Sam Sanford. Pictured in on the television- Matt Oliver

We were little more than ten minutes into the interview when drummer Jordan Johns joined us.

JJ: How's everything going?


RSL: I wish that more people on the East Coast knew your music. You guys have been to a lot of cities. I guess it would be easy to ask you your favorites. Is there any place you have played that you wouldn’t return to for whatever reason?

BB: “The worst place to play?” Baird repeated the question. “So far?”

JJ & BB: (simultaneously) “Sacramento.”

BB: “We played there to like, what? Two people?” Baird looked to Johns. “No one came out.”

JJ: “And no one plays there. I mean no one. It’s Sacramento.

RSL: Ok, well Sacramento indie fans probably already know this about their city. Speaking about being on the road, you have played with a lot of really excellent bands over the last year. What was that like?

note: This list (far from inclusive) contains some great names: Cold War Kids, Midlake, Figurines, Sparta, the French Kicks, the Walkmen, Franz Ferdinand and many more. In England they met up with the Smiths' Johnny Marr (who is now playing with Modest Mouse).

BB: We really got along well with pretty much everybody. I think the Walkmen were probably my favorite. Their music really match up really well with ours.

JJ: Yeah, the Walkmen were probably my favorites too. They really bring the energy.

RSL: You both can fill a room full of sound. Its good to hear so many different bands when you are on the road. Are you guys getting any new material written while you are on?

BB: We played two new songs tonight. We opened the show with Witch Hunt and played Orion later. We have about fifteen songs pretty much finished. They are going to be better than what we have now.

RSL: That's great news. I know that there are a lot of people who would like to see a new album from you guys.

BB: We will probably end up producing it and promoting it ourselves.

RSL: You guys are very "do-it-yourself."Is there any thought that with the early popularity and hype surrounding Movie Monster that you would sign a deal with a promotions company to handle things?

BB: If you look at it, we are a DIY band. And a band that - if you look at how we do things, we try to be different. We try to do as much as possible by ourselves. I don't think we will have anyone else handle everything. By doing things for ourselves it lets us be more creative and allows us to do our own thing.

RSL:Do you ever cover anybody else's music? I don't think I have ever seen or heard of you doing anybody else's stuff.

BB: We have done this Van Morrison song called Glad Tidings.

JJ: We did an old Nirvana song called School.

RSL: That's from their first album, Bleach, right? That's my favorite.

BB: Yeah it is. We also did the Train in Vain by the Clash. And we did That's How Strong My Love Is (Otis Redding). We have also tried some Philip Glass and some old Hank Williams songs.

RSL: You are from Austin. Austin is all the rage these days with indie bands coming out of the woodwork.Tell me a little bit about Austin, music-wise, and about your experiences at the annual South-by-Southwest Music Festival (showcase to the country's best up and coming independent bands.)

BB: Its hard for me to get a perspective on the Austin scene. Everyone is talking about all the new bands coming up, but I only really know of four or five really good bands that I listened to when were were there playing.

RSL: Well tell me about Sound Team playing SxSW. I had never heard of your music before the festival. I am greatful! How many years have you played the festival at this point?

JJ: We have played four years so far.

BB: When we first did it, the first year it was no big deal. We just knew somebody who was involved in the planning. He called us up and asked if the band wanted to fill a spot on Sunday night (the last night of the festival.) It was a last minute thing.

RSL: Really? You didn't have to submit any music? That's crazy.

BB: And now there is so much hype and so much music going on. There is good music at the festival, but it's hard sometimes to find.

JJ: I think the Austin Sound today is a reaction against the blues and the sound of musicians like Stevie Ray Vaughn.

BB: Bands are trying to find their own sound. Austin's music has changed over the years.

JJ: You had bands like Scratch Acid (1980's punk) and then the Butthole Surfers (in the 1990's.) The music changes.

BB: Austin has always been about bands of weirdos and misfits. You have to respect that. These people put everything they have into their music.

RSL: And now there's bands like you guys and Voxtrot among others. Its impressive to outsiders. Coincidentally have you heard the new singles from Voxtrot that have recently come out? They are working on new material.

BB: Yeah, its really good. Those guys are our friends. They are really good.

RSL: I'm a big fan of their work. I will be interviewing them soon as well, but probably over the phone. They don't get any further north than NYC on this tour. Do you know anything about the B-Side song "Sway" they just released?

BB: My friend Jared (Van Fleet) from Voxtrot did all of the arrangements on that song. It's amazing.


RSL: Tell me about the wicked cool cardboard cutting with the profiles of the band that's up on your band's MySpace page.

BB: Our friend Paul Ahern, who worked on the movie A Scanner Darkly did that for us. Did you know that movie was filmed in Austin?

RSL: No, I had no idea. That's pretty cool. You guys should get a job promoting the city.

Gabe Pearlman and Michael Baird enter the room. Baird sits at his laptop and silently reads his email. Gabe picks at some food.

BB: You missed it. We're at the end of the interview!

Gabe: Ok, what do you want to know? If you want to know my likes; I really like v-neck tee-shirts and toilet paper. Two-Ply.

RSL: Haha. Be careful or that will be the only quote of yours I will use in the interview. And these guys (motioning to the rest of the band) will end up laughing at you.

(I actually did talk to Gabe about local pizza houses and Boston culture... He's from Cambridge, MA. The rest of the guys are all from the Austin area.)

Thank you to the band. You're great guys (some of the nicest people I have met) and tremendous musicians. Good luck on tour!

Matt Oliver

Your Eyes Are Liars

Born to Please

No More Birthdays ( Phil Spector Folk Version- A Bill Baird remix)

The Fastest Man Alive


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

VNV Nation comes to Boston!

Electronic Music fans rejoice! On April 18, the amazing Irish alterno-electronica duo VNV Nation will be right here in Boston. This is one of the premiere acts in the world right now!

VNV Nation's Harris and Jackson

VNV Nation will be appearing at a show at Axis on Landsdowne Street - it's the latest leg of their Judgement album tour through the US with the new record hitting store shelves this very month. The timing of the visit couldn't come at a hotter time in the band's history. An April 14 show at New York's Irving Plaza has already sold out!

Wednesday, April 18
Win Tickets Here!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Best Record released to date in 2007: Jesse Malin's "Glitter in the Gutter"

The best new album of the young 2007...

Run out and pick up a copy of Jesse Malin's
"Glitter in the Gutter"

Jesse Malin - Don't Let Them Take You Down
Jesse Malin - Love Streams

Incredible songs on a must-own record!
Let me know what you think after you listen to it a few times through.
Meet Jesse.


"Glitter in the Gutter" was produced by Rob Cavallo, famous producer for Green Day and The Muffs. The record has impressive performances with Malin and guests Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, Jakob Dylan, Josh Homme, and the Foo Fighters' Chris Shiflett.

This is Malin's third album.
Highlights from his previous records:


Jesse Malin - Mona Lisa
Jesse Malin - Scars of Love


Jesse Malin - Wendy
Jesse Malin - Solitare (live) with Ryan Adams

Visit Jesse Malin online: page

You MUST see this man play live!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Yer Not the Ocean - The Tragically Hip's new Video

This is the first video and single released from the Hip's album:

The Tragically Hip

"Yer Not The Ocean"

Damn, they're good.
The Hip (dot) Com

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Homework Assignment: Ryan Adams and The Pixies

- Double-ruled Homework Assignment -
Keeping up with Ryan Adams and The Pixies

Work It: Ryan Adams releases Easy Tiger on June 5th

On June 5 you might run into me at the record store picking up Easy Tiger - the new Ryan Adams album. If this song is any indication, the album threatens to be great - check out the track listing (tentative, of course, at this early hour) over at BOS:

Bag of Songs: Ryan Adams Unleashes Easy Tiger

The Pixies' Doolittle album: This is one of the best records of all time. The Pixies released the record in 1989 and it changed my life. You might have a similar story. If you claim to enjoy indie rock, this one is huge as it impacted all contemporary artists and certainly those who followed.

EASY: Falling in Love with the Pixies' Doolittle album, again.

Frank Black, you rock! The Forgotten Disc Friday page gives us a solid, long look at the album this week (absolutely not-to-be-missed!) And for good measure, FDF has thrown in an absolutely magnificent Pixies live show from 1991 at Switzerland's Leysin Music Festival. The sound quality is superb.

Get to Forgotten Disc Friday and get in on this!