Look at the Patriot's Day Red Sox Pizza Massacre!

With all of the horribly wrong news on the front page today and the miserable dreary weather, let's have a little laugh at the break-down on this Red Sox video of the 4/16/07 day game coverage by NESN's Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo. The shocking video! The Close-up! The Slow-Mo. The Stills. Soooo Funny!...


Songs inspired by the Pizza Massacre
Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash - I Threw It All Away
Voxtrot (Austin rocks) - Missing Pieces
Nirvana - Big Cheese
Drive By Truckers - Bulldozers and Dirt
(from the Pizza Deliverance album)
Frenemies (Baltimore goodness) - Everybody Wants a Piece of You

To celebrate the incident, ESPN is running a "Top Pizza Moments in Baseball History" clip. Awesome.

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