Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Look at the Patriot's Day Red Sox Pizza Massacre!

With all of the horribly wrong news on the front page today and the miserable dreary weather, let's have a little laugh at the break-down on this Red Sox video of the 4/16/07 day game coverage by NESN's Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo. The shocking video! The Close-up! The Slow-Mo. The Stills. Soooo Funny!...


Songs inspired by the Pizza Massacre
Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash - I Threw It All Away
Voxtrot (Austin rocks) - Missing Pieces
Nirvana - Big Cheese
Drive By Truckers - Bulldozers and Dirt
(from the Pizza Deliverance album)
Frenemies (Baltimore goodness) - Everybody Wants a Piece of You

To celebrate the incident, ESPN is running a "Top Pizza Moments in Baseball History" clip. Awesome.