LA's Pop Levi is One Hell of a Rocker - and the Artist of the Day

2007 is the time of
Pop Levi's life

Artist of the Day

Meet Jonathan "Pop" Levi. He is the artist everyone is whispering about these days and a former bassist for the indie-act Ladytron. He could be the hottest indie glam rocker in the world at the moment as he enters the best year of his professional life.

Levi with Ladytron
Here's the story of the extremely talented singer who can play drums, guitar, bass and piano. He's got a new album produced by none other than Devendra Banhart. Pop Levi is a former London native with an ever-evolving sound (whispers from his influences, elements of his time with Ladytron, and his recent explosion as the indie glam rock star in LA!)

a red-framed Pop Levi
by photog Domino.

It seems like just yesterday I first heard of Pop Levi and now he's a hot stage commodity! The man released the "Blue Honey" EP album just last fall. It was received with open arms by greedy indie-rock fans (some of whom followed Levi from Ladytron, which he left after a stint in 2004.) With the release of his new full-length album, "The Return to Form Black Magick Party," Levi is making even more people happy. The sound is a fusion of just about every music type that Levi has been exposed to on both sides of the Atlantic.

Pop Levi's web page is currently redirecting to his myspace page.
Word to the wise - shut off one of the two players - they both start at the same time.

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