Gods Heroes and Myth Part Two - Death, Angels, Mother Earth and Thieves

Gods, Heroes and Myth ~ Part Two
A glance into the world of story and legend through the eyes of songs…

Songs celebrating the common realm of myth and icons: History tells us about the importance of myth and the power of story. The telling is done through song. I had published these all at once but I ate through more download bandwidth in an hour than most blogs burn in a day or more. That kind of thing can get very, very expensive. So - here is today's grim look at Death, our celebration of life with Mother Earth, the mystery and majesty of Angels and the (shhhh!) slinking off into the night by thieves at work.

There is an End -
Songs for Death and Destiny

Image: jack-o-lantern carving – Anon.

Bella Linda and Gaea -
Songs for Mother Earth

Songs for Angels – Gabriel and Michael

The Archangel Leaving the Family of Tobias- Rembrandt

An ode to a dark profession -
Songs for Thieves


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