Jesse Malin delivers a Knockout Blow at Great Scott 4/16/07


Jesse Malin delivered the goods Monday, appearing before a small Patriot's Day crowd at Great Scott in Allston, where he showcased tracks from his praise-worthy new album.

Jesse Malin was always talented, but his newfound belief in positive mental attitude (he has the letters: P.M.A. emblazoned on his guitar,) has shined through on the songs written for "Glitter in the Gutter" - his latest record (2007) and the result on stage is solid musicianship and lots of good vibes. If you haven't seen Jesse Malin perform live - you really should - and soon. He is playing sold out shows in NYC and across Europe, and will not likely return until late summer. Monday's gig in Boston in support of the new record was a treasured experience.

It was a little more than half way through the show when the house lights were low and Malin quietly walked out into the crowd and asked if he could sit down. He did so, on the floor. Sitting cross-legged on the tile floor, Malin invited the crowd to join him - and they did! There on the floor of Great Scott, Malin sang "Solitare". One of my favorite songs by any performer. Like all of Malin's songs, the words came off as heartfelt and the song seemed to impact the audience strongly. The highpoint of the gig was probably "Little Star" from Malin's incredibly good new album.

Jesse Malin - Solitare (live - 11.24.2004)
Jesse Malin - Little Star

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