this Kid can Rap Fast

White Kid, Rap Hard Edition

Viral Video is a periodic series we run celebrating music and moving images. It's possible that there hasn't been a more perfect clip than the one we have here today. I was sent this video by friends and contributing readers three times yesterday. Generally speaking, this isn't a coincidence. At that time, the video had 300 credited views. In the last five hours, it's been seen by another 6,000 people - it's going to go viral. Here's your chance to see it in the beginning.

About the artist: young George Watsky is a writer and performer born and raised in San Francisco, currently based in Los Angeles, who aims to cross-pollinate the stage, screen and stereo with work that speaks both to the humor and frustrations of modern life. He is also listed as a spoken word artist on his SonicBids page.

An emerging talent but at his age, but just consider it like this: he's living up to his potential. Much love and respect for the rapper some are calling "the Pale Kid."

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Ryan Spaulding said…
Update: 12 Hours Later and this video has been seen by another 137K people. That's what I mean when I said, going viral
Derek said…
He's a very talented slam poet/spoken word artist. He's won a bunch of awards from all over the world pretty sure.

He also went to Boston's own Emerson College. If you have some free time, check him out more indepth - you'll be surprised by his range and talent.

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