Friday, July 29, 2011

Deer Tick - 2 Secret Shows in Newport, RI

Two Secret Shows in Newport, RI
Fri 07/29 and Sat 07/30

2 SECRET SHOWS - Deer Tick's guitarist, vocalist and chief songwriter John McCauley sings less like a mid-20s indie rocker, and more like a 60-something folk troubador. The alt-country style of their music is well-suited to his gravelly vocals and the weary world view of an old soul. The loneliness, the regrets, the self-loathing... "Raindrops like bullets on my fragile skin; insecurities I've had, I keep them within." - 20 Miles. This is from their latest album, "The Black Dirt Sessions", which features guitarist Ian O'Neil (formerly of Titus Andronicus), who joined the band in the summer of 2008. While their recorded music tends to be thoughtful and introspective, their live shows can be raucous, wild affairs. - Julie Stoller

McCauley was already slated to play the Folk Festival in an official capacity as a member (with Matt from Delta Spirit and Taylor of Dawes) of Middle Brother - perhaps, if not likely, the greatest indie folk supergroup. Their appearance at the festival is rumored to perhaps be their last run together as a group. Deer Tick, Delta Spirit and Dawes will soldier on...

Deer Tick at Newport Folk Festival 2009

photos by 5342 Studios

Deer Tick & Friends
Newport, RI this weekend
The Newport Blues Cafe...
Friday at 8pm / $10
Saturday at 10:30pm / $10

All proceeds will go to benefit
the Newport Festivals Foundation.

Deer Tick
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on Partisan Records

Amos Lee at Newport Folk

July 30 & 31st - Artist Profile:

Amos Lee plays the Fort Stage
Sunday July 31st. Tickets are Sold Out.

TEACHING FOLK - Since the release of the Amos Lee album in 2005, the Philadelphia-born and based former schoolteacher has been one of his generation’s most celebrated songwriters. Named one of Rolling Stone’s “Top 10 Artists to Watch,” Lee has toured with giants Bob Dylan, Merle Haggard, Paul Simon, and Elvis Costello. His latest release, Mission Bell, is Lee's richest and most fully formed album to date. - Chris March

Mission Bell was recorded by Amos Lee in Arizona with Calexico's Joey Burns. It's Lee's fourth studio album - finding him exploring old country lanes with a new joy for singing. While he's far from the first, the ascending, triumphant song amidst sorrow is an Amos Lee trademark. His songs are beautiful reminders that video is only the most recent way to find out about adventure, drama and love - - Ryan Spaulding

Amos Lee
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Justin Townes Earle at Newport Folk

July 30 & 31st - Artist Profile:

Justin Townes Earle plays the Quad Stage
Sunday July 31st. Tickets are Sold Out.

NEW TREATMENT FOR A TIMELESS SOUND - Justin Townes Earle is an AMA winning, Americana musician based out of Nashville with a familiar family name. Earle is signed to Bloodshot Records and he;s got 4 released albums for you to catch up on. On his latest, Harlem River Blues, Justin chose the simple route. The record’s not a wall of sound produced to the rafters. It’s rockin’ and reelin’ at times, sweet and slow at others—and it’s great. - Chris March

It's hard not to hear a freight train tearing up the tracks on Earle's timeless takes on new country love songs... You just have to be willing to put your ear on the rail. - Ryan Spaulding

Justin Townes Earle
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Ramblin' Jack Elliott

July 30 & 31st - Artist Profile:

Ramblin' Jack Elliott plays the Harbor Stage
Saturday July 30th. Tickets are Sold Out.

A Celebration in Music - One of the elder statesmen of the American folk singer and storyteller tradition, Ramblin' Jack Elliott (born Elliot Charles Adnopoz) has been introducing audiences to traditional country, blues, bluegrass and folk songs for over 50 years.

His latest album, A Stranger Here (Anti/Epitaph, 2009), which includes songs by Leadbelly, Mississippi John Hurt, Big Bill Broonzy and others, won a Grammy Award for Best Traditional Blues. He first learned to play guitar from a rodeo cowboy, after running away from his Brooklyn, NY home, not to join the circus, but to become a rodeo star. Fortunately for us, he discovered music instead, and went on to become great friends with his mentor Woody Guthrie.

Ramblin' Jack helped to immortalize Guthrie's music and inspired his son Arlo and countless other young folk singers and songwriters here and in Europe. The long list of those who cite him as an influence includes Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Beck, Bonnie Raitt, Ry Cooder, Bruce Springsteen, The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Guy Clark - Julie Stoller

A Newport Folk Birthday: Ramblin' Jack Elliott celebrates his 80th birthday on August 1, and continues to win over new fans with his down-to-earth, engaging manner.

Ramblin' Jack Elliott
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Thursday, July 28, 2011


July 30 & 31st - Artist Profile:

Typhoon plays the Harbor Stage
Saturday July 30th. Tickets are Sold Out.

One to Watch: Typhoon


EAST COAST INTRODUCTION - Probably one of the two or three Newport bands most being talked about in the final days as Newport Folk approaches is Portland's Typhoon. Let me say; they grow on your fast.

Having made their name in local circles they came to the attention of The Decemberists, who took them on the road. It hasn't taken long for audiences to catch on. And with new material - the EP is called A NEW KIND OF HOUSE and it's got lots of music writers decorating it with very favorable reviews. The Honest Truth, the song we share with you today will be the track Typhoon performs live on the Late Show with David Letterman on August 4th. Definitely One to Watch!

Web / Facebook / Twitter

M. Ward at Newport Folk

July 30 & 31st - Artist Profile:

M.Ward closes the Quad Stage
Sunday July 31st. Tickets are Sold Out.

ARTIST BACKGROUND - Matthew Stephen Ward - you probably know him better as M. Ward offers up softly-spoken vocals over introspective lyrics - he was born to play at Newport. And, Ward's accomplished acoustic guitar finger-picking should be a perfect soul-comforting wind-down to the days festivities.

Immersed in the wildly fertile Portland, Oregon folk music scene, M. Ward's music visits country, blues, pop and folk traditions, adding a unique flavoring to make it his own. He's inspired by classic artists of the past, which has manifested in some masterful cover versions (Buddy Holly's "Rave On," Don Gibson's "Oh Lonesome Me," David Bowie's "Let's Dance").

In the last decade Ward has performed with Yim Yames (My Morning Jacket), Conor Oberst and Mike Magis (Bright Eyes) in Monsters of Folk; with actress Zooey Deschanel in the 60s-infused indie folk collaboration She & Him; made guest appearances on recordings by Jenny Lewis, Neko Case, Cat Power, and Gillian Welch; and last year, contributed to the debut album from Tired Pony, an indie "supergroup" featuring members of Snow Patrol, Belle & Sebastian and R.E.M.

Better still, it's been announced that Dawes will be playing with M. Ward this evening. This should be absolutely amazing, and something you won't want to miss. - Julie Stoller

M. Ward
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kingsley Flood to play with Grace Potter!

Big Things Happening:

With a year full of new opportunities, playing music festivals, winning music awards, a television commercial used their music, a fun new music video featuring honey-stealing bears and now an opening slot (well-deserved and what a great fit!) for Grace Potter & the Nocturnals (Kingsley Flood's biggest gig ever) - the band have moved to the front of the pack in New England. In one short year, Kingsley went from releasing the award-winning Dust Windows to ruling the roost. Well, we did tell you... But how did it happen? Just watch...

Newport Nightcap - Sat 7/30 in Newport, RI
w/ Pearl & the Beard, Swear and Shake, Vikesh Kapoor, more.
Advance Tickets Sold Out

Thu. 8/11 in Newport, RI
Kingsley Flood open for Grace Potter and the Nocturnals!

Fri. 8/12 KahBang Festival - Maine
Main Stage performer
w/ Grace Potter, Lupe Fiasco, DOM, Atomic Tom, and more

Sat. 8/13 - 9:30 Club in Washington, DC

Sat. 8/20 - The Word X Word Festival in Pittsfield, MA.

Kingsley Flood
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Kingsley Flood at CMJ

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tegan and Sara at Newport Folk

July 30 & 31st - Artist Profile:

Tegan and Sara play the Quad Stage
Saturday July 30th. Tickets are Sold Out.

WHO THEY ARE / BACKGROUND - Tegan and Sara now have ten years experience in writing and performing love songs. These sisters make their Newport debut as an acoustic duo this Saturday. The pair are Canadian-born, hailing from Calgary, Alberta - and have been playing music together since high school. They are signed to Sire/Warner Bros - signed to the Vapor imprint by Elliott Roberts and Neil Young some eleven years ago. - Chris March

Tegan and Sara
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Monday, July 25, 2011

Mystery Roar + The Black and White Years

* New Free Music Event!
Boston, MA - Friday Aug 5th

Ryan's Smashing Life presents...
2 of the Best Electro-Rock Bands in America

you must RSVP to attend. limited space.
on Facebook

from Boston, MA ...

Mystery Roar - Overboard

TIME Magazine loves Mystery Roar: "This band is all fun but deceptively simple, creating complex arrangements of both melody and rhythm... energetic dancing, hypnotizing beats, liberal use of synthesizer and - yes - a pretty killer fashion sense."

"A Top Ten Band at SxSW 2011"

Mystery Roar
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from Austin, TX ...

The Black and White Years - Up!

WHO THEY ARE: Besides being my favorite act out of Austin, The Black and White Years could be the best electro-pop band in America. Having released the full-length "Patterns" (their second solid release in three years) and have played extensively in front of audiences coast-to-coast and on both sides of Atlantic. All I can really say about them is that this is a band that must be witnessed to be fully appreciated... Their frenetic, quirky sets have set them apart from the legions of modern bands that try to sound this good. Everyone I have exposed them to has loved them. (What's more, this band's music has been a near-constant companion since 2006. A listen to The Black And White Years is like listening to the weird soundtrack in my mind!) So, it is with the utmost pleasure to present TBAWY at their Boston date on this Summer Tour of the states - more dates below!

The Black And White Years at SxSW 2010

The Black and White Years - Perfect

Sun, 7/31 Little Rock, AR Sticky Fingerz
Mon, 8/1 Nashville, TN The Basement
Wed, 8/3 Brooklyn, NY Cameo Art Gallery
Thr, 8/4 Saratoga, NY Putnam Den
Fri, 8/5 Boston, MA Foundry24 (Free to 18+!)
Sat, 8/6 Manhattan, NY Piano's
Mon, 8/8 Columbus, OH Skully's
Fri, 8/19 Austin, TX Lambert's
Fri, 8/26 Denton, TX Hailey's
Fri, 9/02 Norman, OK Opolis
Sat, 9/03 Lawrence, KS Replay Lounge
Sat, 10/15 Utopia, TX Utopia Festival

The Black And White Years
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Wow, Ryan... How do you do it? I don't do it alone - that's for sure. In addition to our own volunteers and staff, RSL depends on sponsors and business partners to do these types of parties with great bands like this. In this case, if you RSVP to this show you get everything inside for free.

This event will be held at Foundry24 - a converted factory space in Charlestown, MA housing several emerging music and tech companies. The goal of Foundry24 is to build a productive community around the creative arts. -- empowers the music entrepreneur by providing the tools & resources necessary to build a transparent sustainable career. They are a small group of twenty-somethings who have been working professionally in the artist management, touring and marketing space for over a decade. They've witnessed firsthand the challenges of juggling the roles and responsibilities of a day-to-day music career while still keeping the dream alive. Indie Ambassador is a product of this environment. They are a software company building the foundation for the new music industry. -- Sidehatch Entertainment Group is a boutique music marketing, promotions, & creative strategy company. They provide their clients with an encompassing service in an environment conducive to fresh, innovative ideas. -- Strewnshank Studio is a full service recording studio and video production facility.

you must RSVP to attend. limited space.
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brown Bird at Newport Folk

July 30 & 31st - Artist Profile:

Brown Bird play the Harbor Stage
Sunday July 31st. Tickets are Sold Out.

WHO THEY ARE / BACKGROUND - Brown Bird's reputation proceeds them when it comes to New England folk music today. They've been stalwarts in the Portland, ME and Providence, RI scenes since David Lamb switched coasts in 2005, with a rotating cast of multi-instrumentalists. Their latest full length album, 2009's The Devil Dancing, shows off Lamb's deep, bluesy vocals and should be a prep for what they'll come up with next, as their recorded talent begins to match up with their energetic live performances. Brown Bird released a short EP earlier this year. This is their first trip to Newport Folk. - Emma Dessau.

Nina Mashurova photo

Brown Bird
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Movies: Captain America

Thoughts on Film

Captain America: The First Avenger

In the midst of World War II, scrawny Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) wants nothing more than to enlist in the army and defend America, like every other red-blooded American male. The only problem is he’s a scrawny asthmatic who is rejected by the government, not once, not twice, but five times. While out celebrating with his buddy, Bucky, who was set to be shipped off to Europe to join the war, Rogers tries one more time to enlist, only to be recruited by Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) to join a top-secret experiment. After proving his heart and intellect to gruff Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones), Rogers is selected to be the first genetically manipulated solider. The experiment is a success, transforming the proverbial “90-lbs weakling” into an extraordinary physical specimen. However, a Nazi spy, sent to retrieve Erskine’s serum, kills the doctor and any chance of repeating the results.

Rogers chases down the perpetrator and becomes a national hero. He’s the recruited by a senator to dress up as “Captain America” and tour the country in a song-and-dance number in order to raise funds for the war effort. The hometown crowds adore his spiel, but when he’s sent to Italy to visit the troops, he’s mocked and derided for the campy act.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the Nazis are doing some scientific experimentation as well through their secret HYDRA organization, headed by the evil and power-hungry Johann Schmidt (Hugo Weaving). Schmidt has found an ancient “mythical” power source and he’s harnessed it to create weapons that could decimate the Earth.

When Rogers learns that HYDRA has killed or captured the battalion his best friend Bucky was assigned to, he storms the enemy stronghold, with the assistance of the lovely, but tough Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and the father of the future Iron Man, Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper). Once inside, he finds Bucky and sets the POWs free, and then finds Schmidt to confront him. Schmidt tells Rogers that he too was one of Dr. Erskine’s experiments, but the results weren’t quite the same. He pulls away a mask to reveal himself as Red Skull. The madman then sets the stronghold to self-destruct as he escapes from Captain America.

After Rogers and the rescued soldiers return to camp, they form an elite team that tracks HYDRA’s movements, and destroy their forces, until a final showdown in Red Skull’s fortress in the Alps. The underlying theme of the movie is played out well in the final scenes, never give up and always be willing to sacrifice for the greater good. That’s what makes Rogers the true hero.

Captain America is not only the First Avenger, it’s also the first really good comic book movie since THE DARK KNIGHT and IRON MAN. The script was solid and the acting superb. Evans was convincing and Tommy Lee Jones added a good helping of humor. The rest supporting cast all gave strong performances as well.

There were CGI effects, but unlike other notable comic book interpretations, I didn’t feel like I was watching a cartoon with a little live-action thrown in. I had high expectations going into this film, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Captain America
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Amy Winehouse RIP

Goodbye to the Voice
Amy Winehouse 1983-2011

LONDON (AP) — Police say Amy Winehouse, the troubled diva who had struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, has been found dead at her home in London. Police confirmed that a 27-year-old female was pronounced dead at the home in Camden Square northern London. Media outlets now confirm it is Winehouse. Her website was found to be down, caused by the number of inquiries made to the server. Winehouse's Wikipedia page has already been updated to reflect the singer's demise. Police said the cause of death was not immediately clear.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Gogol Bordello at Newport Folk

July 30 & 31st - Artist Profile:

Gogol Bordello play the Fort Stage
Saturday July 30th. Tickets are sold out.

WHO THEY ARE / BACKGROUND - In a sea of amazing performers gracing this year’ s Newport Folk Festival, near the top of the list has to be the gypsy-punk-Ukrainian communal celebration of Gogol Bordello. They’ll be toning down their usual over-the-top madness for a more serene and classy-as-hell acoustic set appropriate for Newport, and is the ideal showcase for their subtle nuances of their music. They’re soulful and straight-from-the-heart, with accordion and violin giving them their distinct Eastern European flavor, and lead vocalist Eugene Hütz engaging and completely riveting. The band is a melting pot of cultures and influences – Russia, Ethiopia, the Ukraine, Ecuador, Scotland, and the U.S. – and if there’ s any doubt as to their universal message and appeal, have a look at that tour schedule! If you’re at the festival this year, do not miss these guys. - Julie Stoller

I want to place today's artist profile in perspective: Eugene Hütz is considered by many to be the World's premiere Gypsy performer. The witty, spastic Hütz has been wildly successful at charming away the hearts of his rabidly loyal fans around the world. He is the face of his band: Gogol Bordello - a multi-cultural extravaganza of a band that has come to personify for many, the hybrid sound of Modern Gypsy. This could be the most fun set of the entire Newport weekend. I will be up front. [For more about Gogol Bordello's colorful past, check this link] - Ryan Spaulding

Sat, July 30 – Newport Folk Festival
Newport, RI
July 31 – August 20 ::
UK, Netherlands,
Germany, Belgium,
France, Luxembourg,
Hungary, Austria, Norway
August 28 – Dave Matthews Band Caravan
Governor’ s Island, NYC
September 2 – Dave Matthews Band Caravan
The Gorge, George, WA
September 2-4 – North Coast Music Festival
Chicago, IL

Gogol Bordello
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pray for Polanski

New mp3 Download
Someone You Should Know

The New Album: Out Now!

Pray for Polanski - 9191991
download this NEW SONG!

Some time ago, don't ask me when for certain, on a late staggering night of merrymaking, I stumbled into a club with friends and I caught Pray for Polanski lighting up the night. And so it went, I would try to catch their sets whenever I could. Their sets ranged from friendly indie rock, to hard punk in the stretch of a few minutes - deviations occurred even within songs.

Since that time the band has grown tighter and their songcraft more clever and deft. The new Pray for Polanski is their best yet - and at just $5, a real steal. [Editor's nod: Check out "Subway Song" for their full - wild, harmonic drone potential.] This is definitely a band to keep an eye on. We will be there.

Pray for Polanski
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The Head and the Heart

July 30 & 31st - Artist Profile:

The Head and the Heart play the Harbor Stage
Sunday July 31st. Tickets are sold out.

WHO THEY ARE / BACKGROUND - The Head and The Heart are an indie folk-pop band from Seattle, Washington. Formed in the summer of 2009 by Josiah Johnson (vocals, guitar, percussion) and Jonathan Russell (vocals, guitar, percussion), the band also includes Charity Rose Thielen (violin, vocals), Chris Zasche (bass), Kenny Hensley (piano), and Tyler Williams (drums). Their music plays heavily on the trio of vocal harmonies, piano and violin melodies, and prominent drums and percussion - Chris March

With beautiful, rangy indie folk similar to that of favorites Blind Pilot, Ivan & Aloysha and Elvis Perkins in Dearland, The Head and the Heart were a natural to get added to Newport and I am so glad they did - this will by my first ever time seeing them perform live. - Ryan Spaulding

July 22 Capitol Hill Block Party
July 25 Aragon Ballroom
Chicago, IL
July 26 Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica
Cleveland, Ohio
July 27 Kresge Auditorium
Interlochen, MI
July 30 Bearsville Theater
Woodstock, NY
July 31 Fort Adams State Park
Newport, Rhode Island

The Head and the Heart
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Young Buffalo

New Music 0f Note:

Bombastic, Poppy and Effervescent - that's the sound of Mississippi's hot new band on tour. Meet the trio known as Young Buffalo. Having made the rounds on a successful European Tour, the three embark on a North American tour today in support of their new EP "Von Prettylips." The show gets on the road tonight beginning in Boston. This is definitely worth a listen...

One to Watch

Young Buffalo

7/20 Middle East Cambridge, MA
7/21 – Piano’s – New York, NY
7/23 - Knitting Factory - Brooklyn, NY !
7/23 – Brooklyn Bowl – Brooklyn, NY (late show)
7/24 – The Saint – Asbury Park, NJ
7/26 – Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto, ON Canada
7/27 – Vernor’s Room – Pontiac, MI
7/29 – Subterranean – Chicago, IL ^
8/1 – The Palladium Ballroom – Dallas, TX @
8/2 – Stubbs – Austin, TX @
8/3 – House of Blues – Houston, TX @
9/08 – Crocodile Café – Seattle, WA #$
9/09 – Venue – Vancouver, BC #$
9/12 – The Independent – San Francisco, CA #$
9/13 – The Music Box – Los Angeles, CA #$
9/14 – The Casbah – San Diego, CA #$
9/22 – Newport Music Hall – Columbus, OH #$
9/23 – Paradise Rock Club – Boston, MA #$
9/27 – Phoenix Concert Theatre – Toronto, ONT #$
9/28 – Corona – Montreal, QC #$
9/30 – Webster Hall – New York, NY #$
10/01 – Music Hall of Williamsburg – Brooklyn, NY #$

! w/ Wu Lyf
^ w/Morning Teleportation, Colormusic
@ w/Arctic Monkeys
# w/ The Vaccines
$ w/ Tennis

Young Buffalo
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Deadbeat Darling

Photographic Evidence
by Chris March

The Lizard Lounge
Cambridge, MA - 06/29/11

Picture Perfect World


Deadbeat Darling

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Delta Spirit at Newport Folk

July 30 & 31st - Artist Profile:

Delta Spirit play the Quad Stage
Saturday July 30th. Tickets are sold out.

WHO THEY ARE / BACKGROUND - Those of you out there (like me) who are quite fond of Delta Spirit’ s folk-Americana sound and Matt Vasquez’ s traditional yet timely storytelling will probably want to put their set at Newport on your “ must do” list. During an April interview back in April, members of the band spoke about writing songs for their next album, with the plan to begin recording in June or July. They mentioned that they’d like to get away from the folk-Americana scene (and media pigeonholing) into more straight-ahead rock ‘ n’ roll (“ the slow jams will be more like Montell Jordan than Neil Young” ). With that and a stated interest in hip-hop, the 90s, and ‘ progressive production’ , there’s just no telling what may be in store. For their Newport appearance, however, I’ll wager they’ ll roll out their beloved classics such as “ Children” , “ Strange Vine,” and “ People, Turn Around.” Of course, they’ ll add some gems from their brilliant album of last year, History From Below. But maybe, just maybe, we’ ll get to hear a first taste of that new album. - Julie Stoller

"Since 2007, this has been my favorite band in America. Delta Spirit are storytellers and while they may speak of resenting their lot in life from time-to-time, they tell their tales better than anyone else out there. I have seen them play and sipped whiskey with them many times. If you get great music; if you understand heartache and the frenzy of love... If you can understand the human condition with all of its foibles and still want more - then you can begin to truly appreciate this band. Delta Spirit are an emotional lightning rod - just incredible," - Ryan Spaulding

July 30 - Newport Folk - Sold Out
Aug 02 - The Pageant w/My Morning Jacket - St. Louis, MO
Aug 03 - Uptown Theater w/My Morning Jacket - Kansas City, MO
Aug 05 - Aug 07 - Lollapalooza - Chicago, IL
Aug 19 - Aug 20 - SoundTown Music Festival - Sommerset, WI
Sep 16 - Austin City Limits Music Festival - Austin, TX

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Monday, July 18, 2011

New Song from Matt Lowell

New mp3 Download
Someone You Should Know

Matt Lowell
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The Newport Nightcap

VIP TICKETS are $10 - Recommended!

DATELINE - NEWPORT, RI: As this new week begins to take shape it is notable that this is the first time in memory that the Newport Folk Festival has been completely sold out this far in advance. The music on 7/30 & 7/31 rivals any music festival in the world. Many thousands of ardent folk and music supports will find themselves in town for the two-plus days of merrymaking during the daylight at Fort Adams where Newport Folk has reigned for some 52-odd years (can somebody get me a fact check on this?)

Traditionally - when the light fades the show is over in Newport. Well not this year, as a Nightcap show of considerable merit has been assembled for the night of Saturday, July 30th in Downtown Newport. This one will feature: Kingsley Flood, Swear and Shake, Pearl and the Beard and Vikesh Kapoor - and for just $10 for a VIP ticket (ridiculously low when you consider it includes a band-autographed poster), it's kinda like a super-affordable Folk Part 2 that day. If you are interested in this, you should probably act on this now. It will sell out - like the Festival did.

Your hosts at the Nightcap are Visible Voice and Kitchen Sessions - two of our esteemed e-neighbors here in New England. Check them out. What follows is a brand new Vikesh Kitchen Sessions live video recorded in Portland. It's a brand new song called, "Lay Down Your Sword," and you will hear it nowhere else right now. (We know how to treat you right!)

Just Added: Vikesh Kapoor


Vikesh Kapoor sings "Lay Down Your Sword"
from Kitchen Sessions

Vikesh Kapoor
Web / My / Fb / Tw / Bc

Kingsley Flood

Kingsley Flood - Roll of the Dice

Kingsley Flood
Web / My / Fb / Tw

Swear and Shake

Swear and Shake - Johnnie

Swear and Shake
Web / Fb / Tw

Pearl and the Beard

Pearl and the Beard - Sweetness

Pearl and the Beard
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Madeon Does It All

From France with Love

Viral Video is a periodic series we run celebrating music and moving images. Today we introduce you to the just released Pop Culture Mashup by French DJ madeon. It's rapidly made the rounds the last few days. Besides being utterly amazing, it's a primetime candidate to go viral the next couple of days. It's totally mad how how Madeon rips this mash up using a Novation Launchpad & Novation Zero SL MKII (the light box and unique coding software used for this task.) There's nobody quite like him right now.

Alphabeat - Boyfriend
Alphabeat - Fascination
Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars
Black Eyed Peas - Gotta Feeling
Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time
Capsule - Can I Have A Word
Chromeo - Momma's Boy
Coldplay - Viva La Vida
Daft Punk - Aerodynamic
Daft Punk - Around The World
Deadmau5 - Raise Your Weapon (Madeon Remix)
Deadmau5 - Right This Second
Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed
ELO - Mr. Blue Sky
Girls Aloud - Biology
Gorillaz - Dare
Gossip - Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)
Gwen Stefani - What You Waitin For (Jacques Lu Cont Mix)
Housse de Racket - Oh Yeah
Justice - DVNO
Justice - Phantom Part II
Katy Perry - One Of The Boys
Ke$ha - Take It Off
Kylie Minogue - Wow
Lady Gaga - Alejandro
Linkin Park - Crawling
Madonna - Hung Up
Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette - Boys and Girls
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
Nero - Me and You
One Republic - All The Right Moves (Danger Remix)
One-T - Magic Key
Ratatat - Shempi
Solange - I Decided (Freemasons Remix)
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star
The Killers - Losing Touch
The Who - Baba O'Riley (SebastiAn Remix)
Yelle - Que Veux Tu (Madeon Remix)


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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Civil Wars at Newport Folk

July 30 & 31st - Artist Profile:

Middle Brother play the Harbor Stage
Sunday July 31st. Tickets are still available.

WHO THEY ARE / BACKGROUND - Indie Folk duo The Civil Wars have captivated audiences with there first studio album Barton Hallow earlier this year. Composed of Singer-Songwriters Joy Williams and John Paul White are from Nashville and they've taken a little bit of Tennessee with them everywhere they have traveled. They were the talk of the town in Sundance, soon after performing a new song they worked there in Boston *Cafe 939 live video link is below. Weeks later they were in Austin for smoldering, sold out shows in Austin. The harmonizing vocals and soothing acoustic guitar is booth joyful and mournful at the same time. Expect this to be one of the most sought-after and hard-to-see live sets of the entire festival. - JEREMIAH ROBINSON

[Editor's Note: Barton Hollow from the Civil Wars is already on RSL's Best of Album List for 2011. There is no losing when this music is on. Don't miss this. - RYAN]

The Civil Wars
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NPR / LA Times
Video: Live in Boston

Friday, July 15, 2011

Middle Brother at Newport Folk

July 30 & 31st - Artist Profile:

Middle Brother play the Quad Stage
Sunday July 31st. Tickets are still available.

WHO THEY ARE / BACKGROUND - The powerhouse trio of Matt Vasquez (Delta Spirit), Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes) and John McCauley (Deer Tick) released their debut album back in March, and have just secured their rightful place as a nominee in RSL’s Early Must-Have List for 2011. It’ s a wonderfully warm and soulful folk-Americana vibe, with these three superb vocalists blending and complimenting each other’ s styles perfectly. Their first official show was just six months ago, so it’ s quite an honor for them to be invited to the Newport Folk Festival. - JULIE STOLLER

I am fairly convinced that the inclusion of Middle Brother may end up being one of the genius moves of this festival. All three core bands are moving forward with album and tour plans and there is every indication that despite being white-hot, Middle Brother is winding down as a result. Some rumors persist that this band, which began in Austin for SxSW 2010 might just play it's last note in Newport for Folk 2011. This act just happens to have one of the best albums of the year. Regardless if the set witnessed on the water July 31st is historic or just very good, it simply shouldn't be missed. Tickets for Sunday are, impossibly, somehow still available. You should be standing in front of this set. - RYAN SPAULDING

Middle Brother
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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hot Video Mash *
* - Thanks Joan Anderman


it's just math

Viral Video is a periodic series we run celebrating music and moving images. Today we introduce you to a new video mash shared by a friend online. Just saw it this morning. Sharing immediately. Rock on.

The Pixies

Thin Lizzy

Previous Viral Videos:

Wilco in Boston Sept 20th

Wilco goes on sale tomorrow
Get those Boston Tix Today!

John Stirratt & Jeff Tweedy at Solid Sound

DATELINE: BOSTON, MA - On Tuesday, September 20th, WILCO will play the Citi Center for the Arts / Wang Theater. Tickets go on sale to the public tomorrow morning (Friday - 7/14/11) but with our code you go on today (Thursday 7/13/11) at 10am to buy your tickets (presumably in the front half of the theater and enjoy America's Band the way they were intended to be seen and heard!

Ryan's Smashing Life Ticket Presale:
After 10am today..Use link:
RSL/Wilco at the CitiCenter
or Enter Here & use Access Code: "SMASH"

Simple as That. Good Luck!

WILCO 2011

Sept 13 Murat Theatre
Indianapolis, IN
Sept 16 & 17 Massey Hall
Toronto, ONT
Sept 18 Metropolis
Montreal, QC

Sept 20 Citi Center/Wang Theatre
Boston, MA

Sept 22 Central Park Summerstage
New York, NY
Sept 25 Merriweather Post Pavilion
Columbia, MD
Sept 27 Raleigh Amphitheater
Raleigh, NC
Sept 28 & 29 Cobb Performing Arts Ctr
Atlanta, GA
Oct 1 & 2 The Ryman
Nashville, TN
Oct 4 Peabody Opera House
St. Louis, MO
Oct 5 Overture Hall
Madison, WI
*more dates are anticipated

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


New Music this Week!
Boston Rock Report...

WE SALUTE YOU - We have been adamant supporters for the Boston music scene both before and in the midst of its latest enlightenment... There haven't been as many amazing musicians and a fan base as enthusiastic and empowered to make good choices - well, in ages. Things are pretty good in Boston. But for the first time in ages, some of us Rock enthusiasts have found ourselves pushed out just a bit by the indie rock zeitgeist... powered by innovation, we also need to remember this city is a place rooted in Rock. Today's profile artist is Boston's red hot Boston 3-piece I, Pistol... Who just happen to celebrate their new record, "Trust," tomorrow night in a lineup at TT the Bears that features RSL favorites The Rationales and Taiwan Typhoon.

I, Pistol - Trust
NEW: mp3 download!

I, Pistol
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