July 30 & 31st - Artist Profile:

Typhoon plays the Harbor Stage
Saturday July 30th. Tickets are Sold Out.

One to Watch: Typhoon


EAST COAST INTRODUCTION - Probably one of the two or three Newport bands most being talked about in the final days as Newport Folk approaches is Portland's Typhoon. Let me say; they grow on your fast.

Having made their name in local circles they came to the attention of The Decemberists, who took them on the road. It hasn't taken long for audiences to catch on. And with new material - the EP is called A NEW KIND OF HOUSE and it's got lots of music writers decorating it with very favorable reviews. The Honest Truth, the song we share with you today will be the track Typhoon performs live on the Late Show with David Letterman on August 4th. Definitely One to Watch!

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