Monday, October 15, 2018

Tristen Gaspadarek - Baby Drugs

This isn't a new song but it is amazing and I'm celebrating it today! "Baby Drugs" does everything a pop song should and more. It grabs you immediately and takes you to a different place. Singer Tristen Gaspardarek, who goes by simply 'Tristen' offers seductive rhymes over the rising drums and guitar. The protagonist offers understanding and welcome arms where there are, apparently, none. Pretty convincing story. 

Tristen has released three albums to critical acclaim: Charlatans at the Garden Gate (2011), CAVES (2013), and Sneaker Waves, which was released last year via Austin label Modern Outsider. She also performed as a member of Jenny Lewis's live band in 2015.

The featured song "Baby Drugs" was featured on the HBO television series Enlightened and the film Better Living Through Chemistry. MTV's reality TV shows Catfish: The TV Show and Teen Mom 2 used the song "Gold Star" and the teen drama Finding Carter used "House of War."[13] "Special Kind of Fear" was featured in Denis Leary's television show Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

The Long Winters - Stupid

Falling for One Song At A Time... (But seriously I think I love every other song I've ever heard from The Long Winters.) Let this kick off your day.

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Monday, October 08, 2018

It's Time to Meet Philippe Bronchtein

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT - I remember meeting Philippe Bronchtein in person and I cannot clearly recall if we had been communicating for a bit first - but I do know that after that day I felt like we had known one another for a good while. He's got that kind of energy.

We had discussed music and a bit more briefly, a little on life. At the time, Phil would go up on stage as Hip Hatchet - and when he did, the whole day got better. Now with a new set of songs and a fresh outlook, Phil is back again and playing under his real name. The change could be important for him - in which case this time is certainly important. On the verge of releasing a new album, this is someone you definitely need to know.

This clip features Bronchtein with pedal steel accompaniment by Jason Montgomery. To have been seated in this room during this season would have been a real treat. The atmospherics generated by the pair in this room are amazing. Bronchtein's voice is amplified by the chilling slide of Montgomery's strings. Wow. 

FROM THE WEBSITE - By the time he was 27, Bronchtein had logged several hundred thousand miles in on the road, crossing and recrossing the US and the Atlantic. In a few short years, he had quickly become one of Portland's most well-loved, consommate road-warriors, cherished by fans of songcraft, other songwriters, and the bandleaders who, over and over, invited him to join them on tour. Still a young man, he'd released three LPs, numerous splits, 7"s EPs, and singles under the moniker Hip Hatchet and toured as a multi-instrumentalist for the likes of Esme Patterson, The War & Treaty, Quiet Life, and others.

Bronchtein relocated to Nashville in 2017 to continue working as a touring musician. But the endless cycle of barely-occupied sublet apartments, ephemeral friendships, and might-have-beens left him drained, burnt out, longing for some semblance of stability or a connection that remained always tantalizingly out of reach.

Philippe Bronchtein
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Friday, October 05, 2018

Wanderer from Cat Power

Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power, releases her first album in more than a half decade today. Her songs are smoldering, sensual affairs in their representation of her protagonism. Less apparent on Wanderer, is her trademark delicate approach. Truth is that life can do that to a person. In it's place are new strength and a high end range to a soul and a life in music. Cat Power plays Boston tonight at The Paradise.

These are samples - Click the Album Link below to stream on Spotify!

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Thursday, October 04, 2018

Piano Music from Casey Gibson

For a decade, I've had the pleasure of fostering and cheering a most promising band of young musicians and I've watched them grow into a critically-acclaimed international phenomenon. Filligar, who hailed from the Chicago suburbs, filled US concert halls before shifting gears, acting as US ambassadors through music and brought their live performing to countries all over the world.  It gives me fits of joy to see what's become of them..

Filligar piano and keys madman Casey Gibson, who now makes music for films and commercials in Los Angeles, has released his debut solo album. It's a mesmerizing, instrumental album of simple beauty that needs to be shared. 

In His Own Words - "Actually, I'm Robert Castleman Gibson, Jr., if, you know, you're not into the whole brevity thing. I write music for commercials at a company called Mophonics in Los Angeles. The Who's Pete Townshend once called me clever."

Gibson with Filligar. Piano Music is a a wonderful 'other telling' of his ability. 
David Kepner photo.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Exploring Space with KAL MARKS

Kal Marks by photographer Omari Spears

There's all sorts of bands out there clamoring for your attention and none more worthy than Boston's Kal Marks - right now likely still asleep in the back of the van or already motoring on to their next date. The Northeast's most important noise-rock band is burning up highway on their Fall US Tour. Remaining dates below.

Kal Marks are influencing their fellow creators and dominating the underground while impressively flirting with a more mainstream audience. The band were recently tapped with a Best Rock Band and Best Album (for 'Universal Care') by the Boston Music Awards. Clearly this is an act that performs for audiences. Kal Marks is Carl Shane, Michael Geacone and Alex Audette.  

The impressive run of live dates culminates back in Boston in two weeks for what is sure to be an explosive finish to a righteous 2018. 

10/03  Shakespeare's in Kalamazoo, MI
10/04  Margaritaville in Chicago, IL
10/05  The Nest in St. Louis, MO
10/08 Northside Yacht Club in Cincinnati, OH
10/09 Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh, PA
10/10  Slash & Run in Washington, DC
10/11 Super Wimpy HQ in Philadelphia, PA
10/16 Hometown Welcome - Allston, MA
Great Scott a Night also featuring
Maneka, Nice Guys & Rong

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Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Instant Gratification from Night Spins

Not quite sure how I missed the June release of Night Spins' hot new eponymous full-length but it's something you should be checking out. The Brooklyn four-piece were formerly known as The Boobies. What the rebrand means is a reconsolidation of efforts and a hell of a fresh start. 

The lads; Josh Brocki, Manquillian Minniefee, Andrew Jernigan and Jesse Starr, make the most of this reboot - executing throughout producing a gritty pop record of note. 

On lead single, Tell Me I'm Wrong, Night Spins are every part The Greenhornes (the Cincinnati showstoppers led by Craig Fox.) This thing doesn't just rock - it bounces... also evoking early Kings of Leon. And just for a bit - we're back to summer again.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS - "This album is self-titled, as it's the first incarnation of our band,"Night Spins". Presented with ten original tracks, the album barrels through themes of love, cheating, and burning revenge - while still making time for the beach and the blurry LES. Inspired by New York City and born out of the burly South, our music might find itself on playlists with the likes of Weezer, Alabama Shakes, Modest Mouse, Talking Heads, and Iggy Pop. Please enjoy what we call, "garage pop with teeth".

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