Tristen Gaspadarek - Baby Drugs

This isn't a new song but it is amazing and I'm celebrating it today! "Baby Drugs" does everything a pop song should and more. It grabs you immediately and takes you to a different place. Singer Tristen Gaspardarek, who goes by simply 'Tristen' offers seductive rhymes over the rising drums and guitar. The protagonist offers understanding and welcome arms where there are, apparently, none. Pretty convincing story. 

Tristen has released three albums to critical acclaim: Charlatans at the Garden Gate (2011), CAVES (2013), and Sneaker Waves, which was released last year via Austin label Modern Outsider. She also performed as a member of Jenny Lewis's live band in 2015.

The featured song "Baby Drugs" was featured on the HBO television series Enlightened and the film Better Living Through Chemistry. MTV's reality TV shows Catfish: The TV Show and Teen Mom 2 used the song "Gold Star" and the teen drama Finding Carter used "House of War."[13] "Special Kind of Fear" was featured in Denis Leary's television show Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.

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