Saturday, October 31, 2009

TONIGHT - Duran Duran in Boston!

'TIS THE SEASON OF SCARES & ZOMBIES - Continuing a long tradition here in Boston, bands celebrate their Halloween spirit by playing make-believe and covering other bands. We saw this first hand last night at Great Scott where four bands did their best to cover some of Britain's best acts from the last thirty years. (Sorry, no Stone Roses - but we really, really liked The Honors as The Smiths and Televandals as The Clash!) The fun continues tonight throughout the city. (Our friends at Boston Band Crush have already done great work at inventing the wheel, so to speak; here is their LIST of local Halloween events.)

Of particular interest to us, anyway, is Boston's The Luxury stepping out as Duran Duran. This band of rock perfectionists (it helps to have the driven frontman Jason Dunn steering things) have been practicing like mad. What we have below are some of their rehearsal demos. Check 'em out live tonight as they rock Church of Boston with three outstanding cover acts.

ON THE BILL TONIGHT: The Lights Out rock out as Phil Collins, Gene Dante & the Future Starlets star as The Runaways and we suspect that Sidewalk Driver will sound just about perfect covering David Bowie aka Ziggy Stardust!) All we can say is that Halloween really is the sweetest of holidays. If you are outside the region, find a local music venue near you and scare up some fun!

The Luxury - Ordinary World
The Luxury - View To A Kill
Duran Duran covers!
from rehearsals this week

Tonight at Church of Boston

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Taxpayer - Don't Steal My Night Vision

Going out / New Material!
Friday Night, 10/30/09
The Scene: TT the Bears in Cambridge

Boston's Taxpayer

Having won the hearts of fans and critics alike with their addictive breakout single,'When They Were Young,' Taxpayer (Jared Marsh, Maclaine Diemer, Michael Jones, Rob Adams and Tim Peters) find themselves ready to take the center stage again with an album of rich, diverse and energetic songs.

The new record is “Don’t Steal My Night Vision.” The tracks were laid down and mixed at Camp Street Studios in Cambridge, Massachusetts, by Paul Q. Kolderie (Radiohead, Hole, Morphine) and Adam Taylor with assistance from Alex Hartman between March and November 2008. It was mastered by Ian Kennedy at New Alliance East.

Friday 10/30/09 @ TT the Bears
Central Square - Cambridge, MA

Hot Protestants EP Release
Vivian Darkbloom
Emeen Z

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Holiday Classic

Halloween is about allowing our inner child, or mischievous spirit, to come out and play. But perhaps more important than this release, Halloween is most importantly a community holiday - a social event, as witnessed by the exchange that occurs at neighbors doors or the relatively childlike joy we have in seeing a creative and colorful costume. One of those great traditions for Halloween is the Charles M. Schulz classic, 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.'

Never pinpointed despite all their efforts, The Great Pumpkin casts a long shadow over the cast of Shultz's Halloween Holiday Classic. Produced in 1966, this animated short film acts as holiday escapist fun - and as a reflection of the audiences' hopes and fears in times of change. Interesting that 40-some years later the Peanuts are still capturing hearts and minds of folks in much the same way. Behold:

Maps - Turning The Mind

New Music this Week!
Someone You Should Know

2007 Mercury Prize nominee: Maps

Phil Bourne photo

The end of October sees the return of James Chapman and his creative wellspring, Maps. The multi-talented mind behind some of our favorite sounds of 2007, Chapman formed the name, 'Maps' at first as his solo nom de music. Living in a small flat in London, Chapman began his musical life in solitude - secretly began to craft tracks on a 16-track recorder in his small flat in London. Each instrument and part of the songs were recorded by Chapman himself. The results were impressive. The raw, but beautiful and swirling epics were undeniably good. Chapman soon found the right audience to audition his songs.

The songs from these early recording would be given a polished finish by accomplished Icelandic producer Valgeir Sigurdsson (Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Bjork) and the result was Maps' stellar 2007 debut; 'We Can Create' - an RSL Best of 2007 selection. Chapman would receive a massive amount of attention when his debut would receive a prestigious Mercury Prize nomination later that same year.

Maps returns this week with their followup album called, 'Turning The Mind.' The tracks were recorded with Tim Holmes (Death in Vegas) at the Contino Rooms in London. Music critics on both sides of the Atlantic buzzing are buzzing about this one...

"On his second album, “Turning the Mind” (Mute), every bit of loneliness, jealousy, spite or deception sends him into the studio. There Maps devises melodies and layers his resentful whisper of a voice amid swelling major chords and mechanized arpeggios, blipping behind his harmonies." – the NEW YORK TIMES

New from Turning The Mind

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Live Photos: Lucero at the Middle East

Photographic Evidence
by Emma Dessau

The Middle East in Cambridge, MA - 10/18/09

Ben Nichols at the Middle East.
photos by Emma Dessau

I first heard of Lucero after reading Craig Finn, frontman for The Hold Steady, rave about their live shows: I take what Craig Finn says very seriously, so I was excited to check them out. After one song and the soakage of my shirt in about three cups of beer, which had been catapulted into the air by a group of especially excited fans, I understood Finn's love.

Lucero has resurrected a kind of Southern rock not found since the days when Creedence Clearwater Revival ruled the airwaves. Their sound, though primarily rooted in a classic country-alt sound, also touches on punk and indie, which sets them apart from the scores of Southern rockers littering bars across America.“I think the fact that we don't claim a genre is very important to what Lucero is,” says Nichols. “There are too many rules in punk rock. Too many rules in country music. We’re hard headed and…god damn if we don’t do things the way we want to do them.”

Lucero - "Sound of the City"
from 1372 Overton Park

Like their friends The Hold Steady, Lucero has capitalized on the void left by Bruce Springsteen after his career changed it's path (and he started making songs like "Radio Nowhere.") Lucero have brought back the winning combination of poignant lyrics with a hard rocking sound. While foot stomping to the massive guitar riffs and solos, Ben Nichols's lyrics suddenly penetrate the madness of a live show. The band clearly has a great time on stage. Nichols bantered with the beer tossing hooligans, took song requests, and basked in the energy of the crowd.

Lucero's latest album, 1372 Overton Park, was just released this month on Universal Republic Records. This sixth release is their first record on a major label. Judging from what I heard on this Sunday, it should be epic.

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Lucero at the Middle East(10-18-09)

Web | Myspace

Monday, October 26, 2009

Alan Cohen Experience - Eat the Peace

New Music!
Someone You Should Know


Seth Kroll photo

Fresh off an appearance at this year's CMJ Music Festival, Boston's Alan Cohen Experience have a new six-track EP called Eat the Peace. Cohen, who is a former member of the critically acclaimed band Family Junction, crafts stories and sets these witticisms to pop music with catchy hooks. The band's shows can vary a great deal depending on band configuration - sometimes centering on Cohen on acoustic guitar while at other times, the talented Cohen ends up being surrounded by an orchestra of musically talented friends. No matter how many folks end up occupying the stage, Cohen always entertains - and in doing so, he provides a refreshing foil to snobby musicians and an often sterile, uncaring record industry. This guy's the real deal.

Alan Cohen Experience - Rock Biter
Brand New Song from Eat The Peace

GOING DOWN THE ROAD - On Eat the Peace (November 3rd release), Cohen finds himself collaborating with Brooklyn producer Roger Greenawalt once again. Greenawalt, who worked on Cohen's self-titled debut last year, who has worked with notables; The Pierces, Ben Kweller, and Nils Lofgren. The new record features The Pierces’ Catherine Pierce on “Ranger Stranger”, “Truck Driver,” and "Peace."

GETTING TO KNOW ALAN COHEN - Cohen's recent singles, "Elephant" has been by many thousands of people on YouTube view and the witty singer was recently featured on CNN's "This Week in Politics" and The Guardian for his tongue-in-cheek viral video, "The Obama Groove." Yeah, no joke:

What's up next? Cohen vows to complete work on a concept album inspired by Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time." (You can't make this stuff up!)

East Coast Dates

- Philadelphia, PA
Millcreek Tavern

10/29 - New York, NY
National Underground

11/1 Cambridge, MA
All Asia

11/3 - EAT THE PEACE on sale!

11/4 -Washington, DC
Wonderland Ballroom

Web / Myspace / Facebook

Sunday, October 25, 2009

VIRAL VIDEO: Totally Geeking Out

VIRAL VIDEO: It's totally acceptable in 2009 to be pro-geek, so we will jump in with both feet! Never has sci-fi movie stardom been so readily attainable. Fans of the Star Wars movie series can take part in the Star Wars Uncut fan project. The basics: fans accept assignment to reproduce (film/annimate/draw/etc,...) scenes from Star Wars. These 15-second scenes are then strung together to remake the original story. Since the techniques, quality and style of this ongoing project are so different; the results can be really interesting. (This is a Viral Video "Win-Win.") Here's the trailer with a couple of our favorite scenes to date:

Twitter (Live Updates on the Project)

Spend a Few Minutes checking out all these
previous RSL Viral Video selections:

The RSL YouTube Page!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ryan Costello - After the Fire

New Music this Week!
Someone You Should Know

New Music from RYAN COSTELLO

CO-FOUNDER of THE OAKS emerges with something on his own

SONGS WILL MOVE YOU - Standing on his own for the first time in his career, The Oaks' Ryan Costello has released his debut; After The Fire. For those familiar with the earthy, honest songs of The Oaks (a Best of 2008 selection) you will find much of Costello's new record is an outgrowth of the Oaks' already inspired modern folk. Take a listen and see if this might be something you are interested in. For a limited time, you can buy the entire album via digital download for just $4. That's one sweet deal!

Friday, October 23, 2009

RSL live music event - 4 Bands on Saturday

LIVE at TT the Bears

layout & design by Tom Gallo

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - A Ryan's Smashing Life live show delivers remarkable music talent, straight from our digital pages to the finest stages in New England. This tradition of music exploration continues on Saturday, October 24th at TT the Bears with four outstanding acts that promise to thoroughly entertain, reigniting your passion for exciting new music! What's better, this show - our eighth of 2009, celebrates the accomplishments of our first three years writing about music, arts, and culture. We love you guys, so come on out and party with us in front of some great bands:

The Grownup Noise

Despite having been exposed to outstanding acts for the last three years, we can't help but get excited when we hear someone great for the first time. I can still remember the strong, winning impression I was left with after seeing Boston's The Grownup Noise. The band's strong dedication to their craft; multi-instrumental beauty underscored by strong fits of rhythm and melody shines up on the stage. I couldn't be happier to expose this band to our growing audience of intelligent music listeners. We think you'll find these guys a perfect fit.

Bonus *: The Grownup Noise promise one new, original song will be unleashed on Saturday night as well as a new cover song. I love it when Bands go out for a live show!

The Grownup Noise - Artist Type
Recorded Live on WERS 88.9fm

the Grownup Noise
Website / Myspace

The Blizzard of 78

Expect the Unexpected. Named for an under-appreciated storm for which everyone (it seems) has a story about, the Boston band plays this RSL Anniversary event. What to Expect? 78 have a reputation for charged music performances, and stunning, spiritual moments up on stage. Fall Harvest special: For a very limited time you can buy Book of Lies, the latest album from The Blizzard of 78 for just one dollar. Go ahead, treat yourself - while proving your great sense of taste to friends, the low pricetag will demonstrate your strong sense of fiscal responsibility. This band is a winner.

The Blizzard of '78
Web / Myspace / Buy Book of Lies for $1

Bridges and Powerlines

Quite possibly the Best Pop Band in The Country today, and certainly one of the best on the East Coast, I am delighted that we are able to bring the amazing Bridges and Powerlines to a Boston stage. The NY band has been on our live wish list for the last three years. Fresh off tonight's CMJ Music Festival in NY, Bridges and Powerlines will pile into a van and head north for tomorrow's show in Cambridge. Expect a mighty performance from this exciting live act. (Seriously, I still can't believe I really finally got them! I couldn't be happier.) The video below is from the band's tour last year which took them across the country. They ended up in Austin at SxSW where they were accepted by crowds with open arms. Do Not Miss!

The Thieves, They Are Everywhere

Bridges and Powerlines
Myspace / Web / Band Blog

Tik Tok

Continuing an RSL tradition to providing exposure to visiting bands and those just starting out, we have tapped Quincy's Tik Tok to open up our Anniversary program. There's not a whole lot of press material available for Tik Tok, hailing from Quincy, MA - but I will tell you what I can about their music. Powered by a seasoned quartet of local musicians, Tik Tok are a relatively new band with a strong sense of stage theatrics. (Think rock cabaret, mixed with soul... It's a beautiful thing!) We know they will absolutely shine on Saturday night. New exposure to new music is what these events and the blog are all about!

streaming audio on Myspace

RSL 3rd Anniversary Party
10/24/09 @ TT the Bears

Set Times

NOTE: At This Show:
RSL Tee Shirts
Just $6 at this Show!

[TICKETWEB: on Sale now!]
9pm ~ 18+ ~ $10

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tim Williams - Careful Love

New Music this Week!
Someone You Should Know


Tim Williams with Misty Boyce & Matt Welsh
Davey Wilson photo

NEW MUSIC - Tim Williams is one of those voices that quickly takes up residence in both your heart and your head. It was the songs from Tim's Merchant Heart EP that first drew my attention. His textured songs (just listen!) and his memorable voice took me on a journey that ended up with me contacting the singer and his label back in 2007. I was able to sit in one a pair of intense Tim Williams live sessions here. During one such session, I was able to grab the singer and we sat down to talk about life. (I wanted to know about his songwriting and Tim wanted to know about what it was like to be a music blogger.) That conversation and the ones that followed resulted in one of the first interviews we ever ran on the website.

In May of last year, just a few short months after I visited with Williams, he underwent intensive open-heart surgery that ended up threatening his very existence - leaving Williams bedridden in recovery throughout much of last year. Once freed from the confines of the hospital, Williams immediately began writing/rehearsing new material. What resulted from those sessions were the songs of Careful Love.

This is the best work we have heard from Williams to date, and certainly his most varied... Much of this success has come through Williams' successful work with bandmates Misty Boyce and Matt Welsh who help give the new recordings of a rounder sound. Things stay small, experimental and intimate, at the same time though - which keeps the album really tangible for me. It's a great balance that makes this one of the better albums released in 2009. Take the up-tempo track “I Hit Another Wall” is a perfect example, as Williams explains, “I wrote the song as a reminder of how lucky I was to make it through. It was physically the most painful experience of my life.” Everything - includes the names of things have taken on new and more profound meaning. Careful Love, the title of the new album, turns out to be an apt one; as Williams has learned to respect life just a little more than he did. During the recording of the songs, Tim met someone and fell in love.

from Careful Love

Tim Williams, who was already damn good, sounds pretty much unbelievable on three or four of the songs on Careful Love, showing a level of professional growth unparalleled by many others in 2009. Just listen to Oceans, one of our favorites from the new album. Here, Williams completely fills the Ryan Adams-sized hole in my music-fueled heart left when the Cardinals frontman retired. Tim Williams should be in everyone's music collection this year.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Parlour Steps - The Hidden Names

New Music this Week!
Someone You Should Know

RECOMMENDED - Parlour Step's third full-length, The Hidden Names, went on sale today. I couldn't be happier to hear these new sounds, just a year after the band released, Ambiguoso, one of the best overall albums of 2008. [RSL's 20 New Albums to Own 2008]. The band went on a very well received tour and won a number of hearts on the open road. When they arrived in Boston, the band ended up putting on one hell of a show.

WHAT'S TO LIKE ABOUT THE NEW ALBUM: A full, big sound is characteristic of the Parlour Steps. We have come to love the jangly indie sensibilities of Parlour Steps. Their DIY spirit goes unhindered, serves as fuel for their often strong fits of rhythm and soul. On The Hidden Names, things get even more cinematic on us. Listening as I type these words, I can almost see the sonic scenes being painted by frontman Caleb Stull on the new album.

Take the dynamo bit on this track: 'Bleeding Hearts'. Give this one just a few minutes of your time and see what kind of stage gets built with this track. Engaging, smart and thoroughly reflective of the band that made it, this new album should take the Canadian band into some exciting new directions - presenting new opportunities in the year to come. A winner,The Hidden Names is available now from Nine Mile Records. (Link to Purchase is Below.)

Parlour Steps - Bleeding Hearts
DOWNLOAD: Brand New Today!

Parlour Steps Web / Myspace
Buy the Album: Nine Mile Records

Monday, October 19, 2009

Echo & The Bunnymen in Boston

Photographic Evidence
by Sean Hafferty

Great Scott 10/18/2009

Ian McCullough last night in Boston.
Sean Hafferty photos

LAST NIGHT IN BOSTON - It was years ago I last saw Echo & The Bunnymen live - it was at the Club Baby Head in Providence. (It was a tiny place and I suspect now, as I did then, that the band was only playing there since Ian McCullogh had recently left the band to stake out on his own.) Probably the most memorable thing about the show is that people were Echo & The Bunnymen. Its funny to remember that before every club had "No Moshing" signs posted that the music didn't have to be fast or heavy to be mosh-able.

"Villiers Terrace"

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Echo & the Bunnymen at Great Scott (10-18-09)

LIVING LEGENDS - The show at Great Scott last night was a real treat. We might have liked a little more volume on the guitar and drums, but Ian McCullough's voice hasn't lost anything over the years. Its interesting to see these guys now after bands like The Editors and The National have made so much noise in the last few years. The inspiration in the music is hard to miss, although the performance style is radically different.

Echo & The Bunnymen return to Boston (at the House of Blues) on November 23rd. Full calendar listing is below.


Oct 20 - Toronto, Ontario
Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Oct 22 - Oakland, CA
The Fox Theater

Oct 24 - LA
Nokia Theatre

Nov 15 - Atlanta, GA

Nov 17 - Washington DC
The Black Cat

Nov 18 - State College, PA
The State Theatre

Nov 20 - Glenside, PA
Kewsick Theatre

Nov 21 - Fairfield, CT
Stage One

Nov 22 - NYC
Hammerstien Ballroom

Nov 23 - BOSTON,
House Of Blues

Nov 25 - Chicago, IL

Dec 12 - Oxford, South
Oxford O2 Academy - SOLD OUT

Dec 14 - Newcastle, Northeast
Newcastle O2 Academy

Dec 15 - Leeds, Northeast
Leeds O2 Academy

Dec 17 - Liverpool, Northwest
O2 Academy - SOLD OUT

Dec 18 - Liverpool, Northwest
O2 Academy - SOLD OUT

Dec 19 - Liverpool, Northwest
O2 Academy - SOLD OUT

Echo & the Bunnymen
Web / Myspace

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fans Storm the Stage! Photos of Langhorne Slim in Boston

Photographic Evidence
by Sean Hafferty

TT the Bears in Cambridge (10/17/09)

Fighting a fever, Langhorne Slim lit up Boston last night!
The mob joined the band on stage twice - in a night to remember.
Sean Hafferty photos

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Langhorne Slim at TT the Bears (10-17-09)

Highly Recommended!!

10/21 - Grog Shop - Cleveland, OH
10/22 - Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, MI
10/24 - High Noon Saloon - Madison, WI
10/25 - 400 Bar - Minneapolis, MN
10/26 - Waiting Room - Omaha, NE
10/28 - Jackpot - Lawrence, KS
10/29 - Hi Dive - Denver, CO
10/30 - Urban Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT
11/02 - Tractor Tavern - Seattle, WA
11/03 - Media Club - Vancouver, BC
11/06 - The Independent - San Francisco, CA
11/08 - Troubadour - Los Angeles, CA
11/09 - Rhythm Room - Tempe, AZ
11/11 - Mohawk Outside - Austin, TX
11/13 - The Basement - Nashville, TN
11/15 - Cats Cradle - Carrboro, NC
11/16 - The Southern - Charlottesville, VA
11/17 - Rock N Roll Hotel - Washington, DC
11/19 - Johnny Brenda’s - Philadelphia, PA

One of the Best Live Acts in America!

Langhorne Slim
Myspace / Web / Kemado Records

The Activist Street Bands of HONK!

by Emma Dessau
Davis Square Somerville, MA
October 9-11, 2009

ARMED WITH BRASS - The Honk! Festival is a gathering of rowdy anarchist DIY street bands galavanting around with horns, drums and cymbals. These bands seek to "enliven and embolden their audience," "protest a world of violence and oppression" and "celebrate the causes and institutions they support," according to the fest's program. On a clear Sunday afternoon in Somerville, they entertained and entranced us. Here are some photos of one of the many street bands present for Honk! Fest, which took over Davis Square in Somerville from October 9 to 11: Providence's What Cheer? Brigade.

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Honk! in Somerville (10-10-09)

If you missed out on this free, 3 day extravaganza, which culminated in a Sunday night blowout at the Somerville Theater, keep an eye out next year. For now, Honk! will venture to Providence, New York City and Western Mass.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Guess Who's Back? Slim is Back.


"Say Yes"
from Be Set Free

One of the Best Live Acts in all of the USA plays town tonight appearing at TT the Bears. We can't speak highly enough about the charming Langhorne Slim and his band of skilled musicians. Touring behind the brand new Be Set Free record (album tour dates below), there should be a lot here for old and new fans, alike. This is serious entertainment for short dollars.

The Be Set Free Tour
- TT The Bears - Cambridge, MA
10/21 - Grog Shop - Cleveland, OH
10/22 - Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, MI
10/24 - High Noon Saloon - Madison, WI
10/25 - 400 Bar - Minneapolis, MN
10/26 - Waiting Room - Omaha, NE
10/28 - Jackpot - Lawrence, KS
10/29 - Hi Dive - Denver, CO
10/30 - Urban Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT
11/02 - Tractor Tavern - Seattle, WA
11/03 - Media Club - Vancouver, BC
11/06 - The Independent - San Francisco, CA
11/08 - Troubadour - Los Angeles, CA
11/09 - Rhythm Room - Tempe, AZ
11/11 - Mohawk Outside - Austin, TX
11/13 - The Basement - Nashville, TN
11/15 - Cats Cradle - Carrboro, NC
11/16 - The Southern - Charlottesville, VA
11/17 - Rock N Roll Hotel - Washington, DC
11/19 - Johnny Brenda’s - Philadelphia, PA

Langhorne Slim
Myspace / Web / Kemado Records

Friday, October 16, 2009

For Amie - A Breast Cancer Awareness Music Benefit

SENSE OF COMMUNITY & MUSIC - One of the things I like best about music is the sense of community it helps you amass. I think of the people in my life who have come to me through music - in one way or another - and I truly feel gifted. One of these people is our friend Bradley Searles. Brad is the man behind Bradley's Almanac (an incredible music website) - he and his family recently learned that Brad's wife Amie has Breast Cancer. Anyone who has ever been touched by cancer knows how difficult it can be on a family - even with the support of friends. But, the community here both online and friends in Boston are stepping in to help.

BENEFIT ON SATURDAY - A live music benefit tomorrow at noon will help raise money for both the Searles Family and for Breast Cancer Awareness (, an online resource for families impacted by the disease. The great folks from The Middle East have opened their doors for this mid-day event to music fans and families alike. Bands and a number of others have all stepped in. (Not only is the music benefit an all ages event, but kids 12 and under will get in free.) The talent is really impressive. We will be there...

FOR AMIE Benefit
Breast Cancer Awareness Event

Noon on Saturday 10/17
The Middle East in Cambridge
on Facebook / Tickets (just $10)

New Morphine - 'At Your Service'



Having just recently celebrated the musical achievements and the life of legendary low song man Mark Sandman of Morphine, we now have news that the band's massive chest of recordings is finally being opened ten years after the singer passed on. The 35-song compilation takes its name from the line Sandman used to kick off most shows, “We are Morphine at your service.” The music spans the group’s entire career and features founding member Dana Colley (sax), original drummer Jerome Deupree and his successor, Billy Conway. For a great number of enthusiasts, this material (unreleased studio tracks, alternate takes and live performances) has been a long time coming....

At Your Service Track Listing
All songs previously unreleased

Disc 1 - Shadows

1. “At Your Service”
2. “Come Over”
3. “Come Along”
4. “It’s Not Like That Anymore”
5. “Patience” (Alternate Version)
6. “Call Back”
7. “Bye Bye Johnny”
8. “Hello Baby”
9. “Women R Dogs”
10. “You’re An Artist” (Alternate Version)
11. “5:09”
12. “Lilah II”
13. “Moons Of Jupiter”
14. “Lunch In Hell”
15. “Imaginary Song” (Alternate Version)
16. “Shadow (I Know You Part V)”

Disc 2 - Shade

1. “Good” (Live – WMBR ’92)
2. “Only One” (Live – WMBR ’92)
3. “Shoot ’Em Down” (Live – WMBR ’92)
4. “Saddest Song” (Live – WMBR ’92)
5. “Claire” (Live – WMBR ’92)
6. “I Had My Chance” (Alternate Version)
7. “Buena” (Alternate Version)
8. “Empty Box” (Alternate Version)
9. “All Wrong” (Alternate Version)
10. “Put It Down (Wo-Oh)” (Live – WMBR ’93)
11. “Free Love” (Live – WMBR ’93)
12. “Sexy Christmas Baby Mine” (Live – WMBR ’93)
13. “Scratch” (Live – WMBR ’93)
14. “Super Sex” (Live – WMBR ’93)
15. “Radar” (Live – WMBR ’93)
16. “I’d Catch You”
17. “The Night” (Alternate Version)
18. “Take Me With You” (Alternate Version)
19. “Shade (I Know You Part IV)”

"It's hard to comprehend how much music Mark Sandman made that never got released, but you only have to look at this double CD set and the Mark Sandman Sandbox collection to realize that what went before was barely scratching the surface of what his imagination was capable of creating," said one reviewer on Amazon this week. "This release should be considered just as valuable to a Morphine fan as any other. The production may not have the studio sheen, the arrangements may not be fully realized but it contains all the elements that made Morphine irreplaceable; the Sandman baritone and dry wit, the vibrant and multi-textured saxophone, the silken rumbling thunderstorm of Sandman's bass and a few songs that expand the sound in different directions."

Conway, Sandman and Colley
photo by Peter Anderson

QUOTE / UN-QUOTE: "New" songs like the raucous ballad to pure desire "Come Over" (which they'd played live, but never issued) and even the goofy "It's Not Like That Anymore" (which was played by the Hypnosonics, another of Sandman's many bands) are pure and straight Morphine and Sandman; musically complex, smart, witty and oh-so sexy," said another reviewer on Amazon (where you can get the physical album right now at a discount. 'At Your Service' is out now from Rhino/Ryko at all retail outlets, including, for a suggested list price of $24.98 (CD) and $16.99 (digital).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Art Brut Vs Satan

SHOW HYPE: Going Out Friday Night
by Nick Parker

The Middle East in Cambridge

art brut

WE RECOMMEND..>... Going to a show in this day and age should not be a maudlin affair, as we all commune over our sorry lives, our deep angst at the world and our lost loves – it should be FUN! This Friday night at Middle East Downstairs you can join a real musical party, when London’s Art Brut headline a night of breakneck punk with plenty of humor in the mix.

The last time Art Brut came to Middle East, singer Eddie Argos was nearly thrown out of the show, mistaken by security for a drunken fan who was dancing on the bar, chanting, with an ecstatic audience, that “MODERN ART… MAKES ME… WANT TO ROCK OUT!”

It was a great night of entertainment, and now Art Brut return with a new album, “Art Brut vs. Satan,” and a hilarious new single to head it up, called, appropriately enough for them, “Alcoholics Unanimous.” How can you resist a title like that!

Art Brut - "Alcoholics Unanimous"
from Art Brut Vs. Satan

Art Brut are supported by some interesting up-and-comers from California. Princeton are a four-piece who mix shoegazing with airy-pop to create tunes which lighten our spirits. They are touring to support their brand new debut album, “Cocoon of Love,” and are well worth getting there early for. Opening act, Tab the Band, have been creating buzz lately on the local scene (not to mention some nationally too, getting a Rolling Stone review into the bargain!). They should get things going for us very well indeed. Tickets available online if you act fast. See you down there.

Web / Myspace

The Soul of OLD JACK

A First Look / New Albums of Note:

Who would have thought that Boston would be the next ground zero for American Soul? Old Jack, a perennial favorite here in the city, will unleash the long awaited 'Union Glory' album on Friday. The songs here have been remixed and retooled from their earliest versions (heard in the music halls and practice spaces of this city) and what emerges this week is one of the stronger rock-soul projects in ages. Make no mistake, Old Jack are a rock band.... But the pull of soul has lead this band down another path. A diversion has become one hell of a strength: Old Jack's smooth soul is what makes this band stand out from the crowd and what could well win them an audience outside the region. (Think Black Crowes religion, southern sounds from CSNY, Counting Crows storytelling and late Seventies Soul.) Newly armed with the strong material from Union Glory, Old Jack has not so secretly become one of Boston's best.

Dan Nicklin by Sooz

Old Jack - Be Alright
highly recommended

At the center of the band is Dan Nicklin, the gifted singer who has a good habit of drawing talented souls. Jason Dunn (from The Luxury and The Halogens) plays guitar. Jason Meeker (from Ms. Pigeon) is on drums. Derek Feeney on guitar and Ryan Peters (from the Halogens)on bass. Larry Luddecke (from the Sidewinders and Skyhook) plays the Hammond organ. One of the strengths of the Union Glory album is the magnificent voices of backup singers Kelly Davis, Stephanie Pothier and Christie Bealieu provide a roundness and likeability to this album - helping the project succeed vocally and advance emotively. (Listening to Union Glory made me think back how much better Bob Dylan's Live at the Budokon was with those female backup singers. The sound there and here is more rich and expanse!)

Of course the rise and fall of Nicklin's voice in relation to the traditional instruments and the Hammond organ, certainly helps. You get the idea: this is a big sounding band with a mature, developed sound.

Jason Dunn

Union Glory gets its glorious unveiling on Friday, Oct 16th (that's tomorrow) at Church of Boston. [9pm / 21+ / $10] If you are in the city and looking for a solid night of music - this is a great option. I encourage you to add this band to your watch list.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sea Wolf in Boston

Photographic Evidence / On Further Review
by Sean Hafferty and Ryan Spaulding

The Paradise -in Boston (10/13/09)

Alex Brown Church at the Paradise last night
Sean Hafferty photograph

ONE OF THE BEST NEW SOUNDS OF 2009 - Sea Wolf arrived in Boston last night, touring in support of their just-released sophomore album, "White Water, White Bloom" (Dangerbird Records). I will tell you right now that this is one of the best new albums of 2009. And, happy to report, the live performance of these songs (strongly recreated on stage for the crowd at the Paradise in Boston last night) was a winner.

The set last night underscored the band's reputation for putting on cinematic presentations. (The stage lights set out low, the band took the stage in the dark for album title, "White Water, White Bloom," a track that immediately sinks the listener into the throes of survival. The lights rose and displayed the band making sounds that help advance the tales of vocalist Alex Brown Church. Instrumentally, the band is as strong at times as Explosions in the Sky, Manchester Orchestra, Devotchka, The Photographic, the Decemberists, Wolf Parade and Ghost of the Russian Empire - stellar acts we have come to love in their own right for their new releases over the last two years. The circle for Sea Wold is clearly completed as Church begins telling of the outside world. This is right in line with what heard from OC Weekly, on the band; " Both in theme and instrumentation, it's an album with enough range to surprise anyone used to the starker corners of Sea Wolf's debut," mused OC Weekly.

"Wicked Blood"
from White Water, White Bloom

Sea Wolf in Boston
10/13/2009 at the Paradise


White Water, White Bloom
Winter Windows
Middle Distance Runner
The Traitor
Dew in the Grass
I Made A Resolution
O Maria!
Black Leaf Falls
Turn the Dirt Over
Wicked Blood
Black Dirt
You're a Wolf (e)

A high-energy show that was characterized by fierce tightness by the band and high-end instrumentation, Sea Wolf's performance was somewhat poorly attended (certainly no more than 200 in attendance) but based on the success we saw last night.... we predict a full-house for Sea Wolf's return. And, we imagine there will a thousand people claiming to have been at this one. If you get the chance, don't miss Sea Wolf. High Entertainment and well executed!

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Sea Wolf at the Paradise (10-13-09)

Sea Wolf
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NEW: Editors - In This Light And On This Evening

NEW RELEASE FROM EDITORS - In This Light And On This Evening, the third Editors album went on sale in Europe this week. The record won't be on sale in North American stores until Oct 27th. The first single from ‘In this Light’ is "Papillon," meaning butterfly in French. The term was first referenced in the autobiography ‘Papillon’ by Henri Charrière.

Editors were an RSL Best of 2007 Selection

Tom Smith of Editors by Tommy Jackson (2008)

The Editors
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Robert Francis - Before Nightfall

New Music this Week!
Someone You Should Know

MEET ROBERT FRANCIS - At an early age Robert, who is just 22 years old now, showed a tremendous musical gift and was known around school as a guitar-playing prodigy. He could also play any other instrument he picked up, and did so on his first record, playing everything from drums, banjo, bass, piano and mandolin to his most natural instrument, the guitar. Ry Cooder gave him a vintage National when he was only nine, and John Frusciante took him on as his only student when he was sixteen.

Robert has gathered together a formidable band from the cream of the LA music scene: Texan Graham Lathrop on pedal steel/guitar/vocals, Alex Kweskin on bass/vocals and Richard Gowan on drums/vocals.Since Francis' indie Aeronaut Records release “One by One” in 2007, Robert has worked steadily in Southern California clubs and landed a national tour in support of Missy Higgins in 2008.

In January 2009, Francis and his band played a month-long weekly residency at the Echo in Silver Lake, LA’s contemporary music neighborhood focal point, attracting fans and those-in-the-know from all across LA’s music scene.

This month has already seen Robert Francis and the band on tour with Portugal the Man. The new LP, "Nightfall" will be in stores everywhere on October 20th. Beginning tomorrow (10/13) he is the I-tunes selection for Free Single of the week. [FREE ITUNES DOWNLOAD]