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RECOMMENDED - Parlour Step's third full-length, The Hidden Names, went on sale today. I couldn't be happier to hear these new sounds, just a year after the band released, Ambiguoso, one of the best overall albums of 2008. [RSL's 20 New Albums to Own 2008]. The band went on a very well received tour and won a number of hearts on the open road. When they arrived in Boston, the band ended up putting on one hell of a show.

WHAT'S TO LIKE ABOUT THE NEW ALBUM: A full, big sound is characteristic of the Parlour Steps. We have come to love the jangly indie sensibilities of Parlour Steps. Their DIY spirit goes unhindered, serves as fuel for their often strong fits of rhythm and soul. On The Hidden Names, things get even more cinematic on us. Listening as I type these words, I can almost see the sonic scenes being painted by frontman Caleb Stull on the new album.

Take the dynamo bit on this track: 'Bleeding Hearts'. Give this one just a few minutes of your time and see what kind of stage gets built with this track. Engaging, smart and thoroughly reflective of the band that made it, this new album should take the Canadian band into some exciting new directions - presenting new opportunities in the year to come. A winner,The Hidden Names is available now from Nine Mile Records. (Link to Purchase is Below.)

Parlour Steps - Bleeding Hearts
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