Halloween Holiday Classic

Halloween is about allowing our inner child, or mischievous spirit, to come out and play. But perhaps more important than this release, Halloween is most importantly a community holiday - a social event, as witnessed by the exchange that occurs at neighbors doors or the relatively childlike joy we have in seeing a creative and colorful costume. One of those great traditions for Halloween is the Charles M. Schulz classic, 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.'

Never pinpointed despite all their efforts, The Great Pumpkin casts a long shadow over the cast of Shultz's Halloween Holiday Classic. Produced in 1966, this animated short film acts as holiday escapist fun - and as a reflection of the audiences' hopes and fears in times of change. Interesting that 40-some years later the Peanuts are still capturing hearts and minds of folks in much the same way. Behold:


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