Sunday, October 31, 2010

Conan O'Brien returns

The new Movie Trailer

So I haven't made it out to the movies in a while (there hasn't been too much I couldn't wait to see), but if you have - there's a chance you might have seen this clip. Conan O'Brien is back! This is his expensive, big-league movie trailer celebrating his return to television (now on TBS) that's airing before feature films this week. The over-the-top humor is classic Conan and so are the prop usage. The bottom line, as always, is expect the unexpected.

Team Coco
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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Zombie Apocalypse! by Madame Psychosis

Happy Halloween
New Music Video...

Jade Sylvan is a Boston writer & musician
+ the unstoppable Madame Pyschosis

Great Scott

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Shanty from Evangelicals

Happy Halloween
A Personal Favorite...

Love in Stockholm

New Music & A Lot of Soul
Someone You Should Know

One to Watch: Love in Stockholm

SO WORTH YOUR TIME - We missed out telling you about Love in Stockholm when they had their big party a few weeks back at Harper's Ferry (again, curse you musicians for releasing all your albums in the same three-week window) but their brand of popular soul, ironic lyrics and intimate storytelling hasn't been lost on New England music fans. The year ahead will be a very telling one as this band strives to reach new audience, balancing the drive to draft and record new music.

Love in Stockholm's headlong journey into the future begins tomorrow night (10/30/10) at The Middle East in Cambridge as Love in Stockholm take on the mantle of The Beatles - covering the entire Sgt Pepper's album from start to finish in front of what is sure to be a large crowd! Definitely one to watch in the weeks ahead!

Love in Stockholm
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here Comes the Sun ( Vampire Version)

Halloween Covers

Vampire Warning - I received this email earlier week from my friend Jason Lam* (video) of Justice of the Unicorns and Tigers & Monkeys concerning this one last, and most-unexpected gem resulting from this year's CMJ Music Festival. David Dondero was in town for the festivites and jammed out with the fun loving JOTU. This Beatles cover was recorded. The beauty of the thing is that it's a Halloween treat showcasing a refreshing artistic whimsy. JOTU have a new album on the way. [If you dig your food, Jason has a fun food blog.]

Hey Ryan. Wanted to share this with you... A cover of the Beatles "Here Comes the Sun" from the point of view of a vampire as told by American folk singer David Dondero (Team Love) ...with help from Australian folk singer Darren Hanlon (Yep Roc) and Brooklyn folk band Justice of the Unicorns. David Dondero and Darren Hanlon stayed with us last week here in Brooklyn for CMJ. So we banged this song out just in time for Halloween. Epic! Feel free to share it!

David Dondero
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Justice of the Unicorns
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Darren Hanlon
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Billy Idol at the House of Blues

Photographic Evidence
by Kira Doucette

We Take You There...
the House of Blues
Boston, MA - 9/14/10

Billy Idol in Boston, MA - 9/14/2010

Billy Idol
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Funny as %@#$*!

Take a Look At This
Thurs Night in Boston

The Wilbur Theatre
10/28/10 - 7:30pm

Margaret Cho

FUNNY AND TRUE - The mind of Comedian Margaret Cho is a super-processing computer of funny, but did you know she can sing too? A lot more than you think becomes clear on Cho's breakout album, Cho Dependent.

WATCH THIS.... One thing is abundantly clear, Cho is confirmed one of the best contemporary comedians and a great sketch writer too. The clip below is the first video from the album and features RSL favorite artist Andrew Bird...

I have one pair of tickets to giveaway. There are two ways to enter

(Enter by Email) Send us an Email with the words "Cho Dependent in Boston" in the subject line. (Link is in the top toolbar) Type your full name in the email. I don't ever share your info with anybody. Multiple entries will be discarded.

(Enter by Twitter) RT the post about Margaret Cho and you get entered. ONE LUCKY READER will win and will be notified 10/27/10 at 10am. Good Luck!

Cho Dependent track list:
1. Intervention: co-written with & featuring Tegan & Sara
2. Calling in Stoned: co-written with Ben Lee / featuring Ben Lee & Tommy Chong
3. Your Dick: co-written with AC Newman / featuring Ben Lee
4. Baby I’m With The Band: co-written with & featuring Brendan Benson
5. Hey Big Dog: co-written with Patty Griffin / featuring Ben Lee & Fiona Apple
6. I'm Sorry: co-written with & featuring Andrew Bird
7. Lice: co-written with & featuring Ben Lee
8. Enemies: co-written with & featuring Jon Brion
9. Asian Adjacent: co-written with & featuring Grant Lee Phillips
10. Gimme Your Seed: co-written with & featuring Garrison Starr
11. Eat Shit and Die: co-written with & featuring Grant Lee Phillips
12. Captain Cameltoe: co-written with & featuring Ani DiFranco
13. My Puss: (co-written with Diana Yanez & Kurt Hall
(parody of Mickey Avalon & Dirt Nasty song)

Hidden Track
Lesbian Escalation: co-written with & featuring Rachael Yamagata

Margaret Cho
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Die Antwoord last night in Boston

The Devastation of Royale
Boston, MA - 10/26/10
photos by 5342 Studios

Last Night: South African Hip Hop artists Die Antwoord

Absolutely stunned. That was my reaction to last night's set at Royale. The unreal stage show, the crazy flow, the beats and that incredible energy level all add up to Die Antwoord, possibly the hottest hip hop act on the planet at this very moment and coming to a stage near you. On the road with the equally as fiery Rye Rye (photos from her 10/5/10 show at Royale when she appeared with sonic/dance mentor M.I.A), this promises to be one tour to remember! Do not miss Die Antwoord - they are worth the price of admission.

South Africa's Die Antwoord in Boston

Die Antwoord
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The World Belongs to Bodega Girls

New Music Right Now
Someone You Should Know

So the world turns on its axis. Without looking, yeah... this shit you knew. But to be fair, there's a pretty good chance you didn't know that Bodega Girls are behind it all. Yeah, I realize none of this makes sense. All you need to know is that the United States can only hold back the best dance floor to hit the country this decade... not for long. Listen to this and get ready to feel alive!

Beast of the Northeast photo by RSL's Mark Jenko.

Free Energy - Free Energy (Bodega Girls Remix)
NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW (yes, this is a world premiere!)

Boston's Bodega Girls played RSL-sponsored Beast of the Northeast last week. (Many, many people in NYC were on hand to catch the CMJ party. Those who weren't there to experience it for themselves can take solace in this crazy new track, a New Energy remix, and the corresponding video. Much more on this band to come. But you probably already knew that.

Brand New & Completely Unofficial Music Video

Free Energy (Bodega Girls Remix)
from Paul Proulx & Jessica Sargent

Cambridge, MA
free show.
that's the flavor.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Henry Clay People at TT the Bears

On Further Review
by Julie Stoller

TT the Bears - 10/17/10
The Henry Clay People

The inimitable Henry Clay People began their set so casually, I wondered if maybe they were just checking out the sound first. Brothers Joey and Andy quietly launched into a guitar duet, the others then joining them as they glided effortlessly into "End Of An Empire". From there, it very quickly became a celebration for the small but greatly appreciative crowd (I'd say an informal gathering rather than a crowd). It was unfortunate that more people weren't there to witness the Henry Clays' first headlining gig in Boston, but hopefully as word spreads what a terrific band they are, this won't be the case for much longer.

This may be their finest lineup (no disrespect at all to Mike, their former drummer, who was also wonderful). Now with them for perhaps a year, Eric has nimbly taken over on drumming duties, sounding like he's been there forever, a perfect match of styles with his full-on exuberance. Jonathan holds down the fort heroically on bass, with elegance and serenity, while the Siara boys careen around in that delightful'happy shambles' way of theirs. Andy let loose with some serious guitar licks (man, he is *really* good), with Joey on rhythm guitar and his warm, endearing vocals and engaging stage banter. And Jordan brings the party whenever he unleashes his honky-tonk piano fury - as much fun to watch as he is to listen to.

photos by Julie Stoller

They treated us to a new song of which everyone heartily approved, and included such crowd pleasers as "Rock & Roll Has Lost Its Teeth", "This Ain't A Scene", and "Working Part Time". An audience vote decided that they would do a cover of Operation Ivy's "Knowledge" (a longtime HCP favorite - "All I know is I don't know nothin'"), and following breathlessly on its heels, "The Switch Kids" - their loving tribute to fellow Silverlake, Los Angeles band Le Switch.

These guys always impress me with their overflowing warmth, enthusiasm and obvious delight in performing, regardless of how many are in the audience to appreciate them.

Setlist: (unknown "duet") | End Of An Empire | Slow Burn | Rock & Roll Has Lost Its Teeth | This Ain't A Scene | You Can Be Timeless | (new song) | Saturday Night | Knowledge (Operation Ivy) | The Switch Kids | Working Part Time | Born To Run (Bruce Springsteen)

Cambridge-based Wildfowl have a friendly, low-key vibe; melodic, rather quirky and charming sounding indie rock. It took them a little while to get going at TT's, not helped by "opening band syndrome" and a low turnout. Things really picked up at the end of their set, and I'll definitely have to catch these guys again, perhaps in a place with a little less amplification, as their music has some subtle nuances that were unfortunately to a great extent lost this evening. They'll be at the Church of Boston with Holiday Mountain and Ellis Ashbrook on December 10.

The Dig - Penitentiary
The Dig's Erick Eiser
photos by Julie Stoller

The Dig have considerable talents, and got into some serious time-suspending jamming midway through their set, sounding better and better with each song. Emile Mosseri (bass) and David Baldwin (guitar) share vocal duties, Erick Eiser switches from keyboards to guitar, and Jamie Alegre keeps a very tight groove going on drums. Sophisticated in their sound and musical sensibility, they had the biggest audience of the evening; clearly most folks had come out just to see them. They're moving their way West with The Henry Clays, and then starting November 3, will be on tour with The Joy Formidable (stopping at Great Scott in Allston on November 13). Their full-length debut, Electric Toys, is available on iTunes and Amazon.

[Note to T.T.'s sound person - it really isn't necessary to crank things up to 11 in such a small space for 20-30 people. Trust me, these bands would have sounded just as marvelous (in fact, more so) at a slightly less overwhelming volume... Just sayin'.]

Upcoming The Henry Clay People / The Dig Shows
Oct 26 2010 - Doug Fir Lounge - Portland, OR
Oct 28 2010 - Bottom Of The Hill - San Francisco, CA
Oct 29 2010 - Echo and Echoplex - Los Angeles, CA

The Henry Clay People
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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rye Rye - Stage Sensation

Rye Rye at Royale
Boston, MA - 10/5/2010
photos by 5342 Studios

Fresh off the road with M.I.A. - Baltimore dance-rap dynamo Rye Rye sets out on tour with (crazy-ass muthas) South African rave-rappers Die Antwoord, kicking off October 23rd in Detroit. The 19-year-old with the rapid-fire flow will give fans a taste of what’s to come on her eagerly awaited debut album, Go! Pop! Bang!, out January 11th (1/11/11). Some tickets for Die Antwoord / Rye Rye sets in Boston for this Tuesday are still available but are expected to sell out.

The photos that follow are from Rye Rye's powerful, beat-laden set from 10/5/10 at Royale by our own 5342 Studios who is carving out his reputation to being one of the best live music photographers in the New England region. Behold!

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Rye Rye at Royale 10-5-10

10/24 - Toronto, ON
Phoenix Concert Theatre
10/26 - Boston, MA
Royale NightClub
10/27 - Washington, DC
9:30 Club
10/31 - Austin, TX
La Zona Rosa
11/1 - Houston, TX
Stereo Live
11/3 - Nashville, TN
Cannery Ballroom

Rye Rye
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Video Rewind: Gary Numan

Cue the Tape: Back to 1979
Someone You Should Know

Here in my car
I feel safest of all
I can lock all my doors
It's the only way to live
In cars

Here in my car
I can only receive
I can listen to you
It keeps me stable for days
In cars

Here in my car
Where the image breaks down
Will you visit me please?
If I open my door
In cars

Here in my car
I know I've started to think
About leaving tonight
Although nothing seems right
In cars

Saturday, October 23, 2010

kick-ass Remy Zero

Someone You Should Know

Remy Zero's Cinjun Tate

A LOVELY NIGHT - This one is a peach! I have emailed the people directly who wanted this one reposted - but everyone can enjoy! This is a GREAT recording! Please tell a friend and (as always) support the band by picking up some of the music you have heard here.

BAND ON THE RUN - It's been almost 7 long years since Los Angeles' Remy Zero stopped playing music together. The band surged to the forefront of popularity following their stint as the opening band for Radiohead on The Bends tour in 1995. Since that time, Remy Zero attained a level of commercial success rarely seen by band who have only released three albums. Much of this can be credited to lead singer Cinjun Tate's memorable voice and the knack the band had for churning out fan-friendly one-hits used in film and television. The most recognizable of these songs is the familiar "Save Me" track used by the WB network as the theme song for their "Smallville" program. Save this one! [ed's note: * = Best of Set]

MARCH 8, 2002

The Legacy
Remy Zero: web / history

Band Projects:

Cinjun Tate
Cinjun Tate (Remy Zero)
Shelby Tate (Remy Zero)
web - facebook


Cedric LeMoyne (Remy Zero)
Orenda Fink (Azure Ray)
web - facebook

Dead Snares

Jeffery Cain (Remy Zero)
web - facebook

Jeffery Cain (Remy Zero)
Steve Kilbey (The Church)

Spartan Fidelity
w/ Cinjun Tate (Remy Zero)
Shelby Tate (Remy Zero)

Gregory Slay (Remy Zero)
2010 *RIP

Horsethief Beats
Gregory Slay (Remy Zero)
2010 *RIP

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beast of the Northeast

CMJ 2010 Showcase!
Best in Show - Fri 10/22

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Photographic Evidence
by Kira Doucette

LIFE IS GOOD music festival
Blue Hills - Canton, MA 9/11 - 9/12

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Ozomatli at Life is Good 9/11/10

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Devil & The Hush Now

Halloween mp3 Download
Someone You Should Know

Boston's The Hush Now are pretty much one of our favorite indie rock bands going (the coolest cats ever and their music is kinda sorta ok...) No but seriously, these guys are making some of the best new music and they aren't completely derivative. That's saying something in 2010 - the year of cookie cutter projects (more than this music blogger has ever seen before.)

The Hush Now - Please Mephistopheles Leave Me Alone
if the player does not allow direct download, follow the link
artwork by James Himsworth

Another good thing about the band? They seldom let a season go by without releasing a free song or two, just letting the fans know they are still out there - laboring away. This year is no different as the band has this new Halloween track for you hipsters out there. For those hiding in caves, The Hush Now spent many weeks this year in a seclusion of their own - working on their new full length record called, Shiver Me Starships. It's a record we have been listening to a ton and we think you're going to be hearing a lot of real soon. If the band is new to you, take a few minutes and listen to the music and discover what all the hell-raising is about!

Oct 22 – Brooklyn, NY
The Knitting Factory

Part of Distiller CMJ Music Marathon Matinee
2 p.m. FREE All Ages

Nov 14 – Northampton, MA
The Elevens

Part of Popfest! New England
8:30 p.m. - Tickets

Nov 24 – Boston, MA
Great Scott

Pre Thanksgiving Spectacular.
with the Fatal Flaw and the Sheila Divine.
9pm – Tickets

The Hush Now
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Red Hot & Unreleased Single

FOUR is On The Way - In what we are calling one of the most anxiously awaited new albums of 2010, Bleu will release the new full-length Four on Nov 2nd. Based on what we are hearing it is the Boston-native's best album to date, signaling (perhaps more importantly) a new stage is his artistic career and professional identity. Bleu, who now lives in Los Angeles, has left his label and embarked out on his own - a Kickstarter success story. Kickstarter allows artists to reach out to their fans and support the music that moves them. In providing patronage to the artists, the fans see that the music they love gets made.

Bleu - B.O.S.T.O.N. NEW!
Exclusively to

The Artist-to-Fan direct relationship is prevailing. Clearly. In an attempt to scratch enough cash together to release his new album, Bleu started a Kickstarter of his own (click for an embracing and funny video!) and won the support of 400 devotees.

And instead of the $8K that Bleu had estimated he needed for a new record, he raised nearly $40K which only bodes good things for his many fans. That's a lot of love. And the beat goes on!

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

the Ike Reilly Assasination

Moving You through Music Video

Welcome back to the Drome - our irregular music video series sharing the best new sights and sounds from around the globe - all in one neat little package. The attempt here is to be diverse and to share stuff you might otherwise not find elsewhere. Occasionally we talk about folks you might already know but that's because we like them as much as you do. That's what passion for music is all about. Today we look at Ike Reilly whose work is fairly new to me. A friend posted this next video a few hours ago and it won me over and motivated this post. Let us begin:

The Ike Reilly Assasination
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Wintersleep at Boston's Royale

Photographic Evidence
by Nina Mashurova

Royale Boston 10/6/10

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Wintersleep in Boston - 10/6/10

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Hold Steady in Boston

Photographic Evidence
by Nina Mashurova

Royale Boston 10/6/10

RSL Streaming Photo Album
The Hold Steady at Royale in Boston - 10/6/10

The Hold Steady
Web / Myspace

Dr. Dog at Life is Good

Photographic Evidence
by Kira Doucette

LIFE IS GOOD music festival
Blue Hills - Canton, MA 9/11 - 9/12

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Dr. Dog at Life is Good 9/11/10

Dr. Dog
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Donavon Frankenreiter

Photographic Evidence
by Kira Doucette

LIFE IS GOOD music festival
Blue Hills - Canton, MA 9/11 - 9/12

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Donavon Frankenreiter at Life is Good 9/11/10

Donavon Frankenreiter
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