Die Antwoord last night in Boston

The Devastation of Royale
Boston, MA - 10/26/10
photos by 5342 Studios

Last Night: South African Hip Hop artists Die Antwoord

Absolutely stunned. That was my reaction to last night's set at Royale. The unreal stage show, the crazy flow, the beats and that incredible energy level all add up to Die Antwoord, possibly the hottest hip hop act on the planet at this very moment and coming to a stage near you. On the road with the equally as fiery Rye Rye (photos from her 10/5/10 show at Royale when she appeared with sonic/dance mentor M.I.A), this promises to be one tour to remember! Do not miss Die Antwoord - they are worth the price of admission.

South Africa's Die Antwoord in Boston

Die Antwoord
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Jack A. Shapiro said…
As a South African in the audience, I couldnt be prouder!
Unknown said…
What's up with the girl on the shoulders? Did I see him try to stage dive onto her?

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