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So the world turns on its axis. Without looking, yeah... this shit you knew. But to be fair, there's a pretty good chance you didn't know that Bodega Girls are behind it all. Yeah, I realize none of this makes sense. All you need to know is that the United States can only hold back the best dance floor to hit the country this decade... not for long. Listen to this and get ready to feel alive!

Beast of the Northeast photo by RSL's Mark Jenko.

Free Energy - Free Energy (Bodega Girls Remix)
NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW (yes, this is a world premiere!)

Boston's Bodega Girls played RSL-sponsored Beast of the Northeast last week. (Many, many people in NYC were on hand to catch the CMJ party. Those who weren't there to experience it for themselves can take solace in this crazy new track, a New Energy remix, and the corresponding video. Much more on this band to come. But you probably already knew that.

Brand New & Completely Unofficial Music Video

Free Energy (Bodega Girls Remix)
from Paul Proulx & Jessica Sargent

Cambridge, MA
free show.
that's the flavor.

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Anonymous said…
Wow...sensory overload !
Some great clips coupled with a great tune.
Gonna share with everyone I know.
Nicely done.

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