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One to Watch: Love in Stockholm

SO WORTH YOUR TIME - We missed out telling you about Love in Stockholm when they had their big party a few weeks back at Harper's Ferry (again, curse you musicians for releasing all your albums in the same three-week window) but their brand of popular soul, ironic lyrics and intimate storytelling hasn't been lost on New England music fans. The year ahead will be a very telling one as this band strives to reach new audience, balancing the drive to draft and record new music.

Love in Stockholm's headlong journey into the future begins tomorrow night (10/30/10) at The Middle East in Cambridge as Love in Stockholm take on the mantle of The Beatles - covering the entire Sgt Pepper's album from start to finish in front of what is sure to be a large crowd! Definitely one to watch in the weeks ahead!

Love in Stockholm
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Anonymous said…
pretty ambitious.....

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