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Healing Music ~ Sarah Blacker

There's really nothing that New England songwriter Sarah Blacker cannot do. With more than an album’s worth of new material, the award-winning multi-instrumentalist is back in a big way in 2023, armed with new songs, plans to record and will be performing them for live audiences.  Get ready for three minutes of realization! Sarah's "Beautiful Murderer" is a playful but real look at cause, effect and change. This home studio recording is a taste of what is to come and a refreshing promise of that which is to come.   Sarah is a healer. Her titles, technically, are Psychotherapist and Board-Certified Music Therapist; roles which see her helping those suffering lifelong trauma and substance abuse - reaching them through music and helping them lead healthier and happier lives. And there were her own challenges, a car wreck meant some healing of the healer. "It was, a total car wreck," she recalls. The path out has been driven by music. Gorgeous a

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