LCD Soundsystem - Pow Pow

Moving You through Music Video

Actress Anna Kendrick works her Magic

To the music of LCD Soundsystem

NEW MUSIC VIDEO - This is the story of a mysterious woman (Anna Kendrick) and her entourage of lawyers and bodyguards as they travel through the underworld of Los Angeles to capture the souls of notorious villains. However, her true powers (apparently stealing the souls of bad, bad men) are not as they appear. A little mysterious, a little weird, this video is all new today. Check it out:

The new video - the first in a series of "Supervideos" is brought to the fore by cinema and pop culture magazine MEAN (Music. Entertainment. Art. News.) will feature A-list talent and be presented on MTV. (We got a copy too and that's why you're seeing it here.) Each "Supervideo" will tap buzzworthy music, filmmakers and talent in a high voltage expression of art and music.

"Pow Pow" is the brainchild of Training Day creator David Ayer and features Academy Award nominated actress Anna Kendrick, and the music of the Grammy-nominated critical and fan favorites LCD Soundsystem. The song, "Pow Pow," from LCD's current album This Is Happening was used as inspiration for the narrative of the ethereally enveloped atmosphere with Anna Kendrick portraying a deity, "collecting the souls of wicked men."

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