Monday, August 30, 2010

Lou Barlow and The Missingmen

LEGENDARY by Nick Parker

Cambridge - Thursday 9/2/10

Lou Barlow

This piece is a test for me. How can I say anything about Lou Barlow that will sound in the least objective? Let me just be candid: The music Lou has made, with Deep Wound, Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh (and its variants), Folk Implosion, and now under his own name, has been the sound running through many of the most important moments in my life.

Unfortunately this complete sycophancy on my part was more than apparent when I last met Lou, when he came to play the Paradise a couple of years ago with his seminal 90s lo-fi band, Sebadoh. I stupidly tried to make clear to him what it all meant to me (partly because I understand he doesn’t think that much of his own work) but I ended up just sounding a little crazed. Embarrassing or not, gushing about this music feels like an essential task – a way to cheer on the work, and to push just a few more people to discover the rare intimacy of his sound.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Lou’s early home recordings drift out of a haze of cassette tape hiss, creating a sense that you are listening to whispered secrets that are for you alone:

This closeness is still apparent, even after more than two decades of recordings. Lou newest album, Goodnight Unknown, might actually be his strongest work for years. [full review]

Don’t miss the opportunity this week to see Lou and his new backing band, “The Missingmen,” supported by Baltimore’s celebrated Wye Oak. This one promises to be an absolute winner! Advance Tickets: X

Lou Barlow
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Iggy and the Stooges

LEGENDARY by Julie Stoller

Boston - Tuesday 8/31/10

It sucks to be ahead of your time... The trick is to live long enough to be fully vindicated and reap the emotional (and financial) rewards of those years of isolation, when you thrashed and screamed and spilled your guts - and waited for the world to catch up.

When the Stooges first visited Boston, at the legendary Boston Tea Party September 9-11, 1969, it was as the support act for Ten Years After. One of the more bizarre bookings in rock history, the Ten Years After fans didn't know what to make of this no-holds-barred fury and their contorting and threatening whirling dervish of a frontman, Mr. Iggy Pop (a.k.a. James Newell Osterberg).

The assembled peace-loving hippies here in Boston did something far worse than just spew verbal abuse and hurl objects onto the stage, that night. They responded with total silence. Iggy reacted the only way he could, by throwing himself directly at them and cutting himself until he bled, while taunting and mimicking. In the end, he won them over. He went on to storm the stage of peace-loving hippie culture

Musically they were a decade ahead of everyone else, but their startling originality and Iggy's mesmerizing stage presence and in-your-face performance style turned curiosity seekers into fans. The albums were only modest sellers, but their shows drew increasingly larger audiences.

The original line-up was Iggy on guitar and piano and brothers Ron and Scott Asheton on bass and drums as an instrumental trio, incorporating things like a blender, a vacuum cleaner and an oil tank into their live performances. In early 1968, Dave Alexander was added on bass, Ron moved to guitar, and Iggy - after seeing Jim Morrison and the Doors - decided he would sing. This was the band for their self-titled debut album. For their second release, Fun House, Steve Mackay joined them on saxophone, adding a free jazz vibe to the proceedings. Their first two albums were highly experimental - a punk sensibility for sure, but with psychedelic, jazz, and stoner elements mixed in.

Iggy & the Stooges

After Fun House, James Williamson replaced Dave Alexander on guitar in time for their 1973 release Raw Power, widely considered the blueprint for punk rock bands in the late '70s and beyond. This album epitomizes the nervous energy and immediacy of punk rock and heralded for the Stooges a more traditional rock sound with searing lead guitar. It was also the start of the productive songwriting partnership of Iggy and Williamson.

Stooges live shows were legendary, with Iggy writhing and throwing himself around on and off the stage, from a little self-mutilation and getting up close and very personal with audience members, to some good old-fashioned exhibitionism in the heat of the moment, forcing the audience to become part of the performance whether they wanted to or not. It was Iggy who first crossed the proscenium and popularized, if not invented, the stage dive - now a symbol of the unpredictability of live rock shows, which these days are most often choreographed and clichéd. The craziness grew, helped along by hard living which would soon take its toll. By the mid ‘70s, he and the band realized they had had enough, performing their final show on Feb. 9, 1974 at Detroit's Michigan Palace.

The Stooges went off in different directions, but Iggy and James collaborated on a few more projects before the former went on to a successful solo career, and the latter to an equally successful career in computers and electronics (Williamson recently retired from Sony Electronics where he was a Senior Vice-President). They recorded what might have been the fourth Stooges album, but instead became Kill City, an interesting and adventurous work which is being remixed and remastered for release in October.

Meanwhile, the world was catching up to where the Stooges had already been. Even before the entire punk rock genre was born out of their early work, there was the wave of glam and performance art bands - Alice Cooper, The New York Dolls, Black Sabbath, Kiss - who surely all took notes on Iggy's stage antics and confrontational, electric performance. That goes for David Bowie as well, who had helped get Raw Power recorded and released, and who became a close friend of Iggy's, helping him through some harrowing times as he battled his personal demons.

"Mass recognition is not what's important to me, what's important is individual recognition. In other words, it's not how many people recognize you, it's what the people who do recognize you, recognize you for. To me the biggest band is the band that's biggest in the hearts of the people who listen to it. But on the other hand, large numbers of people can... That's attractive too. Fame and notoriety and money and all those things are attractive. But they're not really attractive to me as the musical forest in which I live. I'm not gonna come out of my musical forest for anybody. Because I already know you're fucked if you do!"
Iggy Pop 1970
[Zig Zag Magazine.]

In the late '70s, when The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, The Clash and The Damned burst onto the scene, they owed their very existence (or perhaps I should say, their longevity) to the Stooges, who with blood and guts and a steadfast belief in what they were doing when others were clueless, paved the way for a wider acceptance of punk rock music. In the current world climate, the time was ripe.


This decade has been a strong show of force by the Stooges, coming back to claim what was always rightfully theirs. In 2005, Elektra and Rhino reissued remastered 2-CD editions of their first two albums, and there have been various book and DVD releases. They followed the Skull Ring recordings with The Weirdness in 2007. Since that Coachella appearance, they've toured extensively around the world, performing in Boston at a sold out the Orpheum Theatre in April 2007.

Sadly, the September 2008 show in Slovenia was to be their last performance with Ron Asheton, who died tragically of a heart attack at the start of the new year. After some solo performances from Iggy in the first part of 2009, it was announced that James Williamson would rejoin the Stooges. He hadn't played live with them since 1974. His first show with the Stooges was back in November in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and they've been touring mostly in Europe since then.

Coming back from the unexpected loss of one of their founding members, 2010 has been an exciting and gratifying year for the Stooges and their fans, beginning with the ridiculously long-overdue induction of the band into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Then there was the re-release of Raw Power, the first remastering of David Bowie's original yet at the time controversial mix, which also includes a 1973 live performance. The deluxe version has an additional disc of rarities and outtakes, and DVD documentary with interviews and performance footage.

Next up is the remastered Kill City, set for release October 19, an album which Iggy describes as his "indie record." It indeed pushes boundaries and shows musical maturity well beyond its predecessor.

Having toured madly in Europe all summer, they'll be ending this round of live appearances with just 3 more U.S. shows - Boston's House of Blues on Tuesday, August 31 being one of them. Originally booked at the twice as large Bank of America Pavilion, this HOB show is definitely one you won't want to miss!

remaining U.S. dates
Chicago - August 29th - The Aragon
Boston - August 31st - The House of Blues
ATP - September 3rd - (Kutsher's Country Club - Monticello, NY)

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Crash Kings

New Photographs
by Kira Doucette
An Appreciation
by Matt Dyson

The Crash Kings lit up the Middle East on 8/3

Crash Kings - 14 Arms
all photos by Kira Doucette

RED HOT - While they're new home base is LA, Crash Kings got their roots here in Boston. Brothers Mike (bass) and Tony (keys and vocals) Beliveau grew up in Andover, MA and spent the early 2000's working their musical chops at Berklee College of Music.

"Turned frumpy Jazz jammers into full on rockstars," that's how Tony summed up Crash Kings' transition as a band as a result of their move across the country. Along with their geographic move, they picked up Jason Morris on drums to complete the trios huge sound. Described jokingly as 'clav rock', the guys have a sound very unique to their own.

THE BEGINNING OF GOOD THINGS - As luck would have it, Tony was waiting tables one night in LA and happened to be waiting on label owner and producer Linda Perry who called him out as a frontman of a band. Sure enough she was right and the rest is history. She heard their music, signed them to her label, and next thing they knew, the Crash Kings were recording with Dave Sardy to create their amazing debut self titled LP. Following that, Universal Motown heard their sound and signed them to their label.

Make it to one of Crash Kings many shows around The States or Europe and you'll be likely to find rockers, girls singing along with Tony's great lyrics, and hipsters admiring his rare clavinet rigged up with a full on whammy bar. Catching one of their shows in your area is probably not too hard, they've basically been touring non stop since they formed as a group.

The Crash Kings in Cambridge, MA - Aug 3rd, 2010

The most recent Crash Kings news is their second video for the track "You Got Me", directed by David Arquette. This video definitely proves this trio has moved on from their "Frumpy Jazz jammers" vibe into the stylish LA scene. Speaking from experience, these guys deserve all the partying and gorgeous women this video showcases. They're some of the hardest working musicians I've ever met and do it for all the right reasons.

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Friday, August 27, 2010


New Music this Week!
Someone You Should Know

Verdict: Run Out & Buy It
Best of 2010 Album nomination

SWEET - I can always say to people I was there when Dead Confederate's fog effects overwhelmed TT the Bears. It actually seemed completely normal that Dead Confederate's ethereal, swampy, haunting music would be accompanied by copious amounts of billows smoke and haze. So, I didn't immediately question it when the light in the room got choked out. It wasn't until I had nearly lost sight of the band (who kept playing throughout) that I realize the malfunction unfolding. And with every alarm in the building went off, the band just kept jamming - louder in fact, to drown out the ringing klaxon. No one wanted to leave - it was better to breathe stage smoke.

Dead Confederate play rock the way it was meant to be experienced. A lot has developed since that memorable show in Cambridge. The band is back this week with a new album and a tour in support. Check out the Making of Sugar video. [Ed's note: totally playing that drinking game!]

Dead Confederate - Run From The Gun
(Band-approved mp3 Download)

BETTER THAN EVER - Sugar (TAO Recordings/Old Flame) was recorded by John Agnello (projects include Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, and The Hold Steady. )I think you'll find Sugar is one of the year's best albums to date. Buy it. And the tour dates below? Cannot believe I'm going to see Dead Confederate with Alberta Cross - that's just wicked!

Video directed by Jason Miller from Eikon Productions
features J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr

08.27.10 - Mango's - Houston, TX *
08.28.10 - The Mohawk - Austin, TX *
08.29.10 - The Loft - Dallas, TX *
08.31.10 - Old Town Pub - Steamboat Springs, CO *
09.01.10 - Belly Up - Aspen, CO *
09.02.10 - Urban Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT *
09.03.10 - Neurolux - Boise, ID *
09.05.10 -Bumbershoot After Party
@ Hard Rock Café - Seattle, WA @ *
09.06.10 - Doug Fir Lounge - Portland, OR #
09.08.10 - Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA #
09.09.10 - SoHo - Santa Barbara, CA #
09.10.10 - Detroit Bar - Costa Mesa, CA #
09.11.10 - Troubadour - Los Angeles, CA #
09.12.10 - Belly Up - Solana Beach, CA #
09.14.10 - Plush - Tucson, AZ #
09.15.10 - Rhythm Room - Phoenix, AZ #
09.17.10 - Telluride Blues & Brews Festival - Telluride, CO #
09.18.10 - Larimer Lounge - Denver, CO #
09.19.10 - Fox Theatre - Boulder, CO #
09.21.10 - The Firebird - St. Louis, MO #
09.22.10 - Double Door - Chicago, IL #
09.23.10 - Musica - Akron, OH %
09.24.10 - Rex Theater - Pittsburgh, PA %
09.25.10 - The Note - West Chester, PA #
09.26.10 - The Middle East - Boston, MA #
09.28.10 - Music Hall of Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY
09.29.10 - Rock and Roll Hotel - Washington, DC%
09.30.10 - Cat's Cradle - Carrboro, NC
10.01.10 - Snug Harbor - Charlotte, NC
10.02.10 - Patriot's Point - Charleston, SC ^

@ w/ Surfer Blood
# Dead Confederate / Alberta Cross co-headline date
% w/ Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band
* w/Futurebirds
^ w/ Widespread Panic

Dead Confederate
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

NEW VIDEO: Neutral Uke Hotel

New Live Music Video:
a film by: La Blogotheque

You see a bunch of guys playing uke-inspired rock but I witness far more. So thanking the songs and the instruments, it's actually the players of Neutral Uke Hotel. Golden Bloom's Shawn Fogel, Josh Cohen & Andrew Laubacher meet The Motion Sick's Matthew Girard and Michael Epstein. (Epstein is also part of the mod, steampunk duo Do Not Forsake Me O My Darling).

Each member has also jammed with countless side projects and friendly enterprises. So you get what I'm saying? This is a great band - no matter what instruments they pick up!

Marianne Madeline Lau photograph
more NXNE coverage by THE COAST

Remaining Dates:
8/29 Luckey's, Eugene, OR
8/30 Mississippi Studios, Portland, OR
8/31 The Sunset, Seattle, WA
9/11 Cafe 939, Boston, MA [tickets]

Neutral Uke Hotel
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

VIDEO: Sugar Blue at Blues n Brews

Masterful Performances
Harmonica - Westford, MA
Aug 21, 2010

If you missed Blues n Brews again this year, you missed a lot. We just got this video of headliner Sugar Blue absolutely kicking ass on the Westford, MA stage last weekend. Here he is playing a truly outstanding reworked version of the classic, "Messin' with the Kid."

Even if Blues isn't really your thing: take 7 minutes out of your life and watch this jam unfold. It takes a couple of minutes to get rolling then watch out! Sugar Blue is recognized as one of the best harmonica players in the world right now. Here's why: By the time you hit the heavy harmonica solo (about starts at about 4:20 in and lasting almost well, forever.) you'll already be lost in the guitar and drums. This was just epic - and caught on film ...

Sugar Blue
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Explosions in the Sky

Key Music Moments
Listen & Unlock The Mystery:

Brain candy here from Austin's Explosions in the Sky. Today we recall their 2002 show in Paris. Who are they? Recently sharing a stage with the formidable Flaming Lips on tour in 2009, EITS are one of the world's most talented instrumental groups.

Live - September 22, 2002 
 La Guinguette Pirate - Paris, France

Here is today's stunning bonus track:

Explosions In The Sky
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kingsley Flood

Kitchen Sessions video by Steve Legare.
rooftop photography by 5342 Studios

Kingsley Flood

Kingsley Flood - Just a Midnight Ride

Kitchen Session live photos by 5342 Studios

Kitchen Sessions is a new project launched by videographer Steve Legare, allowing musicians to play small, intimate settings and offer the video up to the world.

Today we uncork a previously unpublished video shoot from earlier this summer with what is undeniably one of New England's finest live bands: Kingsley Flood. The session features Naseem Khuri on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Chris Barrett on trumpet, George Hall on electric guitar, Jenee Morgan on violin, Nick Balkin on bass guitar and Will Davies on drums. Earlier this year RSL named the band's album Dust Windows One of the Best new international records of 2010.

Today's post celebrates Kingsley Flood's introduction to their largest audience to date. Kingsley Flood appeared on Weekend Edition Sunday with host Rachel Martin last weekend on National Public Radio. The winning appearance [AUDIO] has served a worthy cause. Since the appearance, Kingsley Flood have been at the top sellers online - consider this screen shot: Kingsley Flood are the #3 Mover & Shaker on having seen their sales ranking increase by more than 100K in two days! (Also #1 in Roots Rock and #2 in Folk.)

Roll The Dice

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Kitchen Session with Kingsley Flood

Black Boots

kingsley flood
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Stage Photos: Tom Petty

Photographic Evidence
by Marc Beaulieu

the Comcast Center
Mansfield, MA 8/19/10

I Should Have Known It
New from Tom Petty

"You can really tell when someone loves what they do and does what they love," writes photographer Marc Beaulieu. "This, I imagine, is the life of Tom Petty. An ever consummate musician and performer along his smooth-as-silk band of Heartbreakers, Tom Petty gave it up for his fans at Mansfield's Comcast Center on Thursday night."

"Petty put on an amazing night of music as well as spectacular light show, playing a set list of well-known hits and sprinkled in his newest offerings from the Mojo album," Beaulieu said. "It was a great night!"

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - 8/19/10

Summer Tour Remaining Dates:
Aug 24 – East Rutherford, NJ – Izod Center
Aug 25 – Toronto, ON – Air Canada Center
Aug 27 – Saratoga Springs, NY – Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center
Sept 16 – Tampa, FL – St Pete Times Forum
Sept 18 – Raleigh, NC – Time Warner Cable Pavilion at Walnut Creek
Sept 19 – Charlotte, NC – Charlotte Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Sept 21 – Dallas, TX – Center
Sept 24 – Houston, TX – Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
Sept 26 – Phoenix, AZ – U.S. Airways Center
Sept 28 – San Diego, CA – Cricket Pavilion
Oct 1 – Los Angeles, CA – Hollywood Bowl
Oct 2 – Irvine, CA – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Sixx on Mayhem

the adventures of
Shawn SixX

Sixx at Mayhem Festival
by Kira Doucette
the Comcast Center
Mansfield, MA 7/27/10

HATEBREED - Hatebreed is the infamous Hardcore/Metalcore band originating from CT - a state known for it's insane shows and rabid fans. If you have never been to one of this bands shows, GO! As I stood in front of the Jagermeister stage at this years Rockstar Mayhem Festival in Mansfield, MA, I looked out across the crowd of churning fans lathered in sweat and strained faces , I can feel the electricity in the air like an approaching lightning storm. The barrier fence was barely enough to hold back the thousands of people writhing to burst forth in anticipation of Hatebreed's set.

Frank Novinec

Hatebreed - Destroy Everything
photo by Kira Doucette

What people don't always realize with Hatebreed, is that they are a machine. A machine that rarely shuts down from its endless touring, shows and creation. Before Hatebreed's set, I had a chance to set down with guitarist Frank Novinec to discuss what its like to be in the band and on tour right now. Along the way we got down to the band's developing plans.

Nominated for a Grammy, Hatebreed have sold a million-plus career records. The prior year has seen them tour in direct support of Kiss. They are formally credited with 6 studio albums a series of videos and that ongoing world tour. Novinec said the band want to be able to put on the best shows they can and bring in a whole new "Breed" of fans while keeping the ship afloat. As I experience today and from their other shows I have been to, they feed off their fan's energy.

Novinec told me he was grateful for it all and "If all I have to do is get up on stage and play a half hour and do a couple interviews, then its all good!" With the rocket fueled sets and country wide tour schedule, the band has had a blast on the Mayhem Festival tour. "Mayhem has been Heavy Metal Summer Camp", Novinec said. "...when it's done and the signings are done and it is 6 o'clock and the buses don't leave until 2 in the morning...we have a lot of mischief going on over here!"

Novinec let me in on that Hatebreed's plans for future tours are China and Indonesia sometime soon. Their next tour after the Mayhem Festival will be in the UK for the Reading and Leeds festival with 4 or 5 shows around Europe supporting the festival then dates in Canada this September and the South Pacific in October. In November, Hatebreed returns to the EU for he 10 day Persistence Tour. And then there's still the Stillborn Festival somewhere between Christmas and New Years. This is a busy band.

This was definitely a homecoming show for Hatebreed. Novinec recalled memories of hand-selling demos to local fans in Connecticut back in '94. Since then they have toured the world and helped set a new, high standard for the Hardcore / Metalcore genre.

Following their upcoming dates, Hatebreed should be back in the studio by Spring to work on new material, Novinec said. There's also talk of a new DVD project (the band's third) coming in 2011.

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Shawn Sixx had a spot ringside for Shadows Fall

SHADOWS FALL - As the crowd raised their glorious fists in the air and pushed toward the stage - and Shadows Fall - like an army possessed. I wondered then…What does it take to be a Metal band from Massachusetts? It takes unassuming passion, endless energy and a drive and willingness to do it the hard way!

As the dreads swirl and snap around his head like a whip, frontman Brian Fair takes years of struggle, pain, and faith - straight to the crowd. Is he expelling all the demons of growing up in New England, never assuming he would go very far? Shadows Fall started in a scene that never thought it had a future. “It wasn’t even underground," Fair said, "it was under fucking water!”

You have to pay your dues in this part of the country. I can attest that there is no free ride in life here, no guarantee; no one is going to do it for you. Well in the world of Massachusetts Metal, the same mentality holds true. As I sat down with Fair after a long hot day with my ears still ringing to talk about what it has been like going from the suburbs of western Massachusetts in the 90’s to becoming a two time Grammy nominated band selling hundreds of thousands of albums while playing all over the planet with some of the best metal bands out there.

“We were never the cool band, we were never the hip band” says Fair with a steady calm that comes from being truly at-ease with the moment. He recounts the band's beginnings; They did it the hard way, a gradual grass roots build instead of one band getting a huge single and then all these copycat bands coming out. After 15 years, the band had a not-so-small following. Things flowed from there: “The competitive side was never there because we had no agendas of success when we started.” A career in Metal was not really an option. As we all know, offers to become big are a thing few and far between for any band but some just stand out, staking their claim anyway they know how. “We never took for granted all the success. When the doors were opened we made sure we kicked them as wide open as we could and pushed it as hard as we could.” Fair explained. “In this day and age, in the music industry you kinda have to take a no-prisoner attitude.”

As I watched their set, Shadows Fall never gave one of the fans in the crowd a chance to get away. Whether you are a suburban or blue collar city kid hanging around the pretty corporate venue or neighborhood shit-hole rockclub looking towards what metal in Massachusetts hold for you, bands like Shadows Fall are proof that you can make it. ake no prisoners!

Shadows Fall
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Norma Jean

When I hear the name Norma Jean, I think of the former version of a legendary sex icon, slightly innocent and allot of small-town hotness. The name conjures up wet dream memories for decades of men. Well, at this years Rockstar Mayhem Festival in Mansfield, MA, Norma Jean did something so gritty, so brutal and in my face, I still feel dirty. This Norma Jean, is an amazing Metalcore band from Douglasville, Georgia and they have been proving themselves to fans since 1997.

Norma Jean takes the stage as the churning sea of fans are salivating from full-on excitement and look ready to explode. Front man Cory Brandan Putman sauntered onto the stage and releases a vocal aggression that you should thank him for later. The fury is speckled with a guttural twang that along with guitarists Chris Day and Scottie Henry's blues influenced riffs, show a passion that that can only be appreciate fully if experienced live.

Lets just say this might be as close to a religious experience you might get to at a metal show that doesn't involve that creepy guy handing out pamphlets in the parking lot. (You know who I mean.) Ok, don't judge me, I've seen it happen. All this from a band that has been nominated for a Best Recording Package Grammy in 2006 along with commonly being lumped into the Christian Metalcore genre!

Norma Jean are like a slow sip of bourbon. It's shocking and might burn at first but as you slowly swallow it down you can feel the heat and tastes of complexity in all it's notes. The sludgy bass line handled by Jake Schultz makes an attack on your ears as well as your soul. Norma Jean's skins are caressed and manipulated by drummer Chris Raines. As you feel the shudder of the undulating beat, your knees go week.

Before the their set, I got to sit down for a few with Norma Jean bass player Jake Schultz to talk about what it's all like. Schultz (who isn't native to Georgia) said the band's headquarters have definitely impacted their music. There are undertones of community and rural themes in the music. It's big audiences on tour that have helped take the band where they are today. I was very interested to find out what its been liked on road with Mayhem. Schultz feels the band really feeds off playing these festivals. The opportunity to get their music to so many people at once and the chance to bring the music to a new segment of fans is essential. Norma Jean has played Ozzfest and the Radio Rebellion Tour in 2006 along with the Vans Warped Tour in 2008. Schultz also expressed the band's excitement to go on the road in the UK as direct support for the Architects starting September 30th.

With this world of heartlessness, Norma Jean could just save you. It was a truly great experience, almost like my first time all over again. Now that would be a story for the family, a metal show caused you to be reborn, a metal show saved you!? Check Norma Jean out for yourself.

Norma Jean
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See you, Sixx

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Thieving Irons

New Music this Week!
Someone You Should Know

Nate Martinez of Thieving Irons

This Midnight Hum
by Thieving Irons

EAST COAST KING - With CD Release parties this week in Washington DC, Brooklyn and Boston, Thieving Irons will make August's End one to remember for sure. Irons is the new music project from Pela guitarist Nate Martinez - who I have revered as a music hero for some time.

Self-released, This Midnight Hum is a collection of songs written and produced by Martinez with Mike Brown co-producing. The album features Bryan Devendorf on drums, Dan Brantigan on trumpet, Mike Brown on a variety of instruments and a few other good friends lending their talents. ”This Midnight Hum” was recorded at Saltlands Studio, Temperamental Studios, and Nate’s apartment and mixed by Nate Martinez and Jim Smith at Saltlands. I think you'll agree that Martinez's work here is damn impressive - one of the best new albums of 2010.

Thieving Irons
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RSL presents,poster,Middle East,Thieving Irons,Fan-Tan,Oranjuly,The Lights Out
brilliant poster by Frank Germano of Man on Fire

Thursday 8/26 - Ryan's Smashing Life presents the Boston CD release party on Thursday, August 26th at the Middle East. [TICKETING] Not only will this be Thieving Irons' first ever Boston appearance, there's a stellar NYC-Boston lineup in support: The Lights Out, Oranjuly and Fan-Tan. This is truly a standout lineup - one of the better nights of music in Boston this summer.

You do not want to miss this. RSVP and Tell your Friends.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

VIRAL VIDEO: Song of the Year?

New Viral Video

Cee Lo Green

big things after Gnarls Barkley

More than a quarter of a million people have watched the following video. It was released just a couple of days ago. The video is an odd, celebratory kiss off of sorts. We've seen it's kind before. Long before Cee Lo Green there was a Bob Dylan who spoke of such things. But what this song did was come out at a very particular social time period. There's a lot of stress out there. People are flipping out on airplanes. And leaping off stages. "Fuck You" just kind of seems right - at least for right now. Doesn't it? And that what music does best - grab us and make us its own - sometimes when we least expect it...

Cee Lo Green
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Previous Viral Videos:

The RSL YouTube Page!

The XX

Thoughts on New Music
by Nick Parker

Upcoming Show:
The Orpheum Boston
10/3/10 onsale now

In an age of furious punk and industrial rock and roller’s ranging from Titus Andronicus (appearing in Boston tonight) to Sleigh Bells, London’s The XX are a strange proposition. Listening to them on my headphones as I write this, sitting in a café with just those kinds of bands on the stereo, I’m immediately conscious that The XX’s eponymous debut album is slight to the point of vanishing under the others’ weight.... Turn it up then, I think.

Doing so only points out another oddity of this band. The XX don’t get louder, at least in the sense that they don’t drown out anything around them. They just get warmer and warmer, more and more intimate, as their bass tone swells to gigantic proportions, and the voices of central duo Oliver Sim and Romy Madley Croft get closer to my eardrums.

[Editor's Note: We intended to use a non-downloadable song from the band's new album to accompany this piece. But, less than a day after uploading the single, representatives for the XX threatened legal action if we did not remove the file from our host. While we complied, it is an admitted disappointment to not be able to share the music we promote & believe in. This could be the last time you ever see this band promoted on this website, for this reason. A remix of a new XX song is included above.]

While the cries of Titus et al. persist as a backing track then, I hear intermingled these two childhood friends ruminating on emotional commitment and vulnerability, loss and long sought-after love.

You might presume that this kind of music is best suited to the middle-aged, but, as a number have reviewers have pointed out over the year or so since their album came out, they are a very young band (their average age is, I think, 20). It is true that this kind of careful intimacy is to their credit, although I wouldn’t go so far as to say they have the emotional complexity in their music that bands like The National or Elbow can fleetingly reach.

Still, The XX are a welcome change from all the noise that surrounds them in my ears right now. They deserve what I will give them – more time, in a quiet, calm, perhaps dimly-lit room, that will let them take me over without the jarring lines of their peers.

The XX
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Funk Hair

Friday Night Funk
Burn The Candle Bright

This is Reggie Watts

Dudley Perkins - Funky Dudley

This is Reggie Watts (NSFW)

Dudley Perkins
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Reggie Watts
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Blues n Brews 2010

This Saturday 8-21-10
Nashoba Valley - Westford, MA

This Day Event is Always The @&#$*!

$35 includes Beer Tasting!

The Blues:
(early start!) - Ken Macy
12:30pm - Smokehouse Lightning
1:30- Tokyo Tramps
2:45pm - Danny Banks and his All-Star Band
featuring Monster Mike Welch
4:00pm - Bellevue Cadillac
5:30pm - Sugar Blue

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

One Night Band

Sat Night 8/21 in Cambridge

I don't think that musicians get all the credit they deserve. A few select are worshiped while the vast majority of the drumstick twirlers, guitar-scale playing Hendrix neophytes are often just perceived as little more than hungry souls in life's dorm rooms. You know, the Underfoot creative types. The Too Cool for School jam session Nighthawks. Or worse - just as lazy kids. Here's one way to have your faith in your common band returned: This Saturday marks the 2nd Year of Boston's One Night Band - this is a celebration of spontaneity, creativity and Boston. The performances are genuinely hard work as is bringing it all together - and this night benefits a local music charity. Yes Virginia, this will be good...

Launched in 2009, One Night Band is a day-long music experiment in which 40 selected Boston musicians are randomly shuffled into bands of five on a Saturday morning. These newly formed bands must prepare a four-song set (including one cover) to play in front of live audiences for the first time ever - it unfolds this Saturday night at the legendary the Middle East. Our hat is off to One Night Band producers at Boston Band Crush, for this monumental undertaking. Be there on Saturday at 8pm.

Looking Back: the 2009

The It Kitties!
Martin Rex
(Broken River Prophet)
Izzy Maxwell
(Death of the Cool/Count Zero)
John Powhida
(John Powhida International Airport/The Rudds)
C.D. Di Guardia
(Emeen Z. Band)
Jen Johnson
(Static of the Gods)

The Champagne of Bands
Cullen Corley
(Electric Laser People/Kuuluuko)
Brendan Boogie
(Brendan Boogie and the Best Intentions)
Duncan Wilder-Johnson
Tad McKitterick
(Sidewalk Driver)
Bo Barringer

Awesome Chariot
Abe Lateiner
(Hands and Knees)
Joel Reader
(The Fatal Flaw)
Ad Frank
(Ad Frank and the Fast Easy Women)
Michael Potvin
(DJ Fred Mertz & #1 Dad/Campaign for Real-Time)

The Monster Trucks UK
Doug Fuller
(The Silver Lining)
Matt King
(The Lights Out)
Caleb Epps
Andy Santospago
(The Vinyl Skyway/solo)
Ernie Kim
(Tristan da Cunha)

The Pink Meninos
Darron Burke
Justin Day
(The Luxury)
Adam Ritchie
(The Lights Out)
Tony Savarino
(Black Fortress of Opium)
Sarah Guild
(The New Collisions)

The Peppermint Patties
Rich Adkins
(The In-Out)
Julie Two Times
(The New Alibis, Vagiant)
Jason Dunn
(The Luxury)
Joe DeGeorge
(Harry and the Potters)
Chris Mulvey
(Muy Cansado)

Milk of Amnesia
Travis Richter
(The Motion Sick)
Jimmy Zavadoski
(Party Wolf, SnowLeopards, Damn Personals)
Kerri-Ann Richard
(Apple Betty)
Magen Tracy
(St. Helena)

Battle Toadz
Matt Graber
(Sarah RabDAU & Self Employed Assassins, Mascara)
Nick Balkin
(Kingsley Flood, Logan 5 and the Runners)
Ben Weiser
(The Diamond Mines)
Eldridge Rodriguez
(The Beatings/solo)

One Night Band
Tickets & Website