Kingsley Flood

Kitchen Sessions video by Steve Legare.
rooftop photography by 5342 Studios

Kingsley Flood

Kingsley Flood - Just a Midnight Ride

Kitchen Session live photos by 5342 Studios

Kitchen Sessions is a new project launched by videographer Steve Legare, allowing musicians to play small, intimate settings and offer the video up to the world.

Today we uncork a previously unpublished video shoot from earlier this summer with what is undeniably one of New England's finest live bands: Kingsley Flood. The session features Naseem Khuri on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Chris Barrett on trumpet, George Hall on electric guitar, Jenee Morgan on violin, Nick Balkin on bass guitar and Will Davies on drums. Earlier this year RSL named the band's album Dust Windows One of the Best new international records of 2010.

Today's post celebrates Kingsley Flood's introduction to their largest audience to date. Kingsley Flood appeared on Weekend Edition Sunday with host Rachel Martin last weekend on National Public Radio. The winning appearance [AUDIO] has served a worthy cause. Since the appearance, Kingsley Flood have been at the top sellers online - consider this screen shot: Kingsley Flood are the #3 Mover & Shaker on having seen their sales ranking increase by more than 100K in two days! (Also #1 in Roots Rock and #2 in Folk.)

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Kitchen Session with Kingsley Flood

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