VIDEO: Sugar Blue at Blues n Brews

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Harmonica - Westford, MA
Aug 21, 2010

If you missed Blues n Brews again this year, you missed a lot. We just got this video of headliner Sugar Blue absolutely kicking ass on the Westford, MA stage last weekend. Here he is playing a truly outstanding reworked version of the classic, "Messin' with the Kid."

Even if Blues isn't really your thing: take 7 minutes out of your life and watch this jam unfold. It takes a couple of minutes to get rolling then watch out! Sugar Blue is recognized as one of the best harmonica players in the world right now. Here's why: By the time you hit the heavy harmonica solo (about starts at about 4:20 in and lasting almost well, forever.) you'll already be lost in the guitar and drums. This was just epic - and caught on film ...

Sugar Blue
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