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Ace and Ion go Space Mining by Tara McPherson

Welcome back to the Drome - our irregular music video series sharing the best new sights and sounds from around the globe - all in one neat little package. The attempt here is to be diverse and to share stuff you might otherwise not find elsewhere. Occasionally we talk about folks you might already know but that's because we like them as much as you do. That's what passion for music is all about. Let us begin:

YOLANDA BE COOL - If Sylvester Martinez and Johnson Peterson, aka Yolanda Be Cool, were in the Carpenters, they would be singing "We've only just begun." For though 2009 was a massive year for these two, what with exclusively signing their releases to Ajax's Sweat It Out label, their bookings to his agency not to mention their original productions and remixes receiving huge support from some of the scene's biggest players, they are far from slowing down, instead going into overdrive in the studio to ensure that the year 2010 is one that is filled with their brand of party tech. The results of good works such as these (below) have landed the pair with a full EU tour.

Yolanda Be Cool

GOGOL BORDELLO - Directed by acclaimed Russian video director Aliaksei Tserakhau, the video for their single “Pala Tute” is a mixed media collage blending stop-motion animation and live action with lead singer Eugene Hütz and Gogol Bordello band mate Elizabeth Sun featured as claymation, star-crossed lovers in passing caravans venturing through time and space in re-imagined classic stories ranging from the Garden of Eden to Dracula’s Transylvania.

Gogol Bordello
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PVT - Oh you bands with your name-changing ways. Formerly known as Pivot, Australia's PVT are really starting to make the rounds in 2010 - and we would certainly call them "One to Watch." They have a new album Church With No Magic out August 10th through Warp Records and from what we've heard (free download) it's pretty great. Check out the video:

EELS - I am very much looking forward to Tomorrow Mornings - the new album out on August 24th. Seriously think it will prove to be one of the better albums of the year. Find out for yourself, the band is offering an exclusive mp3 download from their website. We think you'll also get a kick out of the music video for "Spectacular Girl". Take aim below:

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