Thursday, July 31, 2008

7 Dollar Taxi



Signed to UK label Yergh, Swiss band 7 Dollar Taxi are making some pretty convincing indie-pop. The band (Tizian, César, Christoph, and Simon) have a hot new single, "Do the Robot" (video follows) and it's getting solid air time in the UK on XFM, BBC 6 Music, Radio 1, Time FM etc. And on TV stations like MTV 2 and NME TV.

And, by sharing the brand new "Do the Robot Remix" with you, we like to think doing our own small part in bringing the world music community together.... Hey, you heard it here first!

VIDEO: Do the Robot by 7 Dollar Taxi

7 Dollar Taxi

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008



One to Watch!

Are You Ready for this Folk? - I think that great music has proven it's importance to man for all it gives.... But if you think about it, the best songs and artists are truly great for what they demand of you. Whether you realize it or not, the best artistry requires so much from an attentive listener. Such music forces you to use your imagination and challenges your ability to listen. Wonderful and liberating, yet inspirational and intense.

I just went back into my ten-foot-high stack of albums from early this year and listened to this disc from SixToes and thought it was worth mentioning again. It brought all these things to mind.

This band is just one of Cerebus' heads in the varied modern folk fusion movement... (Check out Beirut, Andrew Bird, DeVotchKa, Vetiver, RaRa Riot and Cloud Cult amongst others.) Each of these artists and groups (wherever they are found along the wide spectrum that this category embraces) has exceptional sound and great instrumentation. They are bringing new folk and a merge of their myriad of influences into the lives of contemporary listeners.

Who are SixToes? A hopeful indie band playing out of London. There are six pieces: David Greenep, Ben Rogers, Anne Carruthers, James Hitchins, Natalie Sedgwick and Andy Hobson - but to be truthful, despite that number, their sound is larger than that still.

Listening to powerful, layered tracks like "Reggae Song" and "Trick of the Night," the band's sound is almost epic. (Kind of like listening blindfolded to a dramatic movie score.) There's more going on than what you can take in all at once. What's going on up on stage here is a very good thing. I look forward to seeing what happens next...

An Explosion of Sound and Movement

Very Highly Recommended Music:
SixToes - Trick of the Night

Visit SixToes - Pick up their EP!

An Experiment in Media - Tom Waits

In Case You Missed It:
Tom Waits turned things upside down (again)

I love our readers! Most of you are profoundly guilty of exceptional taste and you share the coolest stuff with us from all corners of the internet... I'm not exactly sure how I missed this - but I want to pass it along to you now. One good turn deserves another.

Tom Wait is currently wrapping up his Glitter and Doom tour. I knew Tom was in the EU playing some of his greatest hits (and certainly songs from his "Orphans" album). What I didn't know, at least until yesterday, was that Tom had done some very creative self-marketing to promote the early leg of the tour here in the states.

Tom Waits - Most Puzzling!

DO TELL: Among the things Waits and his label did to get the word out: Tom interviewed himself(!) and he provided this amazing pre-recorded press conference video to media outlets. Mr Waits you are clever, clever man!


Tom Waits Podcast on NPR
Concert recorded live in Atlanta - 7/5/08

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Film Studies: Waltz with Bashir

from the 2008 Cannes Film Festival:
Animated Autobiographical Documentary:

Waltz with Bashir is an animated documentary dealing with director Ari Folman's pieced together memories of the 1982 Lebanon War. The director was 20 years old and on the front line in Beirut. Specifically, the film deals with Folman's trouble recalling The Sabra and Shatila massacre - the darkest part of the Israeli occupation in Lebanon during which Israeli forces allegedly permitted their allies to slaughter hundreds of innocent Palestinian refugees.

War films (even when animated) are capable of striking a nerve for they depict mankind when he is triumphant and yet also when is most terrible. For Americans, there are obvious allusions to be drawn with the US occupation of Vietnam; our actions there and perhaps even our deeds today in Iraq.

Stunning: Folman's choice to present the film in animation format makes the subject matter all the more surreal. Waltz with Bashir was entered in the film competition at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival and is being heralded by many as a dark horse candidate for film of the year.

Trailer for Waltz with Bashir

Live this Week: Vetiver and Phosphorescent at the MFA Boston

An amazing performance awaits:
This Friday night at the MFA
Tickets still available!


band by Alissa Anderson

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts is hosting the greatest music series in its history this summer. I plan on being there Friday night when the sensational and awe-inspiring Vetiver appear (think thick, layered indie pop with elements of everything from stringed story telling to progressive rock to post-modern folk) with the support of Phosphorescent (the lush songs and vibrant stories of one-man wonder Matthew Houck) expect to be challenged, impressed, enthralled and thoroughly entertained!

Tickets: $14 MFA members, students, and seniors; $18 general admission.
Performance at 7:30pm

Monday, July 28, 2008

Recommended - Bridges and Powerlines :: Ghost Types

One of our Favorites:

Here at the RSL we try to always use our journalistic hyping powers for good, but sometimes even our best friends can be left waiting - seeming (but not truly) forgotten. One of the most talented young groups on the East Coast is New York City's Bridges and Powerlines. I've been a B.A.P. believer for more than a year now. It finally about time that I sat down and shared one of the best underground releases of 2008 - a fine record you should possess, the new one from Bridges and Powerlines is called "Ghost Types."


First off, I need to apologize for keeping this one under wraps, dear readers. I've been listing to Ghost Types for about three months now. (Tisk, Tisk - I know. The worst of it is that I have even been working with the band to get some Boston dates and I still somehow still managed to overlook this review) No longer shall you wait!

Bridges and Powerlines use creative hooks, harmonies, guitars and some synth effects to bring their creative songwriting to life. The sink-or-swim New York scene has fostered and forced Bridges and Powerlines to be better - but they haven't stopped there. I remember hearing the band's self-titled EP release last year and realizing how much potential they have. Ghost Types is exponentially better - and one can't help but think this is just another stepping stone for Bridges and Powerlines.

Yes, Virginia - this band is really that promising


Bridges and Powerlines
Myspace / Web / Band Blog

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Live this Week: Missy Higgins & Eric Hutchinson

Boston's Roxy Theatre:
Tuesday, July 29th

Providence's Hi-Hat:
Wednesday, July 30th

Tickets still remain available for Tuesday evening's show with Missy Higgins and Eric Hutchinson at The Roxy Wilbur Theatre in Boston and at the Hi-Hat in Providence. The two impressive talents have made quite an impression on audiences over the last year. Here's why I will be attending the Tuesday night show:

Missy Higgins

Higgins, the 24-year-old Australian beauty is a magnificent singer, pianist and guitar player. She also writes a mean song. Missy headlines the Wilbur show, playing songs mostly from her latest release, "On a Clear Night." The songs are typically soul stirring, thought provoking affairs - but don't be surprised at all to find yourself getting into the songs so much you dance in your seat. Higgins has that certain something - a power to contact with people.

Missy Higgins - 100 Round the Bends
Missy Higgins - Where I Stood

Having spent four years in Boston while attending Emerson College, Tuesday night's show at the Wilbur is sure to be a real trip of sorts for Eric Hutchinson. Now a Washington, D.C. native, Hutchinson (28) has quickly found the road to success with quality power-pop singles littered with his characteristically witty lyrics and a charming amount of soul. That distinct voice doesn't hurt either. Most of Hutchinson's best songs are written and performed in front of a piano. He has a brand new album in 2008 called, "Sounds Like This." Expect to hear some songs to remember at the Wilbur on Tuesday night!

Eric Hutchinson

Eric Hutchinson - Rock & Roll
Eric Hutchinson - Oh!

Missy Higgins / Eric Hutchinson Dates

Jul 29th - BOSTON
The Roxy


Jul 31st - NYC



Missy Higgins: Myspace / Web
Eric Hutchinson: Myspace / Web

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Blues n Brews Festival 2008 - August 23rd

Tickets on Sale Now::
New England's finest Blues Festival
Saturday, August 23rd

(full poster - click here)

One Hell of a Musical line-up this year:
Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters
The Love Dogs
The Bruce Marshall Group
Jason James and the Bay State Houserockers
Ottomatic Slim
Racky Thomas

And as for brews?
More than 75 Beers from 30 Breweries

Blues N Brews Freebies: Planners are running weekly drawings for free t-shirts, gift certificates, pint glasses, etc. beginning this very weekend! If you buy your tickets in advance you are qualified to win. Those whose names are drawn will be listed on the website. Winners can pickup their gifts at the gate on the day of the Festival!

BRAND NEW: Also at the Festival - There will be raffle to giveaway a top-of-the-line Lee Oskar Harmonica signed by Dan Ackroyd (Elwood Blues!)

Festival is Saturday, August 23rd
at the Nashoba Valley Ski Area
Westford, MA

Hours: Noon to 7pm
BONUS: Special 11:00 a.m.
Pre-Show Gate Performance

Tickets are $30 in advance
(Ronnie Earl's show is worth that alone)
ticket includes beer tasting

(including sponsors & list of this festival's benefits)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Sunfold's brilliant Toy Tugboats

Annuals Re-Shuffling is Masterful:
New album dances the fine line between musical genres

This one's in Stores Now

Sunfold makes beautiful music. Sunfold is a well shaken version of the celebrated Annuals; the members are basically the same but they play different roles. (Annuals and Sunfold released the Wet Zoo EP earlier this year - it was our first real taste of the great Sunfold. Here's the backstory.)

Here's What Works: Annuals guitarist Kenny Florence takes the lead in Sunfold - unleashing a creativity that wasn't fully recognized in the Adam Baker-fronted Annuals. This all comes out to play in Sunfold's Toy Tugboats - a beautiful record of playful songs that calls to mind last year's great melodies on Fancey Shmancey released by the New Pornographer's Todd Fancey and Prints an absolutely beautiful project from 2007, released by Kenseth Thibideau (Sleeping People) and Zac Nelson (Who's Your Favorite Son God.)

With Sunfold, as with Fancey and Prints, what you take from these tracks is up to you. Clearly, however, these song are a celebration life, love, self-discovery and sunshine.

The tracks dance on the fine line between indie pop, jam band aesthetics, ethereal haze, country western Americana, and mixed media beats. Kenny Florence steps out in a major way on this songs and a major 'thank you' should go to his Annuals band mates in making that happen.

Toy Tugboats by Sunfold - It's a beautiful thing.

Sunfold's Kenny Florence

Jul 25th (tonight!)
Union Hall - Brooklyn, NYC
Jul 26th
The Mercury Lounge - Manhattan, NYC
Jul 27th
The Middle East - Cambridge, MA
Jul 29th
The Local 506 - Chapel Hill, NC


Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Pineapple Express Movie Soundtrack

Win It Before You Can Buy It!

In Theaters on Aug 8th

The Soundtrack goes on Sale Aug 5th


PINEAPPLE EXPRESS: This movie has every chance to be the cult favorite film for 2008. Funny, witty and one hell of a soundtrack - the RSL has movie posters AND soundtracks to give away to our readers. (We have been told US entrants only - sorry.)

WIN THE LOOT: Drop us an email with "Pineapple Express" in the subject line to win.

01. Pineapple Express - Huey Lewis & The News
02. Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant
03. Dr. Greenthumb - Cypress Hill
04. Lost At Birth - Public Enemy
05. Poison - Bell Biv Devoe
06. Wanted Dread Or Alive - Peter Tosh
07. Don't Look Around - Mountain
08. Pineapple Chase - Graeme Revell
09. Bird's Lament - Moondog & The London Saxophonic
10. Coconut Girl - Brother Nolan
11. Hilawe - Arthur Lyman
12. Tha Crossroads - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
13. Pineapple Fight - Graeme Revell
14. I Didn't Mean To Hurt You - Spiritualized
15. Woke Up Laughing - Robert Palmer

The Title Track:
Pineapple Express by Huey Lewis & The News
[Windows Media Player] [Quicktime] [Real Player]

M.I.A. - Paper Planes (the Bun B Remix)



The Morning Benders do the hits on the free Bedroom Covers

You last heard about The Morning Benders on these hallowed pages when I plugged their latest album "Talking through Tin Cans" and, of course, their supporting role as tour setup for The Kooks (who are coming back to the States yet again). That being said, The Morning Benders have a most unique, creative sound and no-where does this ring more true than on their new (FREE) covers album they are self-releasing. The band literally recorded these in a bedroom with a microphone, a couple of guitars and a recorder. This is the very essence of DIY - and consequently, I love it.

Three of the 13 Songs available
Download all as a Zip File
The Morning Benders - Dreams
(Fleetwood Mac cover)

In Their Own Words:
These songs sound the way they do, because we recorded them with a laptop and one mic. we used mainly acoustic guitars and shakers because that's what we had lying around, and we couldn't make much noise in our apartment anyway. We didn't spend time arranging any of these either. we learned the chords and the lyrics (which was pretty easy because we've heard all these songs hundreds of times), and we played 'em. What you hear at the basis of the recording is generally a first take. Sometimes we added some background vocals or another guitar part here or there, because the songs we were covering had a lot more going on than us, and we were feeling a bit inadequate…

But hey, you're always fighting a losing battle when you're recording covers, because 99.99% of the time the cover isn't going to be as good the original. Well, for the record, let it be known that none of our covers are as good as the originals. That's part of why we wanted to give all these tracks away for free. if you haven't heard one of these songs before, you should go out and buy it from the original artist, RIGHT NOW. Disclaimer aside: if you want to hear some kids having a lot of fun playing some of their favorite songs ever, check these out.

the morning benders

The Morning Benders - Talking Through Tin Cans

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

SKY HIGH - The Luxury will open for Coldplay in Boston

Congratulations are in Order:
Boston's The Luxury will play their set on the same stage as Coldplay on Aug 4th

ROCKING ON A SOLD-OUT STAGE: Winners of an WFNX contest for local bands with music videos, The Luxury were named one of three finalists who set their eyes on an amazing prize - a chance to play a sold-out Garden show with one of the biggest bands in the world right now. That was only half the battle.

HOW THEY WON: Planners took the top three videos as voted on by the public ( and the band bios) to Coldplay who made the final decision. Last night, The Luxury learned that they had been tapped by Chris Martin and company to play the Boston Garden on August 4th during Coldplay's only Boston date on the Viva La Vida Tour. [details]

(Just in case you were wondering, The Garden seats just under 20,000 people and the Coldplay show is completely sold out. [3d seating chart] That's one hell of a lot of exposure!) It's every band's dream come true.

STILL IN SHOCK: The Luxury's Jason Dunn, who was reached at his regular job today, was still trying to grasp the gravity of the situation. "I slept just four hours last night, I was just too excited," said Dunn, who sings and plays guitar. "This is everything we worked so hard for. It's hard to comprehend. I'm still in shock. Thanks to everyone for voting for us!"

Just last week, The Luxury played a well attended live show at TT the Bears in Cambridge - it was another summer showcase sponsored by Ryan's Smashing Life. The Luxury were just sensational - and I honestly believe they are the right band for this opening gig opportunity. I wish the best of luck guys! Don't show up Coldplay.


The Luxury - Next in Line

The Luxury Myspace / Web

2008 Warped Tour: Boston's Street Dogs

Breakout Release from a Pioneering Boston Band:
Former Dropkick Murphys frontman Mike McColgan strikes Gold on "State of Grace"

IN STORES NOW: With a genuine Boston sound and a back story to match, Street Dogs will walk out on a Warped Tour stage today - sharing their ever-improving sound with thousands of new fans on tour this year. The band is led by former Dropkick Murphy Mike McColgan (a former firefighter and a Gulf War veteran). McColgan can sing. His undeniably distinct voice with it's Irish heart on its sleeve is one of the main reasons why the brand new "State of Grace" album works so well.

EXPECTATIONS FOR "STATE OF GRACE" HAVE BEEN EXCEEDED: I knew that this album would be good - I like the band's trademark modern punk sound... (It's infused with well-written song structure and Boston-infused locales and characters.) But I guess I wasn't prepared to like "State of Grace" as much as I did. There are a number of reasons - here's two of them: "Two Angry Kids" is a brilliant little track capturing the nostalgic memories of a punk growing up - but not giving up. And, it's impossible not to love "Elizabeth," a bawdy Irish duet that shines performed by McColgan and Heather Waters. (While the song structure is completely different and "Elizabeth" is upbeat throughout there is a little tip of the hat here to the Pogues' "Fairytale of New York.")

Good Fortune awaits those who venture out and pick up this album - and of course - those who attend the Street Dogs set at the Warped Tour. And when that's over - the Street Dogs (Hellcat Records) embark on their own national tour. This one's going to be wicked - prepare to be impressed!

Street Dogs - Two Angry Kids
The "State of Grace" album is in stores

Myspace / Web

The Street Dogs
Warped Tour Dates:

TODAY - Mansfield, MA
Comcast Center
07/24/08 Darien Center, NY
Darien Lakes Center
07/25/08 Camden, NJ
Susquehanna Bank Center
07/26/08 Uniondale, NY
Nassau Coliseum
07/27/08 Scranton, PA
Toyota Pavilion
07/28/08 Englishtown, NJ
Old Bridge Township Raceway
07/29/08 Burgettstown, PA
Post Gazette Pavilion
07/30/08 Cincinnati, OH
Riverbend Music Center
07/31/08 Noblesville, IN
Verizon Wireless Music Center
08/01/08 Milwaukee, WI
Marcus Amphitheatre
08/02/08 Tinley Park, IL
First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
08/03/08 Shakopee, MN
Canterbury Park
08/05/08 Saskatoon, SK
Credit Union Centre
08/06/08 Calgary, AB
Race City Speedway
08/08/08 Nampa, ID
Idaho Center Amphitheatre
08/09/08 Quincy, WA
Gorge Amphitheatre
08/10/08 St Helens, OR
Columbia Meadows
08/13/08 Fresno, CA
Save Mart Center
08/14/08 Chula Vista, CA
Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre
08/15/08 Mountain View, CA
Shoreline Amphitheatre
08/16/08 Wheatland, CA
Sleep Train Amphitheatre
08/17/08 Carson, CA
Home Depot Center

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Music from COLD WAR KIDS!

Sophomore Album due in September:
Three Month Long Tour to kick off in days in Australia
Then CWK play thru the EU & then across America

NEW TODAY: Cold War Kids offer up the World Premiere of "Something is Not Right With Me" from the new album Loyalty to Loyalty. It's streaming on the band's myspace page (all other songs have been taken down as CWKs focus on their new material.)


ON THE NEW TRACK: This one's a burner; an up-tempo number! "Something is Not Right With Me" features Nate Willett's easy to distinguish voice bouncing between the notes from Matt Maust's bass guitar. Jonnie Russell's jangling guitar (he plays a vintage Harmony and a Gibson - wonder which one this is?) serves to punctuate the staccato beat forming from Russell and Matthew Aviero's drums. It's classic kids. And not so focused - just fun. (Poetry is rumored to have a big part on the new album. It will be fun to see how they pull this off!) This album and corresponding world tour are likely to cause as much noise as any record released this year!

LOYALTY to LOYALTY tracklisting
September 2008 Release

1. Against Privacy
2. Mexican Dogs
3. Every Valley Is Not A Lake (mp3)
4. Something Is Not Right With Me
Streaming Audio
Download Link
5. Welcome To The Occupation
6. Golden Gate Jumpers
7. Avalanche in B
8. I've Seen Enough
9. Every Man I Fall For
10. Dreams Old Men Dream
11. On The Night My Love Broke Through
12. Relief
13. Cryptomnesia

SONG DEVELOPMENT: When CWK played Boston last (appearing on stage with Spoon in December), they premiered two new songs. One of those was "Something is Not Right With Me" and the other was called (at that time) "Look Out Below." (I got this directly from their Management.) It will be interesting to see if the second track was simply re-titled or just left off the record.


Cold War Kids - Passing The Hat

Cold War Kids
Myspace / Web

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight - Heath Ledger's Joker Devastates Audiences

Sold Out in 11 Countries & playing on 25% of all US movie screens!
THE DARK KNIGHT takes in an incredible $155 Million in 3 Days

IMDB Weekend box office Report

1. 'The Dark Knight' - $155M
2. 'Mamma Mia!' - $27.6M
3. 'Hancock' - $14M
4. 'Journey to the Center of the Earth' - $11.9M
5. 'Hellboy II: The Golden Army' - $10M

I still haven't seen this film yet, so don't worry about spoilers. I waited and haven't yet written a damn thing about The Dark Knight based on hype alone -- but you make a two-and-a-half-hour-long film and it takes in $155 Million in 3 days.... At that point you aren't talking about hype anymore. This one has crossed over into the realm of high performance. The Dark Knight is a cultural phenomenon here in 2008. Stay tuned as we will see how this thing will impact movies, music and popular culture at large. It will.

Heath Ledger's Joker

Ty Burr (the Boston Globe)
The Fans (IMDB Message Board)

DVDtalk Radio Batman Begins Review: HERE

Be thankful I didn't post the Danny Elfman theme....

*yeah, click over*

Enjoying the Songs of Ed Harcourt



Photo: Steve Gullickson

GETTING TO KNOW HIM: Dovecote Records artist Ed Harcourt is as talented as he is zany and fun. Known for providing magical, sour-stirring performances and great interviews, Harcourt's Beautiful Lie is a must-hear record. Frenetic, Artistic, Creative and Majestic.... the songs on this album rise and fall like an orchestrated trapeze act. (Good enough that I listened to the record twice last night. It was the perfect way to end a long and busy weekend.)

Harcourt is finishing his tour this week and he will be right here in Boston. (* Write me for free passes!) No matter where you are (and whether or not you catch him this time around), please try to make one of his gigs and prepare to be impressed. You will not be disappointed. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Ed Harcourt:

Three Upcoming Dates
Jul 21st - Maxwells in Hoboken, NJ

Jul 22nd - Rehab in NYC

Jul 23rd - TT The Bears in Cambridge

Win Passes: Ed Harcourt will play TT the Bears this Wednesday! Drop us an email with "Ed Harcourt" in the subject line. Please include your name and telephone number for confirmation.

Friday, July 18, 2008

RED HOT BAND: Boston's Violet Nine

Boston-Area Showcase of the Week:


DON'T MISS THIS ONE: Meet Violet Nine. This creative five piece combines melodic hooks and high energy performances to 'wow' crowds everywhere they go. Formed in 2002, this Boston based band already performed an astounding 450 shows from Boston to Los Angeles, including CMJ, NEMO, NACA, CollegeFest 04' & 06', Camp Jeep, Radio Disney and Camplified. Violet Nine has performed with national acts such as St. Vincent, Anberlin, Matt White, EVE6, Ashley Parker Angel, and The Click Five, developing a rabid underground fan-base thanks to their evocative live show.

Newest Development for Violet Nine:
The band recently had a song featured on MTV's "The Hills." People are taking notice - several companies, television networks are interested in licensing this band's super catchy songs. (Expect to see and hear them a lot more very, very soon.) Violet Nine recently signed to LA/NY Based label AFA (Artist For Artist) fronted by Universal Records Producer Tommy Henriksen. Looked for a new Violet Nine Release in the fall of 2008. (You'll be hearing more about this soon, right here!)

The band takes the stage in Cambridge tonight at TT the Bears in a very special all-Boston lineup sponsored by this very blog. Also appearing in one wicked lineup; The Luxury, Daily Pravda and The Animal Closet. Don't miss it!

Thomas Gallo art (click for a full size version!)

Don't Miss VIOLET NINE tonight !
Myspace Page / Web

RSL Presents ..... at TT the Bears

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Radiohead - House of Cards

New Technology:

Radiohead's House of Cards utilizes new technology:

Director James Frost's new video uses no cameras or lights. Instead, 3D plotting technologies collected information about the shapes and relative distances of objects. The video was created entirely with visualizations of that data.


Radiohead Web

Quantum of Solace - The New James Bond Film

Get Ready

In Theatres:
Oct 31 / EU Nov 7 / US

Quantum of Solace is the 22nd film in the Bond franchise. This Bond, which will hit theaters this fall, is the first to not have been born from an Ian Fleming novel. (Actually, this isn't completely true - while the plot line is completely original, several characters and the title of the film are lifted from Fleming books.)

QOS is the sequal to Casino Royale, the first Daniel Craig - representing the very successful re-tooling of the series. (Craig is already under contract for another Bond film - but its hard to imagine him quiting even after that.... Picture a darker, grittier, more fiery Bond - tackling modern terrorism and rogue governments in the post-Cold War Era. What Craig's Bond trades in for smoothness and experience he delivers in for fanaticism in the line of duty.) Word to the Wise: If you haven't seen Casino Royale - go before Solace hits the big screen this fall. The story carries over from that film.

Quantum of Solace
Official Trailer:


007 Web

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Birdmonster - From the Mountain To the Sea

One of Our Favorites:

Southern California's Birdmonster will release their new record, From the Mountain To the Sea, on the FADER label in just a few weeks. Digital downloads of the material will be made available online beginning on August 5th. Hard CDs won't be available until September 2nd. Here's a sneak peak --

The New Single from Birdmonster:
"Born To Be Your Man"

Birdmonster - Balcony


The Black and White Years - The Cool New Single!

Live on KUT Radio 90.5fm

Our good friends in The Black and White Years are back at it again... Having recently learned that their debut album (2008 self-titled release produced by none other than Jerry Harrison) will be distributed to record stores nationwide here in the U.S., the BAWYs are writing new songs. This new (previously unreleased!) track was recorded live at Austin's KUT Radio in Studio 1a.... It's pretty damn cool - and aren't you impressed that you heard it here first?!

The Wildly Talented & Charismatic Scott Butler

On Stage Recently at the Middle East in Cambridge
RSL photograph

The Black and White Years - Life Debt (live)
New Song - Previously Unreleased

RSL review of the BAWY album
Pick Up the Record Now (The BAWY store)

The Black and White Years
Myspace / Web (streaming music)

The Stereophonics announce US and Canadian Tour Dates


The Stereophonics will Play Select Cities this September


* Ticket information listed where available.

Sep 5 - Boston
The Paradise Rock Club
ticket info - on sale 7/18 at noon EDT

Sep 7 - Toronto, ON
Virgin Festival
Sep 8 - Philadelphia
World Cafe Live
Sep 9 - New York City
Webster Hall
ticket info - on sale today at noon EDT

Sep 11 - Washington, DC
The 9:30 Club
Sep 12 - Pittsburgh, PA
Mr Small's Theatre
Sep 13 - Chicago, IL

Sep 16 - Los Angeles
Henry Fonda Theatre
ticket info - on sale 7/19 at 10am PDT

Sep 17 - San Francisco, CA
Great American Music Hall
Sep 19 - Portland, OR
Wonder Ballroom
Sep 20 - Vancouver, BC
Commodore Ballroom
Sep 21 - Seattle, WA
Showbox Market

Web / Myspace

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One to Watch in 2008: The Luxury


THE LUXURY headline the show of the week
and could be headed on to much bigger things

Indie Rock - Boston Style

THE LUXURY are Definitely One to Watch in 2008

A CHANCE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE: In just days, The Luxury will know if they will be named one of the three finalists to open for Coldplay when they arrive in town. Details and voting. (The Luxury contacted me and want to let you know they appreciate your support. They are close to taking this thing and playing in front of as many as 20,000 music fans - your vote does count and would be most appreciated! For the non-Boston readers of this blog, you can make a difference too! Vote.)

Since summer 2005, The Luxury have been transmitting their brand of British/American rock across the airwaves, over the ether and through the nightclub air with grace and gusto. There is a reason why people are talking about The Luxury... they're really, really good. You will have a great chance to see the band play live this Friday night at TT the Bears where the band headlines a star-studded local lineup!

MALCONTENT - The Inventive Video!

The Luxury - Next in Line

The Luxury Myspace / Web

Friday, July 18th - Central Square Cambridge
Ticketing and Set Times: TT the Bears

Monday, July 14, 2008

RSL Presents..... This Friday Night


design credit: Thomas Gallo

Profile: The Luxury
Profile: Violet Nine

More to Come....
Friday, July 18th --- for Ticketing and Set Times: TT the Bears

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Russian Metal has never been so.... Damn Funny?

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Meet ANJ. Their frontman is covered with tattoos. They play blistering heavy metal laced with throat-scalding vocals and string-shedding guitar. And they sing songs about: Gorbachev? While dead serious about rocking, the band does do the expected (you know.... the gloomy metal self righteousness, the defiant to death stuff) and so, they like to have fun!

In this awesome post-propaganda laugh-fest video...
Former Russian Prime Minister, Mikhail Gorbachev is an axe-wielding barbarian, destroying ZOMBIES who attack the hard working big breasted women of Mother Russia. Gorbachev kills the Zombies, saving the day, and brings peace and prosperity (in the form of soda pop, twinkies and blue jeans) to the land. This is one you don't want to miss!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

TV on the Radio - KCRW Live Show (2006)

On September 22nd, 2006... TV on the Radio appeared live on KCRW - playing in their Santa Monica, CA studios. The station has long been a creative vessel showcasing great new music and serving as a touchstone for contemporary and cutting edge artistry. Never has this been more true than with this special live appearance by New York's TV on the Radio - a group now belonging to the world!

photo - Daniel Boud

TV on the Radio video:
"Wolf Like Me" live on Letterman!

TV on the Radio Webpage / Myspace

Friday, July 11, 2008


London, UK - November, 2003:

Only Until our Bandwidth is Gone!!

Earl's Court - Nov 26th, 2003

Viral Video: Ace of Spades


A Simple Introduction - The Pish Dolls are the invention of a Scottish madman, a marionette street artist, and a man who loves his hard rock. Imagine a bunch of horribly altered Barbie dolls with a penchant for playing Motorhead.... It's the Pish Dolls:

Ace of Spades - The Pish Dolls

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tonight - An All Boston Music Event!

RSL Presents: It is with great pleasure that we present a seriously OUTSTANDING live music lineup tonight at Great Scott in Allston. First band goes on at 9pm!


Meet the Bands:

Review of The Beatings' "Holding On to Hand Grenades" album:

Punk Rock Quartet The Beatings seems to be following in the footsteps of fellow Massachusetts band the Pixies. In addition to their obvious sonic similarities, both bands feature a female bassist who chimes in on vocals from time to time. The Beatings even sought out the Pixies' former engineer, Paul Q. Kolderie, to produce their latest, "Holding on to Hand Grenades."

The Beatings often sound like a throwback to a lot of pre-'90s college alt-rock, with the high volume assault of Husker Du and even the monotone growl of Joy Division's Ian Curtis, but they're equally reminiscent of the more recent sounds coming from Chapel Hill, N.C.'s Merge Records. Along with the controlled Superchunk-ness of "Burn Down the Jungle," the Beatings' more melodic singing (such as the jubilant male/female vocals at the end of "Stockholm Syndrome Relapse") recall last year's darlings, the Arcade Fire.

But rather than being held back by such similarities, the Beatings push beyond them. Nestled between two brief transitional instrumentals is the album's most striking song, "Pennsyltuckey," in which Erin Dalbec's husky coo and restrained bass lines grow into a catchy, rambunctious rocker. That vibrant energy and carefree post-punk zeal move the Beatings well past their more prominent influences. — Catherine Lewis of The Washington Post

Ryan Says: I am tremendously proud to present this show with The Beatings.
This is a special night for me both as the organizer and a fan of this great band.

The Beatings: Web / Myspace / Midriff Records

Meet the Bands:

Take Note: Vivian Darkbloom are clearly a band on the rise. Expect one hell of a tight stage performance from this 21st Century garage band. And, be prepared for some pretty wild guitar solos; Frontman Rob Morris (center above) jams out on his customized guitar fitted with a Wii video game controller which he uses to personify his creativity up on stage. The band is currently working on new material. Side Note: I love the merchandise - buttons that say "I (heart) VD" - sweet! Check this out: The Ascension of Vivian Darkbloom.

Vivian Darkboom:

Meet the Bands:

One of the most promising bands in the city is Hundred Years War. With a gritty, tangible sound this band has earned the reputation as a great live band. This group was a worthy pick for opener for the amazing Delta Spirit who played Boston just recently. (For those who didn't attend, it was a stellar night!) The band is working on new material - let's hope it gets here soon. Find out why this band is developing a large local following... Don't miss them tonight!

Hundred Years War: Web / Myspace

Meet the Bands:
The Sunsets Quick

You May Know Them By Another Name: The Sunsets Quick are an indie-rock quartet from Boston, Massachusetts. Since forming in the winter of 2007 (under the name Drugs Delaney), they've played all over Boston at venues like Great Scott, T.T. The Bear's, and the Abbey Lounge, drawing comparisons to bands like the Strokes, Modest Mouse, and the Pixies. Their songs have been heard on the Band in Boston podcast multiple times and they also recorded a live set in their Flophouse Session series. Their self-titled debut album is set for release next month!

The Sunsets Quick are playing a special unplugged set tonight at Great Scott. Added Extra: It's singer Matt Roselli's birthday. Not one to miss!

The Sunsets Quick:

The Music Begins Tonight at 9pm
1222 Commonwealth Ave
(corner of Harvard & Commonwealth)

Ryan's Smashing Life - Myspace Page