An Experiment in Media - Tom Waits

In Case You Missed It:
Tom Waits turned things upside down (again)

I love our readers! Most of you are profoundly guilty of exceptional taste and you share the coolest stuff with us from all corners of the internet... I'm not exactly sure how I missed this - but I want to pass it along to you now. One good turn deserves another.

Tom Wait is currently wrapping up his Glitter and Doom tour. I knew Tom was in the EU playing some of his greatest hits (and certainly songs from his "Orphans" album). What I didn't know, at least until yesterday, was that Tom had done some very creative self-marketing to promote the early leg of the tour here in the states.

Tom Waits - Most Puzzling!

DO TELL: Among the things Waits and his label did to get the word out: Tom interviewed himself(!) and he provided this amazing pre-recorded press conference video to media outlets. Mr Waits you are clever, clever man!


Tom Waits Podcast on NPR
Concert recorded live in Atlanta - 7/5/08


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