The 2012 Rock 'n' Roll Rumble

The Best Battle of the Bands
in all of America returns...
by Julie Stoller and Ryan Spaulding

Bands, are you ready to rumble?! A true Boston Tradition, the first Rock ‘n’ Rumble was in 1979, at the Rat, with Classic Ruins, Mission of Burma, and Lyres among the contenders. It’s become a venerable ‘face off’ of some of Boston’s (and the New England area’s) best bands. Previous Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble participants include Morphine, ‘Til Tuesday, Dresden Dolls, The Neighborhoods, Mission of Burma, O Positive, Letters to Cleo, Gang Green, Cavedogs, The Del Fuegos, and Lemonheads. This is the chance for local bands to show us what they got (in just 30 minutes – better be at the top of your game!). It’s also become the local festival of the year featuring our finest musicians; a mecca for Boston music connoisseurs.

Boston Notables who have participated in the Rumble include ‘Til Tuesday, Morphine, Face to Face, The Del Fuegos, Powerman 5000, Bleu, Letters To Cleo, Dresden Dolls, Amazing Royal Crowns, La Peste, The Neighborhoods, Waltham, Darkbuster, Mission of Burma, Rods and Cones, The Sheila Divine, 6L6, Scissorfight, Sam Black Church, The Shods, Gang Green, The Bags, Stompbox, Think Tree, Heretix, Tribe, Piebald, The Ghost of Tony Gold, O Positive, Quintaine Americana, Lemonheads, Slapshot, Blake Babies, Big Dipper, Cavedogs, and Talking to Animals.

2011 Rumble Kings John Powhida International Airport

Soul So Tight (w/ Andrea Gillis)

Bands can appear only once in the Rumble. All bands are paid for their appearance with additional prizes and payment if they go on to the semifinals and finals rounds. Semifinalists and Finalists, as always, will be determined based on the outcome of the preliminaries. A special “guest band” will perform at the Finals – to be announced on Sunday, April 15th on Boston Emissions (which airs Sundays at 10pm on WZLX). It’s a great line-up this year… the competition is sure to be fierce. Come and cheer your favorites!

2011 Memories: Spirit Kid

Spirit Kid - Honestly

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble 2012

Rumble Preliminaries:
Sunday, April 1 through Saturday, April 7 (Wed off) – Tickets: $8
Rumble Semifinals:
Thursday, April 12 and Friday, April 13 – Tickets: $10
Rumble Finals:
3 finalists & special guest band
Friday, April 20 – Tickets: $12

2011 Memories: OLDJACK

Old Jack - Chorus Line

Prelim Night #1
Sunday, April 1

9:00pm The Grownup Noise

facebook / twitter / bandcamp

9:45pm Endless Wave

facebook / twitter / bandcamp

10:30pm The Rationales

facebook / twitter / bandcamp

11:15pm Cooling Towers

2011 Memories: Mellow Bravo

Prelim Night #2
Monday, April 2

9:00pm Thick Shakes

facebook / twitter / bandcamp

9:45pm Animal Talk

facebook / twitter / bandcamp

10:30pm Garvy J.

facebook / twitter / bandcamp

11:15pm Grey Valley Ghost

2011 Memories: Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling

Prelim Night #3
Tuesday, April 3

9:00pm The Susan Constant

9:45pm The Tin Thistles

facebook / twitter / bandcamp

10:30pm Ghosts of Jupiter

facebook / twitter / bandcamp

11:15pm Letterday

2011 Memories: Tijuana Sweetheart

Prelim Night #4
Thursday, April 5

9:30pm Cask Mouse

facebook / twitter / bandcamp

10:15pm Never Got Caught

facebook / twitter / bandcamp

11:00pm Parlour Bells

facebook / twitter / bandcamp

11:45pm The Fagettes

2011 Memories: Sidewalk Driver

Dancing with Her Friends by SidewalkDriver

Prelim Night #5
Friday, April 6

9:30pm Pray for Polanski

10:15pm BrownBoot

facebook / twitter / bandcamp

11:00pm Bow Thayer and Perfect Trainwreck
facebook /twitter / web

11:45pm The Bynars

2011 Memories: Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents

Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents - Keeping Time

Prelim Night #6
Saturday, April 7

9:30pm The Grinds

10:15pm Sherman Burns
11:00pm Motherboar
facebook / twitter / bandcamp

11:45pm Streight Angular
2011 Memories: Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys


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