Sidewalk Driver are Rumble Standouts!

Night Six: 4/9/11
at TT the Bears Place

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Until this moment, what I am about to share was my secret alone. As a balloting member for the Boston Music Awards, I nominated Sidewalk Driver's Tad McKitterick for the best male vocalist prize. Unfortunately for the BMAs, my vote did not win over the Academy. Maybe after what this city witnessed this week, all that will change...

After 16 months of noteworthy (often legendary) live performances here in New England, McKitterick and Sidewalk Driver played one of the most inspired sets in modern Rumble history on Saturday night before a sold-out crowd. The vote that advanced Sidewalk Driver, which seemed a forgone conclusion based on what had unfolded, allowed anxious Rumble buzzhounds to whisper it up about the forthcoming Semi-Final matchups. Many were talking about a potential Sidewalk Driver / Mellow Bravo showdown.

Rock 'n' Roll Rumble Night 6 - 4/9/11

CAPTURED MOMENTS - The Rumble Night Six offered up some really big performances... Everybody has reason to be proud. A big bonus tip of the hat to Cradle to the Grave, who offered up an early hair-raising performance proving this is someone we should all be seeking out this year on tour.


Ryan Spaulding said…
Guess I sold Black Thai a little short - they have been named Rumble Wildcard band #2 - a coveted spot that allows them to advance into the Second Round. Well done!
MEJ said…
Awesome photographs! Great capture of dynamic movement.
mensajes said…
Awesome photographs! , I love Then.

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