Mellow Bravo Out of Control!

Photographic Evidence
by Chris March

Night Four: 4/7/11
at TT the Bears Place

Keith Pierce

Regardless of what you know - or what you think you knew up until last night, Boston has an exciting band you need to know about. I witnessed an amazing and powerful energy churned out at TT the Bears by Mellow Bravo. Frontman Keith Pierce put on the charismatic and inspired performance of a lifetime, feeding off the capacity audience's joy before ripping up the night. Pierce's impromptu rushing of the doors to perform outside the club on the roof of a car is a moment that many will never forget. This band is going places - and fast!

Late Last Night - On the Street Mid Set!

BIG MEMORIES - It was the single biggest performance of the Rumble since The Luxury's * epic 2009 Rumble Night One performance, Mellow Bravo played last night to an adoring audience at TT the Bears. (*Foreshadowing? The Luxury went on to win the 2009 contest.)

Mellow Bravo
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