The Luxury are Crowned 2009 Rumble Kings

RUMBLE'S END: To be honest with you, it's odd to think it's all over... Since April 5th, this city's music-loving children (both the young and the old alike) have converged at the Middle East to be entertained. Now in it's 31st year, we find ourselves at the end of another WBCN Rock 'n' Roll Rumble. The bands just keep getting better and better... Much healthy debate this year - in the chat rooms, over water coolers and atop barstools.

ROCK KINGS CROWNED: Where 24 bands once, only - one remains. Congratulations to The Luxury, a band we already believed to be the city's best rock band. They are confirmed with their victory on Friday night.

WARRIORS: The Luxury have represented the city of Boston before... last year they won the regional competition that landed them the opening spot for Coldplay at the Garden. So it was no surprise that many thought of The Luxury as the band to beat in this year's Rumble. It didn't take long for a reminder. The Luxury (Jason Dunn, Steven Borek, Justin Day, Daanen Krough and Steven Foster) destroyed the audience with a legendary Rumble Night 1 performance on April 5th. (The single best performance by any band at any stage of this Rumble.) Their show on Friday didn't surpass their own epic deeds from the first night, but they were undeniably great - and worthy of this huge win. The Luxury's new album emerges in July!

FINALISTS: We saw notable performances by fellow finalists Gene Dante and the Future Starlets - truly remarkable shows all Rumble long. {Note to all: we think Gene Dante put on as good a show as did the Luxury and we wouldn't have been surprised at all if they had managed to pull out the win. Keep in mind that this is a Very Good band!} We are predicting very good things for Gene Dante and the Future Starlets. (Gene you were just wicked!)

FINALISTS: The third band in the Finals field were the formidable The Dirty Truckers, the dark horse candidate from Jamaica Plain that won over all kinds of new fans during this competition for their heartfelt and skilled performances. Another band that we will be watching very closely!

On behalf of the many hundreds of people who attended the Rumbles performances this year, I applaud the efforts of organizers at both The Middle East and WBCN radio. You did a fantastic job. This was an insanely good year of performers and bands -- in a time that we all needed entertainment. Boston is a wonderful place! It was fantastic to see so many coming out for live music and to support the scene during this economic downturn. We are reminded in times likes these, without friends and music - we really don't have much at all.

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